A family deals with their own prejudices in "See The Truth" from Jerold Howard.

A family deals with their own prejudices in “See The Truth” from Jerold Howard.

Jerold Howard

Jerold Howard got his start making cartoons when he was just 12-years-old. Born and raised in Portland, he used his animation skills as a way to travel the world—Toronto, Los Angeles, Bristol—before returning to the Rose City in 2005 to work as a freelance animator.  

After years of working at various studios, Howard finally saw an opportunity to make his own animated film. He seized it, and created “See The Truth,” a stop-motion story of a parent who has to question the biased beliefs he has been taught, and what he is teaching his own child.  

Making a film requires many moving pieces, especially an animated one. But Howard says that once he committed to the project, resources seemed to fall into his lap. A friend loaned him some equipment, and mistakes that could have set things back turned out to be no big deal.  

“Ninety-nine percent of the time my toast landed with the jelly side up,” Howard says. “For me, this film is confirmation that every time you take a step toward your destiny, it takes a step toward you.” 

A scene from "See The Truth" by Jerold Howard.

A scene from “See The Truth” by Jerold Howard.

Jerold Howard

OPB is pleased to present “See The Truth” as part of the 2017 Oregon Lens Film Festival, which showcases some of the best independent films in the Pacific Northwest.