What exactly is "bycatch"?

What exactly is “bycatch”?

Chris Ford / Flickr

In the second episode of “The Four Top,” host Katherine Cole is joined by King Corn filmmaker and FoodCorps founder Curt Ellis, science journalist Virginia Gewin and cookbook author Ivy Manning.

This week, we kvetch about the meaningless terms, such as “all-natural,” used by food manufacturers to deceive consumers. Next, we hash out the theory that “flavor-bombing” is what’s making us overweight, while foods that are naturally flavorful could be the key to good health. We then discuss the culinary solution to the devastating threat to sea life known as “bycatch.” 

For dessert, we lighten things up by learning about “whore’s eggs” and “slimefish,” discuss the new trend of serving straight-from-the-can, gear up for FoodCorps and get a taste of the world’s best bananas.

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