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Richland Correspondent, Northwest News Network

Anna King

Anna King is the Richland, Washington, correspondent for the Northwest News Network, covering the Mid–Columbia region, from nuclear reactors to Mexican rodeos.

She attended Washington State University and spent an additional two years studying language and culture in Italy.

The South Sound was her girlhood backyard and she knows its rocky beaches, mountain trails and cities well. Anna enjoys trail running, clam digging, hiking and wine tasting with friends. She's most at peace on top a Northwest mountain with her husband and their muddy, Aussie dog.

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Recent Articles

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Cattle Are Being Mutilated And Killed In Eastern Oregon. No One Is Sure How Or Why.

In remote Eastern Oregon, a serial crime spree is unfolding. Young bulls are mysteriously showing up dead. Cowboys recently found several animals with body parts precisely removed — and it’s happened just like this before in the West.

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Bonneville Dam Lock Closure Stops Inland Northwest Grain Exports To Global Markets

The Northwest’s soft white wheat harvest is in full swing, but that grain is going nowhere fast. That’s because of an emergency repair to a lock at Bonneville Dam on the Lower Columbia River.

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'You Have To Remain An Optimist.' NW Farmers Wrap Wheat Harvest As Prices Depress

Across the country, farmers are losing money on every load of grain. The National Association of Wheat Growers estimates that since last year, U.S. wheat farmers have lost about $430 million in trade to China.

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Mild NW Fire Season Could Blow Up As Fuels Dry Out Later This Summer

The wildfire season so far has been relatively mild as far as large fires and region-wide smoke inundation go. But that could change in late summer and early fall.

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'A Total Sense Of Belonging': NW Tribes Lament Fire On Rattlesnake Mountain

The fire that engulfed Notre Dame cathedral shocked the world earlier this year. And a wildfire in July on Rattlesnake Mountain in southeast Washington similarly shocked Northwest tribes.

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Cold Creek Fire Chews Through Washington's Hanford Reach Monument

The Cold Creek Fire is burning sensitive, federally protected habitat near Hanford. As of Saturday morning evening it had burned more than 40,000 acres and was 40% contained.

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Feds Say Hanford's PUREX Plant Is Degrading, Needs Stabilizing Soon

PUREX is located within Hanford’s 200 East Area. It’s about 7 miles from the Columbia River and 5 miles from State Highway 240.

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Northwest Wine Brands Increasingly Pour Into Cans

Just in the last year, the wine-in-can category has grown by more than 100% across the nation, measured by the volume of units sold.

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Washington Supreme Court Upholds Ruling Against Florist Who Denied To Serve Same-Sex Wedding

In a unanimous decision Thursday, the Washington State Supreme Court upheld its earlier decision against a Richland florist that refused to sell wedding flowers to a gay couple.


NW Scientist Sniffs The Amazon To Find Out What Air Was Like Before Industry

As a U.S. Department of Energy plane flew over the Amazon rainforest, it sipped and sampled air in real time. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory...

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Big Spring Growth Could Make For Bad Fire Season At Hanford And Across The West

At the Hanford Nuclear Site in southeastern Washington, and across the West, winter’s deep snow and a cool spring have produced lots of brush and grass. That’s a problem for the coming fire season.  

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Worker At Hanford Contaminated In Lab Scheduled For Demolition

A worker at the Hanford Nuclear Site was recently contaminated with a speck of radioactive material after work in a lab building scheduled for demolition.

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Federal Government Says 2nd Hanford Tunnel With Radioactive Waste All Sealed Up

The project to stabilize and seal a large tunnel of radioactive waste has been completed at the Hanford nuclear reservation, according to the U.S. Department of Energy and its contractor.

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Washington Asparagus Farmers Struggle As Import Competition Grows

Growers in Washington, California and Michigan raise the majority of the nation’s domestic asparagus — and Washington’s season is on. But business in U.S. spears is noticeably dwindling.

Health | local | News

Central Washington Health Officials Respond To Mumps Exposure In Farmworkers

Health officials in Grant County, Washington, are responding to four probable cases of mumps. One case has been lab-confirmed so far, while the others are still being evaluated.

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Massive Loss Of Thousands Of Hives Afflicts Orchard Growers And Beekeepers

Honey bees deal with many stressors: chemicals, climate change and viruses. But this year, a tiny mite has wiped out colonies, causing worry over whether there are enough bees left to do their jobs.

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Federal Plan Could Reclassify Hanford Nuclear Waste — And Leave It In The Ground

A new proposal from the Trump administration could dramatically change the way the government cleans up radioactive tank waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington.

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Federal Hanford Cleanup Watchdog Put To Sleep By Government Shutdown

There are several agencies and a group of stakeholders who watch over cleanup at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. But the ongoing partial government shutdown is blocking some of that important oversight.

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Chickpeas Sit In Silos As Trump's Trade Wars Wage On

The largest importers of crops like lentils, garbanzos or peas — China and India — aren't buying, due to trade wars and tariffs. But farmers already planted in anticipation of sales.

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Real And Fake Christmas Tree Sellers Fight For American Hearts And Minds

Online ads are telling Christmas shoppers to "keep it real" or "think about seasonal allergies" when they make their tree choices this year.