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Senior Producer, Think Out Loud

Allison Frost

Allison Frost is the senior producer and occasional host of Oregon Public Broadcasting's daily talk show, "Think Out Loud."

She's worn a variety of hats at OPB, including announcer, web producer, host, managing editor and senior producer. Before OPB, she led a local community radio station in Fresno, California, tutored English and sold books.

Allison holds a degree in speech communication from California State University, Fresno, and a masters in journalism and communication from the University of Oregon.

She likes to play with and blog about her two young children in and around Portland where she and her husband make their home.

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Recent Articles

Health | local | News | Think Out Loud

5 Things We Learned About Race And Drug Crimes From New Oregon Report

What happens when you make drug possession a misdemeanor rather than a felony? New data from Oregon's Criminal Justice Commission provides some answers and more questions.

Think Out Loud

Drug Convictions | Mohamed Asem's New Memoir

Changes to drug laws in Multnomah County and the state have reduced the racial disparity in convictions. And we sit down with Portland author Mohamed Asem.

Think Out Loud

Election Polling | Mount Hood Tragedy | Traffic Fatalities

We discuss the latest polling on key midterm races. Also, we look back at the Oregon Episcopal School Mount Hood tragedy 32 years later and discuss rising traffic fatalities in Oregon. 

Think Out Loud

Protest Clash | Death Penalty | Clean Energy Initiative

Right-wing and left-wing groups clash in Portland. The Washington state supreme court abolishes the death penalty. And we hear from the campaigns for and against the Portland Clean Energy Initiative.

Health | local | News | Think Out Loud

Klamath County Improves Public Health, Earning National Award

Klamath county just got a national award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recognizing its improvements in public health.

Think Out Loud

Klamath County Health Award | Project 75 | Patrick Starnes

Klamath County wins a "Culture of Health" prize. We look back at a program that brought African-American students to the University of Oregon. We continue our gubernatorial candidate conversations.

local | News | Think Out Loud

Wildfire Reporting | Self-Experimentation | Carolyn Long

We hear about learning to live with the "new normal" when it comes to wildfire and what it's like to conduct psychology experiments on yourself. We also talk with the Democrat running in Washington's third Congressional district. 

Think Out Loud

Clark College Diversity | Hoax In Academia | Knute Buehler

Clark College has a new effort to champion diversity. Three academic writers created an elaborate hoax. And we kick-off our series of gubernatorial candidate conversations. 

Politics | local | News | Election | Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Housing Bond Measure

Our news roundtable offers opinions and analysis on the latest news. And Portland-area voters will consider a $652.8 million bond measure to help build affordable housing. 

Think Out Loud

Grocery Tax Ban | Jeff Goodell On Climate Change

Measure 103 would amend the Oregon Constitution to bar taxes on food sales. And science writer Jeff Goodell talks with us about the greatest threat from climate change: rising sea water.

NW Life | Nation | Think Out Loud

Oregon Groundbreakers Share Their Vision

Five Oregon innovators sit down with host Dave Miller in front of an audience and talk about their blue sky vision and what drives them.

Think Out Loud

Urinary Incontinence | Portlandathon | Shakespeare In Prison

Urinary incontinence isn't something women should simply deal with. A Portland-area race organizer saves the Portland marathon. And the Coffee Creek women's prison puts on "Twelfth Night."

Think Out Loud

REBROADCAST: Nonfiction Account Of Westerners Recruited Into ISIS

What leads young women who are living comfortable lives in the West to leave everything behind and join ISIS? That’s what the Norwegian journalist and best-selling author Åsne Seierstad explores.

Think Out Loud

Homeless ID Pilot Program | Alice Tallmadge's New Memoir

Portland police are working on a program to provide IDs to homeless people. Alice Tallmadge's new memoir explores her family's panic over a false belief that Satanic abuse was sweeping the nation.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Sanctuary State Ballot Measure

We listen to arguments for and against Ballot Measure 105, which would repeal Oregon's 31-year-old sanctuary law. Also, our news roundtable discusses this week's biggest stories. 

Think Out Loud

Homeless Youth And Outside In | World Champion Weightlifter

The nonprofit Outside In will now be able to triple the number of homeless youth it can counsel, thanks to a $2.5 million grant. And, a Eugene weightlifter talks about her World Masters Championship.

News | Think Out Loud

Jo Ann Hardesty | Alt-Weeklies | REBROADCAST: Author Renee Watson

Records show Jo Ann Hardesty collected over $10,000 in income last year from her volunteer work at the NAACP. Also, we talk about alt-weeklies after several have closed nationwide. And, we listen back to an interview with author Renée Watson. 

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Vote-By-Mail History | Suicide Survivor Stories

Oregonians have been able to vote-by-mail for 20 years now. A new art projects features stories from survivors of suicide attempts. And our news roundtable offers opinions and analysis of some of the week's biggest stories.

News | Think Out Loud

Chronic Absenteeism | Carbon Neutral Buildings | Micah Camden

We learn about a new plan to address chronic absenteeism in Oregon schools and a recent pledge by the city of Portland to make new buildings carbon neutral by 2030. Also, we sit down with Portland restauranteur Micah Camden. 

Think Out Loud

The Blue Paradox | Right 2 Dream, Too | Creative Laureate

We hear about a new study highlighting potential unintended consequences of conservation zones, how Portland's R2D2 campers are doing in their new location, and meet Bend's first creative laureate.