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Watch Full Episode: Oregon's Animation Magic

In this 30-minute special, we'll meet the artists who have made Oregon an animation powerhouse, including Claymation creator Will Vinton, animation makers Rose Bond, Jerold Howard, Joan Gratz, artists at LAIKA and more.

The Portland DIY Clay Experiment That Changed Animation Forever

In a few short months, two Portland animators' film went from being rejected by the Northwest Film Festival to winning the Oscar for best short animated film, kicking off Oregon's animation scene in the process.

How To Make 48 Million Facial Expressions For An Oscar-Winning Animation

At LAIKA Animation Studio, in Hillsboro, Oregon, they’ve pioneered a new way to change facial expressions with 3-D printing.

6 Films From New Portland Animators

Here are six short, dynamic films that showcase Portland's modern animators. 

Portland Animator Explores A Changing Portland With 2 Local Icons

The engine of gentrification fueled by Portland’s recent transplants was starting to hum by the time Jerold Howard returned. That's inspired his latest film.

Animator Joan Gratz Embraces Technology To Create Her Newest Films

Joan Gratz has worked in Portland’s animation scene since its earliest days.

A Master Class With The Master Of Claymation

Oscar-winner Will Vinton has spent nearly three decades mastering the art of clay animation. Around once a year, he gives all the knowledge he's learned back to students.

Portland Animator Rose Bond Changes Where Animation Lives

Rose Bond calls herself an animator and media artist and says she includes “a lot of social practice, a lot of public involvement” in every piece she creates.

About Oregon's Animation Magic

Oregon is home to renowned commercial production houses, award-winning individual artists and a major animated feature film production studio. OPB takes an inside look at the artists — and the work — who have helped make Oregon one of the animation capitals of the world.