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MoviePass Positioned To Disrupt Movie Industry; Theaters Not Sold

The MoviePass subscription service allows users to attend one movie a day for $9.95 a month. Some theater operators and industry insiders are questioning the sustainability of the business model. 

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Student Satellite | Monsanto Lawsuit | Non-Unanimous Juries | College Savings Plans

We learn about a nano-satellite project at Portland State and hear from the parties in an Oregon lawsuit against Monsanto. Also, we hear about a push to abolish non-unanimous juries and what the new tax law means for private school tuition.

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Ethics Investigation | MoviePass | Salvadoran Portlander

Will a new movie theater subscription service disrupt Portland's independent movie ecosystem? What does the federal government's recent announcement mean for local immigrants from El Salvador? And we learn about recent ethics findings about Cylvia Hayes.

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Washington Legislative Session | TriMet Driver | Homeless Campus | Bundy Case

We look ahead to the 2018 Washington legislative session that starts Monday. Also, we talk with a TriMet bus driver about his experiences on the job. We learn about a new homeless campus in Klamath Falls and hear about how the case against Cliven Bundy was dismissed.   

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Train Update | MLB Umpire | Kairos Grant

An update on the fatal train crash in Washington. Also, an interview with a retiring MLB umpire from Portland. And a big grant to KairosPDX — the charter school aims to get more students of color into STEM. 

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'We're All Sisters': Finding Stability At Kenton Women's Village

Kenton Women's Village provides temporary housing and transitional support to homeless women. But perhaps most importantly, it offers a safe community for those who have struggled to find stability.

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Amtrak Derailment | Portland's Internet History | Native American Doctors | Senior Basketball

Multiple people were injured when an Amtrak train derailed south of Tacoma on Monday morning. A new grant to OHSU will establish a program to increase the number of Native Americans in the health professions. Portland was one of the first cities to argue for "Open Access." And a 76-year old from Medford won a gold medal in the Huntsman Senior World Games.

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Particulate Pollution | Homeless Students | Winning Teacher

The number of homeless students in Oregon is  higher than ever. Also, a middle school PPS wants to reopen sits right near the freeway. And a math teacher in Bend wins a national award.

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Life After Taggart | Accessible Park | Pioneer School

The special education program at Pioneer School in Portland Public Schools will close. Also, a new park is home to Oregon's first outdoor field for disabled athletes. And Oregon football coach Willie Taggart is leaving for Florida.

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Bend Government | African American Priorities In Portland | Columbia CEO

The Portland African American Leadership Forum has a new plan reflecting the priorities of Portland's African American community. Bend City Council will decide whether to send voters a plan to fundamentally change the city's system of government. And Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle talks about safety for downtown businesses.

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Talking Business | Kid Governor | Graduate Student Taxes | Christmas Trees

Oregon is the leading producer of Christmas trees in the country. We'll learn more about the business. Also, the state's first kid governor, some regional business news and what the GOP tax bill could mean for Oregon universities.

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Car Thefts In PDX | Gorge Recovery | Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis

How is the Gorge recovering after the fire? Also, we'll hear from Eugene's mayor. And a story about why car thefts are on the rise in Portland.

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OHA Audit | Sisters Newspaper Changeover | Crook County Development

A new audit of the Oregon Health Authority shows millions of misspent taxpayer dollars. Also, the Nugget Newspaper in Sisters is an example of a thriving community paper. And should federal lands be more locally controlled?

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Cuba | OSU Building Names | Dallas School Lawsuit

What criteria should a university use to decide whether its founders were racist? Also, we'll talk to a Portland journalist about how U.S.-Cuba policy has changed, and parents who are suing an Oregon school over its transgender policy.

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Transgender Student | Broadway Corridor | True Crime Comic

We hear about a lawsuit involving a transgender high school student, grand plans for the area at the base of Portland's Broadway Bridge, and a true crime comic about family and murder.

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Climate Change | Sex Trafficking | KKK

A new book looks at the history of the Ku Klux Klan. Also, we'll learn about a new report on the effect of sex trafficking laws. And a letter signed by thousands of scientists warns about climate change.

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Portland Superintendent | Ari Shapiro | Hazing In Lake Oswego

Portland's new superintendent joins us for the first time. Also, Ari Shapiro comes home. And we learn about hazing in the Lake Oswego School District.

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Talking Business | Portland's Resistance | UO Title IX Response

A year after Portland's Resistance was founded, we check in. Also, we learn more about the University of Oregon's response to an accused rape by a basketball player. And the latest business news.

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Body Brokers | REBROADCAST: West Coast Avant Garde | Russian Soccer Nightmare

We learn about the unregulated body parts industry and hear from Dani Foxhoven on her experience playing soccer in Russia. Also, we revisit a conversation about West Coast avant-garde composers. 

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Painting That Saved Family From Holocaust Comes Home

Almost 80 years ago, a painting was traded for a visa to escape Nazi Germany. After an international "art hunt" the painting appears to have been found.