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Oregon Lens 2014 Features Diverse Lineup of Independent Films

Now in its 16th year, the annual Oregon Lens series provides a chance for local independent filmmakers to showcase their work. The series is broadcast over five nights in August and features a diverse lineup of topics, characters and filmmaking styles.

Be sure to tune in August 25-29 at 10 p.m. on OPB TV.

Oregon Lens: 2014 Broadcast Schedule

August 25 at 10 p.m.

Mending The Line
This film tells the story of Frank Moore, a 90-year-old World War II veteran and local fly-fishing legend. In 1944, 20-year-old Moore landed on the beaches of Normandy and has since daydreamed of coming back in peacetime to fish. Fifty years later, Moore sees his vision through with his wife and son. This is a heartwarming story of a dream deferred and ultimately fulfilled, proving that the scars of the past can be healed. By Steve Engman

Richard Cavell in Urban Birder

Richard Cavell in Urban Birder

Courtesy of Tarin Jordan

The Urban Birder
Birding can be a riot. Have fun on a birding jaunt with urban birder Richard Cavell as he goes to great lengths to try and blend in with the natural world. By Tarin Jordan

Number 10
A cold-blooded hit man has a change of heart after he fails to kill his latest target. By Jeff Goldsteinwebsite, online portfolio

Deer Father
This is a bizarre story about a man who finds his father as a reincarnated deer. Part absurdist comedy, part modern fable, it’s a unique film that shows that even through death, our love for our parents, siblings, friends, pets or even wildlife can survive. By Alex Brinkman

The Void
This film takes an intimate look at an aging physics professor, obsessed with an elusive problem, who begins to experience symptoms of dementia. By Gus Bendinelli, website

August 26 at 10 p.m.
The Stewardess takes a personal look at the history of flight attendants.

The Stewardess takes a personal look at the history of flight attendants.

Courtesy of Lauren Paterson

Soccer Rap
Watch this quick video rap from soccer dad Joshua Keanaaina. By Joshua Keanaaina

The Stewardess
This film gives us an insightful look at the history and challenges of the flight attendant. By Lauren Paterson, Jonathan Ulrich, Javier Ibarra, Dana Henson

21st Century Monk
Go behind the walls of a monastery for a glimpse of what life is really like for monks in the 21st century. By Lauren Paterson, Jarratt Taylor, Lauren Paterson on Vimeo, Jarratt Taylor on Vimeo 

Go behind the walls of a modern-day monastery in 21st Century Monk.

Go behind the walls of a modern-day monastery in 21st Century Monk.

Courtesy of Lauren Paterson

The Rough Rider
Aline, a senior at Roosevelt High School in Portland, is originally from the Congo. She immigrated to the U.S. after the civil war broke out. This very personal documentary looks at her transition to life in America and her desire to make it to the state wrestling championship. By Jarratt Taylor, Jarratt Taylor on Vimeo 

This short film is about a missing girl, a seasoned cop and a suspicious man. You know the story, right? Or do you? By Roger Mellon

Watch the creation of a music video in Sam Cooper Music Video.

Watch the creation of a music video in Sam Cooper Music Video.

Courtesy of Brianna Barrett

This film explores what it means to be a cosplayer by following Jeremie and Allan, your typical neighbors by day who also just happen to be superheroes. By Jessica Hollowell Thurman

Sam Cooper Music Video
This was a project for a music video class at Portland State University. By Brianna Barrett, website

August 27 at 10 p.m.

A Wizard In Eugene
This is a story of human survival on the streets of Eugene as seen through the eyes of James Hardin. By Gina Ginsberg, website, Twitter

James Blue was an influential but lesser-known film director, scholar and teacher.

James Blue was an influential but lesser-known film director, scholar and teacher.

Courtesy of University of Oregon

Discovering James Blue
This documentary about one of the great — but now little known — directors, scholars and teachers in the history of cinema explores the life, art, cinema, teaching, social contribution and archives of James Blue. By University of Oregon students Peter Frengs, Krysta Maksim, Terry Bishop and Maclean Cannon and professor Daniel Miller

A Magical Pika Paradise
Lizette Cosko has an unusual background: formally trained as a wildlife biologist with a B.S. in biology and an M.S. in wildlife biology, and the daughter of a Hollywood cinematographer, she was compelled to share her knowledge of nature’s fascinating creatures through the media of film. In this mini-documentary, she turns her camera to the pika. By Lizette Cosko, Lizette Cosko on Vimeo

The Book Is Dead. Long Live The Book
Will printed books exist five years from now? Summer Hatfield and Katelyn Black produced this examination of that question for a master’s class through the University of Oregon. By Summer Hatfield, Katelyn Black

Leroy "Critter" Wolfinger has a dark past, yet hopes for a bright future.

Leroy “Critter” Wolfinger has a dark past, yet hopes for a bright future.

Courtesy of Nancy Bowers

Leroy “Critter” Wolfinger
Leroy “Critter” Wolfinger is a man with a very dark past hoping for a much brighter future. Note: This film deals with tough subject matter and may not be suitable for everyone. By Nancy Bowers

August 28 at 10 p.m.

Wind Dancer Flutes
In 2012 Boaz Frankel and Phillip Ross decided to take the classic talk-show format and build it into a cargo bike. With this pedal-powered production studio, Frankel and Ross can go anywhere and do anything. They headed east of their home base in Portland to Wind Dancer Flutes in Enterprise, Oregon, where they met up with the flutemaker Roger McGee. By Boaz Frankel, website

Brian Keechle is profiled in The Blacksmith.

Brian Keechle is profiled in The Blacksmith.

Courtesy of Kia Anne Geraths

The Blacksmith
Meet Brian Keechle, a blacksmith in Aurora, Oregon, who keeps to the old traditions and practices of turn of the century blacksmithing. By Kia Anne Geraths, website

Go behind the scenes at the Portland Growler Company, a collective of designers and ceramicists that produce hearty, handmade ceramic beer growlers in a city known for its microbreweries. By Cineastas, website

Farmers and producers work together in Our Table Cooperative.

Farmers and producers work together in Our Table Cooperative.

Courtesy of Shawn Linehan

Our Table Cooperative
Newcomer director/producer Shawn Linehan took a class at NW Documentary and used her newfound skills to give us this look at the Our Table Cooperative. By Shawn Linehan, website

The Portland Meat Collective
Camas Davis is a butcher who’s not afraid of chopping off a pig’s head and reminding you that meat comes from animals. She emphasizes the integrity of the process and the animal, from feed to table. By Dark Rye

Wolf & the Bees
Go along with Wolf Carr, a beekeeper, as he brings us to his honeybee colonies outside Portland. By Juliet Zulu, Inc., website

The Portland Gas & Coke building is threatened with demolition.

The Portland Gas & Coke building is threatened with demolition.

Courtesy of Jonathan Fine

Gas & Coke
Filmmaker Jonathan Fine offers up a look at the Portland Gas & Coke building, an abandoned building that now, at 101 years old, is threatened with demolition. By Jonathan Fine

The Ocean @ 24th + Glisan
This film focuses on a development in the heart of Eastside Portland that is breathing new life into an older building with the addition of micro-restaurants fitted into the oil bays of a converted car dealership. The changes represent the evolution of a neighborhood. By Sean Hutchinson and Karl Lind, website

August 29 at 10 p.m.

Finding Brazil
Uncage The Soul photographer Ben Canales spent two months last fall exploring some of the highlights and hidden gems of Brazil. No stunning urban or natural landscape is safe from Canales’ time-lapse. By Ben Canales, website

Purely Pacific NW
This film is a time-lapse by photographer John Eklund. One reviewer described his video as “embarking on a magnificent journey. Sea and sky, darkness and light, sun and moon. The kiss of nature and the indelible stamp of humanity … all are showcased in magical juxtaposition.” By John Eklund, website

Ages & Ages Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)
“Ages & Ages Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)” is the title track to Ages and Ages’ recent album. Directed by Alicia J. Rose 
and arranged by Tim Perry, this heartwarming video was shot in a single live take in the living room of a friend’s house. By Alicia J. Rose, website

Ewert & the Two Dragons
Alicia J. Rose directed this music video for “In the End There’s Only Love,” a single from the band Ewert and the Two Dragons. By Alicia J. Rose, website

We follow Pily, a shrimp who lives a pastoral life at the bottom of Oregon’s Willamette River tending to his underwater crops in solitude. But Pily is addled by a premonition, a pre-knowledge that an invasive element is going to displace him. To prepare for the worst, Pily devises an escape plan. By Two Penguins Productions, directed by Daniel Fickel, website

Dear Peter, Junk
This film is one in a series of video letters to a real human being. In it, the filmmaker attempts to combine obscure ideas and aesthetics in unfamiliar ways to create movies that are unique, fresh and exciting to experience. By Orland Nutt

Ari’s Bike
This profile film follows U.S. army veteran Ari Sonnenberg throughout the streets of Portland as he describes his 15 years in combat, his transition into civilian life, and his struggle with the veterans affairs system.  Throughout Sonnenberg’s life, cycling has been a constant source of therapy and joy. By Juliet Zulu, Inc., website

Caring For Giants
This profile film documents arborist Jim Meyers and his team at Hedgehog Tree Care in Portland. By Juliet Zulu, Inc., website

Weird-Landia 2
Producer Christoff Molesworth loves to combine anti-superheroes with timely political messages. This video introduces us once again to Frogman pdx. By Christoff Molesworth

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