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Vote for Your Favorite Music of 2012

Dave Christensen

Another year, another full hard drive (or two). The habits of your musical consumption aside, 2012 was teeming with new music that deserved attention, and keeping up with it all was itself a challenge (Ty Segall and Guided by Voices alone totaled six albums between them!). No matter what percentage of those new releases you manage to hear, the end result remains: Some of it sticks, most of it doesn’t. So what stuck?

Here’s our annual call for listeners’ best/favorite records of the year. Have a look at the current results, and then enter your votes in the form below!

Please note: We’re counting new, full-length 2012 releases, not reissues or EPs. The list is ranked #1-5, so the record you vote #1 will get 5 points, vote #2 will get 4 points, etc.

And there’s a prize too: Everybody who enters has a chance to win a package of CDs from opbmusic, plus an invite to join us behind-the-scenes for a studio session or soundcheck session in early 2013! To enter the drawing, just provide your name and email address in the first box below. You don’t need to vote to enter the drawing. Deadline for entries is 12pm Thursday, December 20, 2012.

Here’s a partial list of 2012 releases to jog your memory.

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