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"The Off Hours" Filmmaker Megan Griffiths on Think Out Loud

Actors Amy Seimetz and Ross Partridge in "The Off Hours"

TJ Williams Jr

The Off Hours, a feature written and directed by Megan Griffiths, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January. But it took seven years to get there.   

The Off Hours takes place in a small diner off a highway. During the night shifts, a young waitress seeks meaning in an isolating world of monotonous hours and transient relationships.

Megan Griffiths completed her final script after four years of revisions. With extensive production experience and a solid business plan, it seemed as if her film would finally start production. That was until the economy tanked. After struggling for years, Griffiths decided to give herself a greenlight and move ahead with production.

She got some help from the Seattle film community, including Lynn Shelton, known in the indie film world for her movie Humpday. With assistance from Shelton and others, Griffiths was able to make the film she wanted to make.

The Off Hours is making its Oregon debut at the Northwest Film Center

Listen online to Megan Griffiths on Think Out Loud.

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