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Studio Session: Phosphorescent

Phosphorescent is one of those bands that is changing the definition of what a “band” is. The latest album, Muchacho, could be referred to as less of a “band” effort and more akin to a solo act.

Equipped with the mastery of multiple instruments and the aid of new recording techniques, more and more musicians are developing their own ideas and bringing their musical compositions into reality with their singular visions intact. Along with Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel and James Mercer of The Shins, Matthew Houck is continuing the trend of musicians doing it all.

Houck has been known to be somewhat of a musical chameleon, with his first efforts being more of a “rootsy” style and then going on to release a Willie Nelson tribute album. Houck considers those recordings somewhat of a “musical detour” that landed him where he is now.

When Houck visited the opbmusic studios, he brought songs from his latest album Muchacho. Peeling away the atmospheric layers and textures, Houck revealed the emotional core of a record that he himself describes as a return to the more experimental form of his early work.

Watch and listen to the full opbmusic session.

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