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Studio Session: The Shins' James Mercer

James Mercer is the man behind The Shins, an international music sensation that started as a bedroom recording project — just him making music and recording into a simple four-track mixer. Since then, the band has evolved into what Mercer now considers a “collective” of talented musicians he works with to create their signature sound. 

The project began in Albuquerque, New Mexico around 1997 and released their first album, Oh, Inverted World, in 2001. It was around this time that the band relocated to Portland before releasing their second album, Chutes Too Narrow and then Wincing the Night Away, which Mercer recorded largely by himself. Set to be released on March 20, Port of Morrow is the project’s fourth album. Mercer gave OPB the chance to get a preview of the album during a special OPBMusic Session at his “Aural Apothecary” studio located in southeast Portland.

Get a look at exclusive video and a portion of the interview, then visit OPBMusic to view the full session. 

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