Episode 51 is all about exploding stereotypes and promoting health for food and beverage professionals. Due to recent well-publicized struggles among celebrity chefs, conversations have sparked about mental health in the food and beverage industry. Cathy Huyghe recently wrote about this issue for Inc., and we discuss.

For our next course: You might think that a chef or wine professional has the best job in the world, but there can be too much of a good thing. Rebecca Hopkins has written on how tough a regular diet of lavish winemaker dinners and red-eye flights can be on our bodies. She provides helpful tips and resources on how to stay healthy.

And, finally, we consider the bartender, asking Hannah Wallace for an inside look into just how exhausting and stressful life is for those fabulous mixologists who always look so suave behind the bar.

Meet our panelists: Cathy Huyghe is a journalist for publications such as Forbes online and Inc.com and founder of Enolytics. Rebecca Hopkins, a wine communication strategist and wine writer, is founder of the website abalancedglass.com. Hannah Wallace is a journalist covering food, wine, and agriculture, for many publications including SevenFifty Daily.

Our host is Katherine Cole.