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April Baer

April Baer hosts the weekly radio arts show, "State of Wonder," at Oregon Public Broadcasting, covering how art is made and consumed. Prior to this assignment, she worked as a reporter and was the local host of "Morning Edition" at OPB

Before coming to OPB in 2004, she worked as a studio engineer, host, reporter and occasional music host at several stations in Ohio.

She earned a degree in communications from Ohio State University.

April grew up in the Midwest and now lives in Portland.

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Recent Articles

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Nataki Garrett Presents 1st Play As Oregon Shakespeare Festival Leader

The new artistic director at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is about to give audiences a first taste of her work with the West Coast premiere of “How to Catch Creation."

Arts | Music | local

Guest Curator Fabi Reyna Of She Shreds

This week we’re handing over the keys for "State of Wonder" to musician and publisher Fabi Reyna. She's the creator of the guitar magazine She Shreds.

Arts | News | local

Portland Art Museum To Cut Staff, Illustrating Changes In Arts Funding

The Portland Art Museum has announced staff cutbacks, trimming 14 positions from the museum's 244 full- and part-time staff.

Arts | Music | NW Life | local | State of Wonder

Sun Ra Arkestra | Y La Bamba | Piano. Push. Play

This week we’re revisiting some of our favorite music stories and interviews we’ve done.

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Eastern Oregon University Writing Program Is Reborn — With Fishtrap's Help

EOU and Fishtrap join forces to help writers dig deep on ecology and community issues.

Arts | Books | local | State of Wonder

Kiese Laymon | Ted Chiang | Rosanne Parry

Bump up your beach reads with three spectacular writers, each grappling with human connection.

Music | Arts | Communities | local | State of Wonder

KayelaJ | Summer Playlist 2019 | The Numberz

From house to punk to hip-hop, this week we explore the Pacific Northwest’s exciting music scene.

Arts | Books | State of Wonder

REBROADCAST: The Panoramic Imagination Of Somaiya Daud | Susan Fletcher | Tin House

This week we’re listening to one of our favorite book interviews ever: YA writer Somaiya Daud at Portland Book Fest 2018. Interstellar intrigue on a Moroccan-inspired world? Strong female hero of color? Yes, please. Also: one of Daud's early inspirations and we say goodbye to a truly great literary journal.

Arts | News | local

Native Artist Creates New Bronze Statue For Joseph’s Main Street

Sculptor Doug Hyde adds a new look for an iconic Eastern Oregon main street.

Arts | local | State of Wonder

Photographer Celeste Noche | Astoria's Fisher Poets | Arte Soleil

Sometimes good stories take a while. This week, long-awaited gems from Astoria’s Fisher Poets and an arts outpost in East Portland. Also, a photographer goes the extra 4,000 miles for the literary story she believes in.

Arts | NW Life | local

Bloom Where You’re Planted: Arte Soleil In Southeast Portland

A bootstrapped arts center fills the gap in a Portland community on the margins.

Arts | News | State of Wonder

John Doe On LA’s Punk Scene | Team Dresch | Chachalu’s Loan From The British Museum

Know your history: Stories from the L.A. punk scene, queer punk in the ‘90s Portland music scene, and a Native museum gets quality time with tribal artifacts.

Books | Music | History | Arts | Entertainment | NW Life

The Lasting Influence Of L.A. Punk

X frontman John Doe is back for another helping of stories about the legendary bands and clubs of L.A.’s punk era, and genre’s legacy.   

Arts | News | Politics | local

Portland Parks Budget Cuts Mean Change For Arts Programs

The Multnomah Arts Center, the Community Music Center and the Laurelhurst Dance Studio need to develop funding models as the city tries to get the Parks and Recreation Budget under control.

Arts | Books | Music | local | State of Wonder

Karen Russell | Angela Garbes | Bill Oakley | bed.

The things parents do. (Really, Mom and Dad, you shouldn’t have.)

Arts | News | NW Life | local

Writer Karen Russell Paints The World Orange

The Pulitzer finalist short-story champ is back with a new story collection exploring environmental dread, girl heroism and the terrors of parenthood.

News | Education | History | local | Arts | Teachers | NW Life | State of Wonder

Saying Goodbye To The Oregon College Of Art And Craft

It’s far from the only institutional loss Oregon artists have suffered lately, but OCAC’s end reads as a blow to the heart of the region's creative identity.

Arts | Education | News | Music | local | State of Wonder

Marcus Fischer | A Brief History Of Craft | Goodbye To OCAC | Amy Dotson Coming To NW Film

A few updates on our creative scene, some of which will get fists pumping in the air, others will leave you feeling like your team left town.

State of Wonder

Tales Of The Side Hustle | Amy Miller | Jodi Darby | Alicia Jo Rabins | Ro Tam | Ben Tyler

The jobs that pay money. The jobs that pay out in other ways. The jobs that make art possible, and the ones threatening to take over everything. We’re checking them all out for this week’s "State of Wonder," as we talk to artists about the work they do for love, for money, or some mix of the two.

Behind Portland's Oni Press Merger With Lion Forge Comics

One of the city's storied small presses sheds some staff and makes a move toward new content.