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IdahoPTV/EarthFix reporter

Aaron Kunz

Aaron Kunz has been in the broadcast business since 1993, when he got his first job as a weekend overnight board operator at an FM radio station in Blackfoot, Idaho. After a break from the media when he served in the Army, Aaron progressed up the ranks at the station in Blackfoot and was eventually promoted to production director. He later worked as a producer and host at the Idaho News Network.

Aaron began his television news career in 2000, starting as a weekend photographer in Idaho Falls before advancing as a full-time photographer. Aaron did his first live shot as a TV reporter on Sept. 11, 2001. A short time later he was picked to temporarily fill a vacancy on an Idaho Falls station’s morning show as co-host, producer, and weather forecaster. Aaron went on to oversee the show’s operations while also working in front of the cameras. Aaron eventually transitioned to work as a field reporter, as well as a weekend news producer. Aaron won a national reporting award from the National Association of Conservation Districts for his series on Eastern Idaho farmers who were finding ways to make their operations better for the environment while improving their crops. Aaron eventually became his station’s political reporter, covering the Idaho Legislature and political campaigns.

In his free time, Aaron is a natural light photographer and loves taking nature photos but also takes pictures of kids and adults in his free time. Aaron is also a fan of competitive three gun shooting and is slowly making his entry into competition. He also spends a lot of time at home with his wife Heather and toddler Maya on the weekends.

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Going For Launch With The Salmon Cannon

Salmon may soon have a faster way to make it around dams. It’s called the salmon cannon -- yes, you read that right.

Flora and Fauna | Environment

Going For Launch With The Salmon Cannon

Salmon may soon have a faster way to make it around dams. There’s a new technology that’s being developed to transport hatchery fish in the Northwest. It’s called the salmon cannon -- yes, you read that right.

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Can Scientists And State Policymakers Get It Right When It Comes To Protecting The Sage Grouse?

A forum this week will explore the relationship between science and policymaking when it comes to protecting the sage grouse, a bird that's in trouble throughout the West.

Land | Environment

Communities Around White Clouds Sharply Split Over Proposal

The Boulder-White Cloud Mountains in Idaho are rugged, located in the heart of the state's mid-section. But a divide over how to use the mountain land and potential action from the Obama Administration has residents of the area sharply split.

Land | Environment

Uncertain Future For Idaho's Boulder-White Clouds

When Congress created the Sawtooth National Recreation Area in central Idaho back in 1972. It included more than half a million acres known as the Boulder-White Clouds. Now, there's a push to protect this area, too.

Water | Environment

Climate Plays Critical Role In Water Discussion

Climate will play a critical part in the fresh water supply in the Northwest. Hotter temperatures will likely mean less summer rainfall and more wildfires. And it could mean gradual changes to the plant and animal life in the years to come.

Water | Environment

Field Notes: Compiling A Video 'Water Handbook' For Idaho

Water is the lifeblood of the Northwest's most arid state. It's so important that there's now a video presentation, the "Idaho Water Handbook" that airs this week. Here's the story behind the handbook from Idaho Public TV's EarthFix producer.

Communities | Environment

Season Of Smoke: Changing Climate Leads To Bigger, Smokier Wildfires

By 2050, wildfire season across the western United States are expected to run a month longer and be up to twice as smoky as a result of climate change.

Water | Environment

U.S. Issues New Plan For Columbia River Treaty

Climate change and fish protection should be top considerations when the United States and Canada renegotiate a treaty over how the neighboring countries should manage the Columbia River. That’s the recommendation of U.S. regulators in a new draft issued Friday.

Water | Environment

Pacific Fishery Managers Take Up Forage Fish Issue

Have you heard of forage fish? That topic is on the agenda this week at the meeting of the Pacific Fishery Management Council.

Land | Environment

The Danger Of Wildfire Continues After The Fire Is Gone

Climate experts say the Northwest is morphing into a new climate. Drier summers, less annual snowpack and hotter temperatures could mean more wildfires in the coming years. Some scientists believe states like Idaho will look very different in the next 100-years.

Flora and Fauna | Environment

How Rebounding Wolves Are Helping Feed Grizzly Bears

A new study released Monday draws a direct relation between the reintroduction of the gray wolf and the amount of berries grizzly bears eat. The research by an Oregon State University professor says keeping elk population in Yellowstone is the key.

Flora and Fauna | Environment

Wolf-Take Rules On Oregon's Books Again

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission approved a plan Friday to allow enforcement officers to once again kill wolves preying on livestock.

Water | Environment

Why It's Getting Harder To Deal With Droughts And Floods

The government's automatic budget cuts are taking down up to 150 stream gauges -- devices that provide life-saving flood warnings and help scientists track drought conditions. The first round of nationwide closures started this week.

Energy | Environment

Ending Year-End Checks For Green Energy Surpluses

A Northwest power company wants to stop sending checks to customers who generate their own power and put it back on the grid.

Flora and Fauna | Environment

Report: Feds Planning To Drop Wolves' Legal Protections

The federal government is preparing to stop protecting gray wolves in the lower 48 states, according to a draft document.

Land | Environment

Idaho Joins The Public Lands Tug Of War

Vast tracts of public land in the West create opportunities to hunt, hike and to work in extractive industries. They also create frustration for those who want those lands controlled by their own states, rather than the federal government.

Water | Environment

Dredging Plan For Lower Snake Stirs Up Opinions

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wants to dredge a deeper channel for barges in the waters behind southeastern Washington’s Lower Granite Dam. Some environmental groups are opposed to the plan.

Water | Environment

Tribes Work To Maximize Columbia River Basin Steelhead

OROFINO, Idaho -- Steelhead in the Columbia River Basin are threatened. Current populations have dwindled to a fraction of the historic numbers a century ago. That has led two Northwest Indian Tribes to try something new to help this struggling fish survive.

Communities | Environment

Trails Of Trouble As Maintenance Slides In Wilderness Areas

Some federal budget cuts can be found in places you might not be looking -- deep in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. For backcountry enthusiasts, frustration is mounting over the state of disrepair of recreational trails in wilderness areas.