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Watchdog Group Finds Spooky Spotify Ad Is Too Scary For Kids, Causes 'Distress'

In 60 seconds, the commercial showcases a medley of horror film tropes, including a maniacal doll that presumably kills a group of young people whenever they play a catchy pop song.

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Ticketmaster Has Its Own Secret 'Scalping Program,' Canadian Journalists Report

The CBC and the Toronto Star has reported that the live-event box office behemoth recruits professional scalpers into a resale program, through which Ticketmaster benefits from double-dipping on fees.

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CBS CEO Les Moonves Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Without naming him specifically, the media company said on Friday it is "committed to investigating claims that violate the Company's clear policies" on personal misconduct.

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Portland's Iconic Feminist Bookstore Closing At End Of June

Portland’s iconic feminist bookstore and community space, In Other Words, has announced it’s closing at the end of June. The space on Northeast Killingsworth has been open for 25 years.

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Spotify Redesigns Its Free Tier, With Hopes Of Grabbing Even More Users

The streaming giant announced changes to its mobile app that the company hopes will lure even more users worldwide to its free tier.

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When A Brand Does Well Even When It's Called 'Racist'

Chance The Rapper took on Heineken for what he saw as a racist ad. Heineken took it down, but didn't suffer any consequences. In fact, it's stock is up.

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Super Bowl Ads 2018: The Best, The Weirdest And The Most Complicated

Advertisers were careful about which messages they showcased this year, and the results felt handcuffed — so cautious that they were just, well, disappointing.

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Russell Simmons 'Removing' Himself After 2nd Allegation Of Sexual Assault

The hip-hop mogul announced he would step down from leadership roles at his companies after a second allegation of sexual assault was directed at him by the writer Jenny Lumet.

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Steely Dan Inc. Fights Itself In Lawsuit Over Shares

Band co-founder Donald Fagen is suing the estate of Walter Becker, his artistic partner for over 50 years, over a contract signed more than 45 years ago, on Halloween, 1972.

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In 'This Blessed Earth,' The Outdated Romance Of The Family Farm

Journalist Ted Genoways spent a year on a small farm in rural Nebraska, and he says American nostalgia for the family farm overlooks the pressures farmers face and the realities of food production.