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One Song: DEAN! - 'Whitest Dove'

Arts & Life’s “One Song” series is all about a singular musical and visual experience with some musicians you might know and some you might not. Learn about the inspiration behind the tracks and meet the artists who bring them to life.

Rachael Price is a fairly common name. But when you think about the number of Rachael Prices out there who can also sing with a voice that gives you goosebumps, that number gets remarkably smaller. If you know the band Lake Street Dive, you might already be aware of one such named woman who is the lead singer of that popular blues/rock group. They visited our studio last year and recorded what has become the most-viewed opbmusic session in the station’s history.

But this day belongs to another Rachael Price and her husband, Luke, who perform as the pop/soul duo known as DEAN! The duo has been performing together for quite some time and have released one album called Want It Better. In fact, they’ve been playing together before Rachael had the last name Price, as the two were married shortly after they graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

We met up with Luke and Rachael at the Crystal Ballroom before a recent show where they performed as one of the opening acts for Swan Sovereign, the new incarnation of the now defunct Portland band Dirty Martini. The duo shared a little bit about their song “Whitest Dove” during a brief chat in Lola’s Room below the concert hall.

“We wrote it together,” said Rachael.

“We pretty much write everything together,” responded Luke. “I just start playing something and she just starts singing something, and there you go.”

Though the songwriting duties typically fall to Rachael, with Luke playing guitar, he has become more and more engaged in songwriting which will be evident on their follow-up album planned for release later this year.

Luke and Rachael Price at Lola's' Room before their performance at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland

Luke and Rachael Price at Lola’s‘ Room before their performance at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland

Ifanyi Bell/OPB

“Whitest Dove” is a stripped-down, coming-of-age ballad whose lyrics interweave passion and nostalgia with a vocal ability worthy of, well, Rachael Price, of course. The sparse but emotional guitar and backing vocal harmonies from Luke combine to evoke feelings of loss, hope and acceptance.

“Whitest Dove”

Written by Rachael Price

I grew up on Seventh Street
life like a dogwood, white and sweet
I used to think I’d always stay blameless
Aiming for perfection really is aimless.

Oh my God, I wanted to be, the whitest dove
Now my spots are too many and
I know I’ll never be innocent.

Winter came with the frost so cold
I can’t get warm without the wind, the ice or the snow
I can’t grow honest, with only light
I need these clouds and a coat for my roots to run true and right.

Oh my God, I wanted to be, the whitest dove
Now my spots are too many and
I know I’ll never be innocent.

Realizing I burnt my christening gown
Took a bite of the bread and washed that red wine down.

Oh my God, I wanted to be, the whitest dove
Now my spots are too many and
I know I’ll never be innocent.

Look out for the next One Song session from Arts and Life. We’ll be posting on social media using the hashtag #ONESONG. In the meantime you can follow DEAN! @wearedean on Twitter. 


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