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Richland Correspondent, Northwest News Network

Anna King

Anna King is the Richland, Washington, correspondent for the Northwest News Network, covering the Mid–Columbia region, from nuclear reactors to Mexican rodeos.

She attended Washington State University and spent an additional two years studying language and culture in Italy.

The South Sound was her girlhood backyard and she knows its rocky beaches, mountain trails and cities well. Anna enjoys trail running, clam digging, hiking and wine tasting with friends. She's most at peace on top a Northwest mountain with her husband and their muddy, Aussie dog.

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Report: Hanford Tank Waste Will Take Longer To Treat, And Cost More

A new report about the radioactive tank waste at Hanford says the cleanup could take decades longer and cost billions more than estimated.

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Why Your Future Christmas Tree Might Be Hard To Find

You might be in the market for a Christmas tree right about now, but have you thought about what type of Christmas tree you want in eight years?

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Report Calls Hanford Tank Waste Among Top Federal Challenges For 2018

Cleaning up radioactive waste contained in tanks at the Hanford nuclear reservation is one of the top challenges facing the U.S. Department of Energy, according to a new special report by the department’s Inspector General.

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The First Hanford Tank Farm Is Almost Cleaned Out. Now What?

After nearly two decades of work, contractors have just finished cleaning out the first group of 16 radioactive waste tanks.

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Who's Watching Hanford? EPA Presence Dwindling

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is one of the government watchdogs monitoring the cleanup of the Hanford nuclear reservation. But recently the EPA’s Hanford office has shrunk in half.

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Washington Wine Could Cost More With State Squeeze On Wastewater

Washington state is proposing changes to how winery wastewater is handled. And that could mean consumers are in for some “bottle shock” when their favorite Washington wine gets more expensive.

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Buy Your Christmas Tree Early: There's A Shortage In The NW

You might not get that noble fir of your dreams this year due to a Christmas tree crunch in the Northwest.

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Multnomah Falls Closed For The Foreseeable Future

Now that the fall rains have begun, the fire danger at Multnomah Falls has declined. But Oregon's popular gem still won't open anytime soon.

News | local | Northwest Wildfires 2017

Rain Dampens Wildfires, But May Spur Landslides In Columbia Gorge

As heavy rains move into the Northwest, geologists are watching the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge. 

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Will The Grout Filling Hanford's Tunnel Ever Be Cleaned Up?

Tunnel 1 at Hanford is full of train cars contaminated with radioactive waste. Experts at the site say the best solution is to fill it up with grout—a sort of a thin concrete.

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Hanford Crews Nearly Ready To Seal Up Tunnel With Grout

Crews will begin pouring grout, a kind of thin cement, into a partially collapsed tunnel full of highly contaminated radioactive waste.

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Washington Scientists Detect Black Holes Colliding In Space

Scientists in southeast Washington state announced Wednesday that they had detected two black holes revolving around each other and then morphing into one.

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Geologists Sound Alarm Over Future Landslides In Columbia River Gorge

Geologists for the state of Oregon are warning of the risk of major landslides in parts of the Columbia River Gorge that were hit by wildfires this year.

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Moscow, Pullman Hospitals To Perform Gender Affirming Surgeries

Two small-town hospitals in the Palouse have announced they plan to offer gender confirmation surgeries . The same surgeon would offer the procedure at...

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Tribes Worry Over Lower Columbia Gorge Coho Runs With Forest Fires

The forest fires raging in the Columbia River Gorge are unlikely to disturb adult coho salmon right now. But Northwest tribal fishers are worried about...

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Eagle Creek Fire Near Bonneville Dam Stretches BPA Thin

Several uncontrolled wildfires in the Columbia River Gorge burning near Bonneville Dam are challenging the Bonneville Power Administration.

News | local | OPB's Coverage Of The Oregon Solar Eclipse 2017

Eclipse Revelers In Oregon Whoop And Holler As Sun Fades Away

Eclipse revelers whooped and hollered as the sun went black at a major encampment in the remote town of Durkee on the Burnt River Ranch in eastern Oregon.

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Energy Secretary Rick Perry Visits Hanford Nuclear Site

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry toured the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the Hanford site outside of Richland, Washington, Tuesday.

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WSU College GOP Leader Resigns After Attending Charlottesville Rally

The president of the WSU College Republicans, James Allsup of Bothell, Washington, said Monday he would resign after attending the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Tagging Tiny Fish: Scientists Aim To Learn More About Lamprey Migration

If Northwest fish were stand-up comics, the salmon would be the headliner. And the fish that get's "no respect" would be the lamprey, an eel-like...