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Video: On the Job with a Falconer

On the Job: Falconer

Kort Clayton and his bird Spencer are hard at work. They are on a blueberry farm at Cascade Fruit warding off unwanted birds before the harvest.

Clayton is a falconer. He trains his birds, better known as raptors, to fly, swoop, dive and scare off an array of birds, from seagulls to starlings. Hired by different companies across the region, Clayton and his falcons protect crops, airports and waste transfer stations.

Clayton started out as a hobbyist. He used his raptors as hunting companions. But now as an independent contractor with Air Strike Bird Control, he spends much more time with the falcons then he ever did hunting.

Watch our video to see Clayton and Spencer at work, and tune in to Think Out Loud today at noon and 8pm on OPB Radio to hear the full conversation with Kort Clayton.

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On the Job: Falconer

Falconer Kort Clayton and his bird Spencer demonstrate how they protect a blueberry crop before harvest.