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Portland's Iconic Feminist Bookstore Closing At End Of June

Portland’s iconic feminist bookstore and community space, In Other Words, has announced it’s closing at the end of June. The space on Northeast Killingsworth has been open for 25 years.

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In 'This Blessed Earth,' The Outdated Romance Of The Family Farm

Journalist Ted Genoways spent a year on a small farm in rural Nebraska, and he says American nostalgia for the family farm overlooks the pressures farmers face and the realities of food production.

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'The Four Top': CRISPR Over GMOs? | Endangered Foods | Banking Seeds In Vaults

Will a scientific breakthrough called CRISPR make GMOs obsolete? Should we fear the "bananapocalypse"? And what's the deal with "The Doomsday Vault"? Listen to Episode 27 of "The Four Top" podcast to find out.

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Times Theater In Seaside Undergoes Renovation With New Vision

After closing its doors almost 30 years ago, the historic Times Theater could come back to life early next year.

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Many Working Women Won't See Themselves In 'Women Who Work'

Ivanka Trump's new book — named after her brand's marketing campaign — is packed with anodyne advice borrowed from others, and a striking lack of awareness about economic and racial realities.

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Culture Wars

Atlanta has been the center of innovation in hip-hop for at least two decades, but the city has failed to turn musical success into growth for the communities that create it.

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'The Four Top': Recipe Theft | Born-Again Chefs | Tipping … Over?

Is tipping over? Find out in the third episode of “The Four Top.” Also on the menu: recipe theft and born-again chefs.

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My Beer Sold Out (Or When Small Beers Go Big Time)

Recently, corporate labels including MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch have acquired independent breweries, including Bend’s 10 Barrel Brewing and Eugene’s Hop Valley.

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'The Four Top': BS Food Terms | Flavor Bombs | Bycatch Curious

In the second episode of "The Four Top," we kvetch about B.S. food terminology, learn why inherent flavor will save our lives and cast our net around bycatch, the best new thing in seafood.

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'The Four Top': Breakfast Insanity | Dining Out On Apps | Talking Trash About Food Waste

In the debut episode of "The Four Top," we talk trash about food waste, unpack the baffling breakfast-ization of dinner and test-drive the hottest dining apps for your phone.