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Studio Session: Aan

“It’s really exciting to get to share something with people again, cause really it’s been two years, a year and a half,” says Bud Wilson, lead singer for the Portland band Aan, about the release of their latest single.

Aan’s sound, often characterized by heavily layered rock soundscapes with lots of reverb and echo, is at once sprawling and controlled. Started in 2007 as Wilson’s solo project, then called Amor Ad Nauseum, the name was slowly shortened as the band’s lineup grew.

“I believe [it’s] fake Latin…for ‘love into sickness,’ ” says Wilson of the band’s original name. “It’s kind of a long name, and it also maybe was a little too ‘bleeding heart’ for me at the time.” So the name eventually changed to Aan (pronounced “on”) as the band shifted through countless lineups, ultimately establishing Jon Lewis (drums) and Reese Lawhon (bass) as permanent band members. But it was the 2010 addition of Jeff Bond (guitar) that really solidified the foursome.

“We went on a tour on the East Coast and it really started to click a bit more,” says Wilson.

For years Aan self-released material by passing out CD-Rs at shows. They released their first official EP, I Could Be the Girl For You, in May 2010 via Infinite Front. One year later they released their 7” single, Somewhere’s Sunshine.

Since then, the band has been at work on their first full-length record, a process that has taken much longer than they expected. In the meantime, they released their 7” Mystery Life in February via Cool Summer Records and they are now preparing for the highly anticipated release of their near-completed full-length entitled Amor Ad Nauseum.

“The record is kind of all over the place,” says Wilson. “But there’s a mood to it … a current that flows throughout each song.”

“This new stuff sounds a lot bigger than our older stuff, and fuller. Some of it’s more rockin,’ ” adds Lawhon.

“Some of it’s a bit stranger too,” says Wilson. “Deep attention to texture.”

You can hear Aan’s anticipation when opbmusic’s Jeremy Petersen tells them that he is looking forward to the record’s release. The band quickly responds, “So are we. Ready to get it out.”

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