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Video: Sculptor Brenna Tyler Makes Glass Horse

When creating a sculpture, a large part of Brenna Tyler’s artistic process comes from the collection of the material itself. To her, the pieces are as important as the finished product because each one tells a part of the sculpture’s overall story.

“I feel like almost every piece I work on is alive while I’m working on it, and it kind of creates its own personality while it’s being made,” Tyler says.

For this reason, Tyler likes to collect old materials to use in her work rather than purchase new items “free of blemishes.” Weathered sagebrush is Tyler’s predominant medium, but she also works with bronze, glass and other bits of wire bolts and reclaimed objects that she finds on her family’s land.

This video was filmed by Tom Shrider and edited by Tracey Whitney.

Watch Brenna Tyler’s story this week on Oregon Art Beat.

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