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Wildlife Painter Jon Janosik's Bird Collection

Wildlife painter Jon Janosik had been “putting a bird on it” long before Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein strolled into town with their popular IFC satirical comedy, Portlandia. What does Janosik think of this new phrase?

“I’ve been painting birds in Oregon for so long, but I’ve never even heard anyone say such a thing. That goes to show you where I’ve been all this time!” Janosik says with laughter.


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Janosik has been painting in Oregon since 1972, but has been a birder all his life.

“My father was a taxidermist, and I remember stuffing my first starling when I was seven — and I painted my first bird when I was eight,” says Janosik.

“I grew up in Connecticut and spent a lot of time in college working on animal dissection guides for various publications. I was drawn to Oregon because of all the great birds that the West had to offer.”

While the subject of his paintings are often rare and beautiful birds, capturing their environments adds a complexity and context to his art.

“I’m an avian artist and as an avian artist, I am forced to be a landscape artist as well,” he says.

Today, Janosik is keeping busy with his painting. He has also recently done some work for an upcoming book on the history of condors in the Pacific Northwest along with Dr. Susan Haig, Oregon State University professor of wildlife ecology. The book is scheduled to be released in April 2012.

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