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Watch Now: 'Broken Treaties,' An Oregon Experience

Hundreds of books exist about the Lewis and Clark expedition and the decades of pioneers who followed them West. But even today, most Oregonians don't know much about the people who had settled here centuries before "the settlers" came.

Broken Treaties: An Oral History Tracing Oregon's Native Population

For the new “Oregon Experience” documentary “Broken Treaties,” native Oregonians reflect on what has been lost since and what’s next for their tribes.

Connecting Art And Culture: Native American Artists In Oregon

In its 17 years, "Oregon Art Beat" has traveled all across the state to profile some of the many Native American artists creating work right here in Oregon. Here are just a few artists you should know about.

Historical Photos Offer A Glimpse Into Native Oregonians' Lives

In 1851, the first treaty was signed in Oregon between the Indians and the U.S. government. These historical photos offer a small glimpse into the lives of the native Oregonians around the turn of the last century.

About Broken Treaties

“Broken Treaties” offers an introduction to the Indian tribes of Oregon, the treaties they signed and the land they lost. It examines the injustice endured by the tribes and illuminates a chapter of Northwest history that is rarely talked about.