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Richland Correspondent, Northwest News Network

Anna King

Anna King is the Richland, Washington, correspondent for the Northwest News Network, covering the Mid–Columbia region, from nuclear reactors to Mexican rodeos.

She attended Washington State University and spent an additional two years studying language and culture in Italy.

The South Sound was her girlhood backyard and she knows its rocky beaches, mountain trails and cities well. Anna enjoys trail running, clam digging, hiking and wine tasting with friends. She's most at peace on top a Northwest mountain with her husband and their muddy, Aussie dog.

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Recent Articles

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Farm Bill Failure Worries Northwest Farmers With Crop Insurance

The U.S. House of Representatives recently failed to pass a farm bill and Northwest farmers are worried that the process is not plowing ahead.

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As Dam Strains Above Leavenworth, Feds And Local Irrigation District Disagree

The National Weather Service is predicting possible thunderstorms later this week around Leavenworth, Washington. That could cause the Eightmile Lake Dam above the town to fail.

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NW Tribes Bringing Traditional Wildfires Back To Their Lands

Tribes across the West are trying to restore their forests and grasslands to the way they were before white settlers arrived. Their goal is to return traditional foods like roots, huckleberries and big game.

Politics | Environment | News | local

Air Support To Northwest Wildfires Could Be Delayed This Year

Sen. Maria Cantwell questioned the acting head of the U.S. Forest Service, Vicki Christiansen, this week. Among the senator's top concerns: there may...

Energy | Environment | News | local

Hard To Prove Hanford Waste Treatment Plant Is Safe, Report Claims

A federal watchdog agency said Wednesday that it's hard to prove that Hanford's Waste Treatment Plant is safe.

Environment | News | local

Homeowners Have A Large Role In Protecting Their Own Properties From Wildfire

Homeowners should watch out for anything leaning against the house that might act as a fire start — like a broom. And get charcoal briquettes, firewood and other potentially flammable items away from the house.

Energy | Environment | News | local

Workers Set To Empty Hanford Basin Of Radioactive Sludge — 400 Yards From The River

The so-called K-Basin holds sandy, explosive, potentially flammable and highly radioactive sludge stored in six large containers.

Water | Environment | News | local

Yakama Nation's Hanford Warrior Russell Jim Dies

The 82-year-old was well-known by tribes and environmentalists across the nation for his fight to clean up Hanford.

Water | Environment | News | local

Priest Rapids Dam Leaking In Several Sections

The dam is made up of large sections of concrete and steel-bound together by 50-foot-long layers of grout. Now, at least four sections of the grout are failing and it’s causing leaks.

Nation | News | Education | Technology

Sensor Alerts Police, Locks School's Doors When Gunfire Is Heard

The bullet sound detection system is being developed by a missile engineer and is being tested at an elementary school in New Mexico.

Energy | Health | Environment | News | local

US Energy Department To Investigate Contamination Spread At Hanford

The U.S. Department of Energy is launching a federal investigation into a demolition site at the Hanford nuclear reservation where radioactive waste has been spreading in unexplained ways.

Business | Politics | Agriculture | News | local

Washington Apple Growers Fret Over Possible Chinese Tariffs

With China threatening to slap the United States with tariffs on $3 billion worth of U.S. made products, one group that is worried is Washington’s apple farmers.

News | local | Nation | Energy | Politics | Environment

NW Senators Grill Energy Secretary On Hanford, Proposed Budget Cuts

Northwest Senators grilled U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry during a Senate committee hearing on the safety of steel in a massive treatment plant under construction at the Hanford nuclear site.

Nation | Energy | Environment | News | local

Safety Of Hanford Steel Questioned By Department Of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy wants to know exactly what grade of steel is being used in a massive radioactive waste treatment plant at the decommissioned nuclear site. 

Politics | Health | Environment | News | local

New Washington Law Aims To Help Hanford Workers

The law will help workers who have been exposed to toxic chemicals or radioactive waste more-easily access compensation for medical treatment.

Energy | Environment | News | local

Meetings To Examine How To Treat Hanford's Liquid Tank Waste

The National Academy of Sciences plans to meet in Richland several more times over this year and will make recommendations to the federal government.

local | Agriculture | News | Food

Northwest Farmers Hope Tender Fruit Buds Can Withstand Cold Snap

The recent bite of cold air is causing real worry for Northwest fruit farmers. They’re fretting over their trees’ tender buds. And it all might get worse as things warm up.

Environment | News | local

Now 10 Workers Contaminated With Radioactive Waste At Hanford

Ten workers are confirmed to have tested positive for ingesting or inhaling radioactive contamination and one needs more testing to confirm the results.

Health | Environment | News | local

'Stop Work' Declared At Hanford To Check Vehicles For Nuclear Contamination

It’s the same site where government contractors have struggled to tame the spread of contamination all winter.

Energy | Politics | Environment | News | local

Critics Call Proposed Cuts To Hanford Cleanup Budget 'Downright Dangerous'

The budget request released on Monday cuts $61 million from the budget for Hanford's Office of River Protection, and $169 million from the U.S. Department of Energy's Richland Operations Office.