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Senior Producer, Think Out Loud

Allison Frost

Allison Frost is the senior producer and occasional host of Oregon Public Broadcasting's daily talk show, "Think Out Loud."

She's worn a variety of hats at OPB, including announcer, web producer, host, managing editor and senior producer. Before OPB, she led a local community radio station in Fresno, California, tutored English and sold books.

Allison holds a degree in speech communication from California State University, Fresno, and a masters in journalism and communication from the University of Oregon.

She likes to play with and blog about her two young children in and around Portland where she and her husband make their home.

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Recent Articles

Think Out Loud

Climate Change Lawsuit | Tuition Freeze Program | Labor Trafficking

The Juliana climate change lawsuit was dismissed by an appeals court. The University of Oregon is proposing an opt-in tuition freeze program. And a new task force wants to prosecute labor traffickers in Oregon.

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Catlin Gabel Lawsuit | Facebook Cable | Malheur County | Climate Anxiety

A former Catlin Gabel student sues. Facebook wants to use coastal Oregon property for an underwater cable. Malheur County has high rates of heart disease. And Oregon-based writer Emma Marris has personal advice for handling stress from climate change.  

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Women Transforming Their Lives In Prison

Oregon's only women's prison is the latest to adopt a program designed to help inmates transform the thinking that led them to engage in destructive behavior and rediscover their innate well-being. 

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UO Black Cultural Center | Student Newspaper | Gender Nonbinary | Climate Case

The University of Oregon has a new Black Cultural Center. Fourth graders in Salem have started a school newspaper. A nonbinary person was denied a petition to change their gender in Lane County. And the Oregon Supreme Court held arguments in a high school.

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Cash Bail | Fare Enforcement | Climate Case

Public defenders want to change the cash bail system in Oregon. TriMet has added enforcement officers. And the Oregon Supreme Court held hearings at a high school last week.

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Paramedics On Defense | Rural Reporting | Trans Healthcare

Paramedics train in defensive tactics after attacks from people in mental health crises. A Washington reporter focuses on the local impact of climate change. A new survey reveals trans and nonbinary youth need better medical care.

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Demolition | Premature Birth | Hamilton Fish And Impeachment

Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish's father played a key role in the Nixon impeachment process. Is Portland following its demolition inspection ordinance? A new study shows Oregon is doing relatively well on premature birth rates, except among women of color. 

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Dinners In Parks | Central Oregon Editor | Tribal Liaison

New permits will be required to provide free food in public parks. Several Central Oregon newspapers have a new editor. And the Washington State Historical Society has hired a tribal liaison.

Think Out Loud

Gert Boyle | Sea Urchins | Sex Education

Kelp and other marine life are overwhelmed with purple sea urchins taking over the West Coast. The Hillsboro School District adds new topics to their sex education program, but some parents aren't happy with the changes. And we remember Columbia Sportswear's longtime chairwoman Gert Boyle.

News | Agriculture | local | Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Apples & Tariffs | Missing Persons

How does law enforcement respond to missing persons reports? How have tariffs affected one Northwest apple farmer? Also, we get opinions and analysis on the week's news.

Think Out Loud

The Slants | Rodeo | Diversifying Construction | Trust In News

The band The Slants plays its last show this weekend. A native rodeo rider from Oregon comes from a long family tradition. Metro wants to diversify construction crews on publicly funded projects. Readers are more likely to trust journalism that takes them somewhere.

Think Out Loud

Healthcare Comparison Study | Opioid Addiction | Ambient Sounds

A new program helps women transition to a life after incarceration. A cult classic ambient album that was recorded in 1975 has been re-released. And a new study compares medical care access of patients with private health insurance and those with Medicaid.

Think Out Loud

Elections Preview | Walden | Child Abuse Hotline | Talking About Race

What's on the ballot? Greg Walden won't be running for election. A new child abuse hotline faces challenges. And a conversation series about race takes place in Oregon City Public Library.

Think Out Loud

Killer Fungus | 'The Inside Show' | Housing Crunch | Cannabis Banking

A dangerous tropical fungus may have traveled to Oregon 100 years ago on ships. A variety show is produced inside a prison. The housing crisis would be worse if young Oregonians weren't living with parents or roommates. And Jeff Mapes has an update on cannabis industry banking.

Think Out Loud

Voting By Phone | Glaciers | E. Portland Art Exhibit

Two Oregon counties will allow overseas residents to vote by phone. Scientists say Oregon's glaciers are not monitored enough. An artist interviews East Portland residents.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Indigenizing Love | Military Widow

We get opinions and analysis on some of the biggest news of the week. Also, we hear about a new set of resources for Native LBGTQ youth. And an Oregonian has written an essay about her experience as a military widow.

Think Out Loud

Home Funerals | Recovery High School | Vaping Ban

We'll find out more about Oregon's new flavored vape ban. Also, a new website helps people who want to take funerals into their own hands. And a high school helps students who are in recovery from addiction. 

Think Out Loud

NASA Climate Director | Native American Play | ODOT Director

What can we learn about climate change from space? Also, a new play at Oregon Shakespeare Festival takes up Native American history. And the new director of the Oregon Department of Transportation tells us about the Interstate 5 expansion.

Arts | local | Think Out Loud

Q&A: 'Moonlight Sonata: Deafness In Three Movements'

Filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky's new film explores her son's deafness and much more in her film "Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements." 

local | Environment | Communities | Animals | Science | Think Out Loud

Exquisite Creatures | Deafness, Identity And Voice

Oregon-based artist Christopher Marley makes art from dead creatures. Filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky's new film explores her son's deafness.