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Senior Producer, Think Out Loud

Allison Frost

Allison Frost is the senior producer and occasional host of Oregon Public Broadcasting's daily talk show, "Think Out Loud."

She's worn a variety of hats at OPB, including announcer, web producer, host, managing editor and senior producer. Before OPB, she led a local community radio station in Fresno, California, tutored English and sold books.

Allison holds a degree in speech communication from California State University, Fresno, and a masters in journalism and communication from the University of Oregon.

She likes to play with and blog about her two young children in and around Portland where she and her husband make their home.

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Recent Articles

Think Out Loud

Weekend Protests Analysis | Ranchers And Tariffs | Lamprey

The oldest living species in the Northwest is at the Oregon Zoo. Portland's mayor and police chief weigh in on the latest high profile protests. And ranchers fear fluctuations in beef prices due to tariffs.

Think Out Loud

Migrant Leaders | Women On Bikes | Tracking Hate

A summer camp gives opportunity to children of migrant farmers. A group wants to improve how the city responds to hate incidents. Also, how is the bicycle a tool for social activism?

Think Out Loud

Mobile Home Co-op | Nature Prescriptions | Endangered Species

Some doctors are giving prescriptions to get outdoors. A mobile home park in Washington recently became a cooperative. The federal government has made changes to the Endangered Species Act.

Think Out Loud

I-5 | Homeless Lawsuit | Missing Orcas | Levees

What would freeway expansion mean for the school that sits right near it? Where have the missing Puget Sound orcas gone? A lawsuit about homelessness will go forward in Grants Pass. The levees on the Columbia River move closer to being repaired.

Think Out Loud

Activists Surveilled | News Roundtable | Sucker Fish | Family Leave

Police have been monitoring environmental activists trying to stop a natural gas terminal. Oregon's paid family leave bill is signed today. Tribes and the federal government are working to save the sucker fish. And we discuss other news of the week.

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Kratom | Tofurky Labeling | Wind Power

What exactly is the drug kratom? Why is the Oregon company Tofurky suing the state of Arkansas? How has wind power transformed Sherman County?

Think Out Loud

Prayer Vigil | Women In Tech | Ashland Ordinance | Giant Wasps

A prayer vigil is held in Portland for gun violence victims. White tech workers believe diversity efforts are working. Ashland police want to know suspects' names and dates of birth. An outbreak of large wasps in Central Oregon.

Think Out Loud

Bradford Island Cleanup | Border Facilities | National Guard | Trucker School

Resident fish caught near Bradford Island are not safe to eat because of pollution. A Springfield pediatrician tells us about conditions she saw at immigration facilities along the U.S.-Mexico border. And a retired truck driver has started a school to train more drivers. 

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Local Media | PCT Hiking

What's the biggest news of the week? What's the future of local media? What's it like to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019?

Think Out Loud

Antifa | Chinook Nation | Murder Coverage

The president wants to declare Antifa a terrorist organization. The Chinook Nation recently acquired some important land. Articles about an old murder case have just been published for the first time online.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Racism In Schools | Gun Violence Documentary

A new documentary explores the impact of gun violence. We hear how Portland schools are dealing with racist incidents. And we get opinions and analysis on this week's news. 

Think Out Loud

City Closed | Gorge Crowded | Fire Liability | Climate Goals

The Oregon town of Lexington is shut down. The Columbia River Gorge has seen a dramatic increase in traffic. Rural firefighters will now be protected from liability. Will the state be able to meet its climate goals after cap and trade failed?

Think Out Loud

Legislative Wrap Up | Software Gender Bias | REBROADCAST: Priced Out

The Oregon Legislature raced to finish this weekend, passing over 100 bills. Scientists at OSU say they have a solution for gender bias in software. And a conversation about gentrification in North Portland.

Think Out Loud

Oregon Senate President | News Roundtable | 'I Am A Stranger Here Myself'

We hear about the Oregon's longest-serving Senate president, talk about some of the biggest news of the week and talk with Debra Gwartney about her new book, a blending of pioneer history and memoir.

Think Out Loud

Moda At The Supreme Court | Inventions | Public Pianos

Moda Health says the federal government owes it a quarter of a billion dollars. Young inventors from around Oregon vie for a prize. And pianos decorated by artists take up residence across Portland in the summertime.

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Building in Tsunami Zones | Bach Festival | Concussions | Coffee Cups

A Portland coffee company has started charging for to-go cups. The University of Oregon has a new approach for treating concussions. The Bach Festival has no executive director. And Oregon lawmakers passed a bill to allow more building in tsunami zones. 

Think Out Loud

Salem Update | Bus Lanes | Antarctica Solstice

A team of OSU scientists celebrates the winter solstice in Antarctica. A Portland commissioner wants dedicated bus lanes. And things are getting crazy in Salem, Oregon.

News | Think Out Loud

World Cup | Wallowa Conservation | Trauma Stories

The Portland Thorns have sent players to the Women's World Cup. A nonprofit is trying to preserve land in Wallowa County. And students from Roosevelt High School in Portland are telling stories of trauma to build resilience.

News | Think Out Loud

Madras Graduation Rates | Okinawa Film | TV Pioneers

We hear about rising graduation rates for Native American students at Madras High School; a student documentary about an American military base in Okinawa; and the little-known TV pioneer Peg Lynch.

local | NW Life | News | Think Out Loud

Stimson Lumber | Privacy Data | ICE Custody | Police Captain

Stimson Lumber is cutting jobs. Portland will use smartphone data to study transportation.A detainee died last fall at the ICE detention center in Tacoma. And we listen back to a conversation with the first transgender PPB captain.