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Oregon's Historic Theaters Get Financial Boost For Preservation


For a handful of historic Oregon theater venues, recent financial help from the state will support some needed improvements while their doors are closed.

A Bittersweet Moment For Black Bookstore Owners


As Black booksellers race to meet increased demand for books about race and justice, many are dealing with complicated, sometimes painful feelings about what the new business means.

Ashland Independent Film Festival Draws Virtual Crowds


The Ashland Independent Film Festival is one of Oregon’s biggest events for filmmakers. But this year, because of restrictions on public gatherings due to COVID-19, organizers had to think of a new way to present the event.

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From TikTok To '80s Rock: Teens Walk Us Through What They’re Listening To

Two Oregon teens talk about discovering new bands, shaping their own musical taste, and how the pandemic has or hasn't changed their listening habits. 

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What Do You Find Curious About The Northwest? Tell Us About It

Is there something about Oregon or Southwest Washington which you find curious? Whether it's a person, a place, a custom, or something else entirely, tell us about it. We might look further into it for a story.

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Street Artists Transform Portland’s Boarded Buildings

Dozens of businesses in Portland have boarded up their storefronts during the pandemic, creating a desolate scene. But local street artists are transforming the slabs of plywood into elaborate murals.

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Pandemic Poetry: Oregon Poets Offer Reflection In Time Of Crisis

As the days of social distancing become weeks, some have turned to poetry to cope with such strange times. OPB spoke with a few Oregon poets to hear what they are writing about right now.

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'The Four Top': Meet the New Wave of Culinary E-Entrepreneurs

Who are the new culinary entrepreneurs of the COVID-19 quarantine? The innovators who are bringing foods from farms to doorsteps, sending exotic ingredients across the country, and connecting families through cooking. Our guests are Julia Niiro, Ted Farthing, and Kelly Montoya.

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Portland Photographer's WWII Photos Resonate Amid Today's COVID-19 Crisis

Portland photographer Victor Jorgensen created intimate portraits of life on board Navy ships during World War II, including a series of photos on the Navy hospital ship Solace. The images resonate today.

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Reflecting On The Making Of 'Three Rabbis Who Shaped A City'

Three men, 50 years, one community — remembering three rabbis who shaped a city.

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Oregon Art Galleries Struggle Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Oregon art galleries, closed by the pandemic, are seeking creative ways to survive.

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Help For Artists And Freelancers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

A collection of emergency funds and resources for working artists and freelance creatives who can't rely on severance packages, unemployment or extended sick leave.

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Ashland Braces For Economic Fallout From Extended Shakespeare Closure

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival announced on Friday their 2020 season will be further postponed until the fall and they’ve laid off the majority of their staff.