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First Friday at Milepost 5

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Milepost 5
900 NE 81st Ave

Oct. 4, 2013, 6 p.m.


Opening in Gallery 5: Margie Lee Fighting, Like Cats and Dog.s Who will win? Can the small overcome the large? What are the personal and political implications? Find out in this emotionally charged narrative series by artist Margie Lee. Margie spent years drawing and painting animals at the San Diego Zoo. Media: Oil on board.

Opening in the Lofts Gallery: Brigette Romaker, Sheree Corniel, Gavin Eveland, My Heart is a Beast. Art works, writings and quotes exploring science, observation, imagination, expression, and the human condition. There will be a program of free live performances connected with this show in the Black Box Theatre, beginning at 7 pm.

Opening in the Denizen Gallery: Resident Group Show, [Out of] Time. A collection of works dealing with the subject of time.