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Portland Center Stage Director Chris Coleman Leaving For Denver

The director, administrator and advocate built assets for Portland Center Stage, and stoked discussions on public funding.

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Is Art Working For Everyone In The City That Works?

A search committee has spent the last eight months laying groundwork to replace Portland’s top arts administrator. The conversation has been heavily seasoned with calls for change.

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Eminem's Presidential Diss Wasn't The Only Political Statement At BET Hip Hop Awards

The rapper's condemnation of President Trump coincided with Luther Campbell's long overdue honors for taking hip-hop's freedom of speech fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Country Stars React To Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Across the tightly-knit country music community, artists have reached to social media to express their shock and sorrow in the aftermath of the deadly shooting.

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Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner, Champion Of Free Speech And 'Smut,' Dies At 91

Hefner's magazine was blamed for (or credited with) setting off a cultural revolution in America, but within a few years he was branded a male chauvinist.

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At The Emmys, It Was A Big Night For Juggernauts

"The Handmaid's Tale," "Big Little Lies," "Saturday Night Live," "Veep" and "Atlanta" all won multiple awards in major categories, on a night that rarely strayed far from current events.

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The Juggalos Marched: Scenes From The Rally

Photographs from the Juggalo March, held on Saturday in front of the Lincoln Memorial to protest the Justice Department's classification of their subculture as a "gang."

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'The Four Top': CRISPR Over GMOs? | Endangered Foods | Banking Seeds In Vaults

Will a scientific breakthrough called CRISPR make GMOs obsolete? Should we fear the "bananapocalypse"? And what's the deal with "The Doomsday Vault"? Listen to Episode 27 of "The Four Top" podcast to find out.

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Smoke Prompts Unorthodox Training For Oregon Cross Runners

Cross country runners in southern Oregon are using some alternative methods to keep their fitness up with wildfire smoke making outdoor running unsafe.

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Times Theater In Seaside Undergoes Renovation With New Vision

After closing its doors almost 30 years ago, the historic Times Theater could come back to life early next year.