National Candy Cane Day is Dec. 26. Who knew?

National Candy Cane Day is Dec. 26. Who knew?

Penn Waggener / Flickr

Megan Scott — mastermind behind the reboot of “The Joy of Cooking” — joins regular panelists Laura Russell and Ivy Manning for our final show of 2016. Our four food-and-beverage insiders admit to their holiday-recipe fatigue and question the need to perpetuate meaningless food traditions in our first segment.

Next, we deconstruct fake food holidays. Did you know that National Candy Cane Day is Dec. 26? Neither did we, until we recorded this episode.

Finally, the discussion turns to the class division between food snobs and regular folks. With 50 million Americans living in food-insecure households today, how can the culinary community bridge the divide between the gourmet grocery and the neighborhood food bank?

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