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2017 'Oregon Lens' Series Schedule

"Oregon Lens" showcases the talent and diversity of the Northwest’s independent filmmakers.

Making Noise, And Friends, At Free Beat Nation Drum Camp

For the parents whose kids attend Portland’s Free Beat Nation Drum Camp each summer, the extra noise is worth it.  

Love Is An Enigma In David Lynch's 'Bird Of Flames'

"Bird of Flames" is an enigmatic music video from Chel White, Chrysta Bell and David Lynch.

Saving Green Sea Turtles In 'My Haggan Dream'

When a green sea turtle talks to you in a dream, you listen.

Before The Blazers, Portland Rooted For Claudia's

Long before Clyde Drexler or Damian Lillard, Portland was home to another team of basketball stars.

Jerold Howard Learned To 'See The Truth'

“See The Truth" is the a stop-motion story of a parent who has to question the biased beliefs he has been taught, and what he is teaching his own child.  


About Oregon Lens

"Oregon Lens" showcases a dazzling range of work from Oregon’s independent filmmakers, with documentary and fictional films ranging from gritty explorations of the lives of people in need to fantastic photography of some of the state’s most beautiful places.