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Senior Producer, Think Out Loud

Allison Frost

Allison Frost is the senior producer and occasional host of Oregon Public Broadcasting's daily talk show, "Think Out Loud."

She's worn a variety of hats at OPB, including announcer, web producer, host, managing editor and senior producer. Before OPB, she led a local community radio station in Fresno, California, tutored English and sold books.

Allison holds a degree in speech communication from California State University, Fresno, and a masters in journalism and communication from the University of Oregon.

She likes to play with and blog about her two young children in and around Portland where she and her husband make their home.

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Recent Articles

Think Out Loud

Sexism In Consumer Electronics | Neighborhood Split | 'Teenage Dick'

A Bend startup alleges sexism at the Consumer Electronics Show. One Portland neighborhood has two competing neighborhood groups. A play re-imagines Shakespeare's "Richard III" in High School.

Think Out Loud

Salem Homeless | Indigenous Languages | Chronically Ill In College

Salem has banned the distribution of food under the Marion Street Bridge. A linguistics lab at the University of Oregon works to revitalize indigenous languages. And a student writes about her chronic illness experience.

Think Out Loud

State of the State | Artist Residency Program | WA Opioid Approach | Daylight Saving

A residency program focuses on artists with disabilities. A new podcast explores a Washington county's approach to the opioid epidemic. Governor Brown gives her State of the State address today. And California voters approved keeping the state on Daylight Saving time year round.

News | Think Out Loud

Oregon Education Audit | News Roundtable | Kid Governors

An Oregon education audit reveals big problems. The incoming and outgoing kid governors tell us about their agendas. Also, we get opinions and analysis on some of the biggest stories of the week.

Think Out Loud

SNAP Pilot Program | Portland in Color | REBROADCAST: Willy Vlautin

A state pilot program helps people on public assistance find jobs. A new directory is meant to bolster visibility for Portland artists of color. And we listen back to a conversation with Willy Vlautin. 

Think Out Loud

Talking Business | Vaping | Elliott State Forest

E-cigarette use has been declared an epidemic by the U.S. Surgeon General. Also, we'll learn what OSU would like to do with Elliott State Forest, and we'll get the latest business news.

Think Out Loud

Fatal Police Shooting | Second Home For Homeless Youth | Mars

We hear about a fatal police shooting in Portland, a program to get homeless youth through high school and the exploration of Mars. 

News | Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Coffee Creek | Dan Saltzman | Girl Scouts

We get opinion and analysis about some of the week's top stories. We also hear about a new policy at the women's prison, Portland city commissioner Dan Saltzman and girls in the Boy Scouts in southern Oregon.

Think Out Loud

Josh Marquis | New Year's Traditions

We sit down with outgoing Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis. And we hear from listeners about their New Year's traditions. 

News | local | NW Life | Think Out Loud

REBROADCAST: From Homelessness To Home

Over the course of six months, the Dunham family sent radio diaries documenting their struggle first to find housing in Portland and then to keep it.

News | Sustainability | Think Out Loud

Genetic Ethics | Faith And Homelessness

We explore the ethics of using genetic manipulation to solve environmental problems. And we bring three faith leaders together to discuss how they're approaching the deepening problem of homelessness.

Think Out Loud

Nursing Shortage | Methanol Plant | Alicia Jo Rabins

Oregon is experiencing a shortage of nursing faculty in programs around the state. A methanol plant is coming to the Port of Kalama. And we sit down with author Alicia Jo Rabins. 

News | Think Out Loud

Mental Health And Police | Teresa Alonso Leon | New Mushroom

A program in Eugene sends crisis workers out on mental health crisis calls, rather than police. Also, a new species of mushroom was found in southern Oregon. And we sit down with state Rep. Teresa Alonso Leon.

Think Out Loud

Yemen | Religion & Climate Change | Columbia Sportswear

Columbia sportswear says the President's tariffs won't move manufacturing back to the states. Mercy Corps is helping with humanitarian efforts in Yemen. A local evangelical group is sending a policy paper to the UN Climate Change summit.

Think Out Loud

Crabber Lawsuit | Independent Party | Mars InSight Mission

Crabbers in California and Oregon are suing fossil fuel companies. An OSU professor offered expertise to NASA's Mars InSight mission. And we talk about the future of the Independent Party of Oregon. 

News | Environment | Health | local | Business | Think Out Loud

DHS Death Reporting | Youth Legal Clinic | Green Cannabis

Oregon officials aren't publishing timely reports on the deaths of children in their care. A Portland nonprofit offers legal aid to homeless youth. The cannabis industry isn't as green as you think.

News | local | Think Out Loud

Preventing Doctor Suicides | Online Hype Of Restaurants

A doctor takes on a pressing issue in her profession: physicians who die by suicide. And, we learn how the online hype of Stanich's burger caused the Portland restaurant to close.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Yoncalla Mayor | College Food Insecurity

The University of Oregon launches a pilot program to combat student food insecurity, and Yoncalla elects an 18-year-old mayor. Plus, we hear from our news roundtable on this week's big stories.

News | NW Life | local | History | Nation | Think Out Loud

Celebrating The Life Of And Justice For Mulugeta Seraw

We remember Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw, who was murdered in southeast Portland 30 years ago.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Remembering Mulugeta Seraw

We remember Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw, who was murdered in southeast Portland thirty years ago. And, our news roundtable offers opinions and analysis on this week's stories.