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Capturing Mount Hood With Photographer Andrew Holman

Photographer Andrew Holman was drawn to the Northwest by the prospect of connecting with the outdoors. His passion for capturing stunning landscapes inspired a passion for climbing.

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Smoke Prompts Unorthodox Training For Oregon Cross Runners

Cross country runners in southern Oregon are using some alternative methods to keep their fitness up with wildfire smoke making outdoor running unsafe.

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How To Hike From Portland To The Oregon Coast

Jim Thayer wanted an accessible trail through the Coastal Range that avoided highways and stayed on public land.

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Skip The Drama, Backpack With A Llama In Oregon

Llama backpacking is popular among Oregonians who don't want to carry a heavy pack on the trail.

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Counting Mountain Goats On Mount St. Helens

Prior to the eruption of Mount St. Helens, few people realized there were mountain goats living in the area. A recent survey shows they are thriving in the region.

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Chad Brown Helps Kids (And Himself) By Fly-Fishing

Chad Brown loves the feeling of fishing on the river so much, he’s sharing it with kids in Portland and Vancouver who lack access to nature. 

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Snorkeling Puts Oregon's Rivers In A New Light

Snorkeling in Oregon’s rivers can be downright dangerous. But with that risk comes a window into a whole new world. 

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Q&A: Steve Amen Of 'Oregon Field Guide' On Retirement, What's Next

Steve Amen is retiring this year, and the next episode of "Oregon Field Guide" will be his last. He talks about his nearly three decades on the show — and what's next.

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Desert Rain: Bend Home Meets Living Building Challenge

Tom Elliott and Barbara Scott have constructed the first single-family home to meet the Living Building Challenge.

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The Dangerous Life Of A Columbia River Bar Pilot

Imagine a stretch of water so dangerous even huge ships can’t cross it safely. Such a place exists in the Pacific Northwest.