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One Song: Liz Vice - 'Empty Me Out'

Just last year, Liz Vice was known to many people in Portland as a passionate filmmaker, working locally on some network television projects and several independent projects. She remains passionate about movies and storytelling, but lately she’s also telling stories on another platform. 

Vice is becoming known as a gospel singer after recording a knockout performance on an album that, to many, seemed to have come out of nowhere.

“For me it’s kind of weird when people say I’m a gospel singer,” says Vice. “It kind of makes me feel like an imposter because I didn’t really grow up singing or listening to gospel music.”

 There’s a Light is the brainchild of Josh White, who wrote and produced each of the 10 tracks and released them under the Deeper Well label, a local gospel collective representing a number of faith-based musicians.

The first song White introduced Vice to was ‘Empty Me Out,’ a classically balanced, up-tempo song that seems pulled from the early days of Motown. 

“People love ‘Empty Me Out.’ Out of all of the songs on the album, that is the one song that is brought up over and over,” says Vice. “There is something about it that just penetrates the souls of people. It’s a prayer.”

You can see Liz Vice perform with Billie and the Holidays on Sunday, August 31 at The Secret Society. Hannah Glavor and Samsel and the Skirt also perform.

“Empty Me Out”
Written by Josh White

Empty me out.
Fill me with you.
Lord there is nothing
I can give to you.

I lay down my life
Here at your feet.
You give me life,
So completely.

I, I died with you,
Was buried with you,
The moment I believed.

I, I rose with you,
Ascended with you,
Into the heavenly.

Lord, it’s not me,
It’s you inside of me.

Liz Vice Empty Me Out gospel