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Setting The Table For 8,000

What's it take to feed 8,000-plus people in a day? In Verboort, Oregon, it takes community — and 30,000 pounds of meat. Here's how the sausage (and sauerkraut and applesauce) gets made for its annual fundraiser.

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The Estacada Timber Festival Brings Out Local Competition

Longtime logging competitors meet up once again on the Fourth of July for the Estacada Timber Festival.

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Oregon Country Fair Preserves Its Past While Looking To The Future

If the dream of the '90s is alive in Portland, then every July the dream of the late '60s dusts off the cosmic cobwebs and gives peace, love and harmony another whirl in Veneta, Oregon.  

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Sesame Street Offers Resources For Promoting Literacy

Resources featuring Sesame Street characters are available to help promote reading and writing and improve childhood literacy.