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April Baer

April Baer hosts the weekly radio arts show, "State of Wonder," at Oregon Public Broadcasting, covering how art is made and consumed. Prior to this assignment, she worked as a reporter and was the local host of "Morning Edition" at OPB

Before coming to OPB in 2004, she worked as a studio engineer, host, reporter and occasional music host at several stations in Ohio.

She earned a degree in communications from Ohio State University.

April grew up in the Midwest and now lives in Portland.

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New Portland Music Advocacy Group To Lobby For Businesses, Artists

An advocacy group called MusicPortland kicks off with an ambitious to-do list intended to unite many music communities.

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Oregon Symphony Dazzles, Startles With Oratorio On Homelessness

Composer Gabriel Kahane's "emergency shelter intake form" moves the ensemble into a new conversation with the community.

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Madame Gandhi | John Cameron Mitchell | Black Belt Eagle Scout | Gabriel Kahane

This week, we talk with artists whose work — and sometimes even their mere existence — have caused a kind of social friction (and that's not a bad thing).

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MOsley WOtta Chosen As 1st Bend Creative Laureate

Performer and painter Jason Graham will serve a two-year term as Bend's first creative laureate.

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Artist Julia Oldham Captures The Dogs Of Chernobyl

The Eugene-based visual artist envisions the future in a real-life post-apocalyptic landscape.

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Musician Michelle Zauner On Korean Identity And Grieving At H Mart

Zauner’s project Japanese Breakfast was just the beginning as she came to terms with a biracial heritage and losing her mother.

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Japanese Breakfast | Last Artful, Dodgr | Demian DinéYazhi´ | Tender Table

Those connections between art, food, culture, ancestral lands and how they all fuse and fit and make up who we are.

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'An Infected Sun': Portland Artist Demian DinéYazhi´ And Their Cross-Country Odyssey

A contemporary artist whose practice is as influenced by Northwest feminist rockers as by Diné culture.

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Lessons From 'The Emerald Tablet' With Cult Of Orpheus

Five years in, the ensemble is creating new narratives for chamber music.

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Burning It Down With The Manila Sound

That time when political repression and post-colonial identity came together to make beautiful Filipino dance tracks. We've got four cuts to get you started.

Arts | Music | local | State of Wonder

The Manila Sound | Cult Of Orpheus | Caitlin Weierhauser | Homiefest

This week we’ve got a pile of stories for you about some of the things art can do in traumatic times.

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Art Installation On Portland's Waterfront Is A Dreamy Summer Respite

The installation, "habitus," on the waterfront is like an island of respite in the dog days of Portland summer.

Arts | local | State of Wonder

Created Spaces | Ann Hamilton | Jessica Hernandez And The Deltas | Richard Swift | KSMOCA

Ann Hamilton at Centennial Mills, Detroit's Jessica Hernandez soars back into town, and Harrell Fletcher & friends turn a school into a museum.

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Taking The Field Trip To The Classroom: King School Museum Of Contemporary Art

The King School Museum of Contemporary Art stages its third annual International Art Fair.

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Musicians Line Up In Opposition To Wyden's Royalty Bill

As a massive bill to change music royalty payments closes in on passage, Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden threatens a procedural halt, unless his proposals get consideration.

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Tin House Gathering Erupts Over Wells Tower Reading

A reading at last week's summer workshop underscores the fundamental challenges of making institutions more inclusive.

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Seeds Scattered: What Will Happen To Marylhurst University’s Arts Programs?

As Marylhurst University winds down 125 years of higher education, several arts-related programs have found new homes. Other assets are swathed in the mystery of the school’s dissolution.

Arts | News | local | NW Life | Education

Marylhurst University's Art Gym Finds New Home

A mainstay in the northwest contemporary art scene is saved from closure by the Oregon College of Art and Craft.

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Outgoing Oregon Poet Laureate Passes Baton To Portland Poet

Elizabeth Woody and Kim Stafford to be honored by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown.