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April Baer

April Baer hosts the weekly radio arts show, "State of Wonder," at Oregon Public Broadcasting, covering how art is made and consumed. Prior to this assignment, she worked as a reporter and was the local host of "Morning Edition" at OPB

Before coming to OPB in 2004, she worked as a studio engineer, host, reporter and occasional music host at several stations in Ohio.

She earned a degree in communications from Ohio State University.

April grew up in the Midwest and now lives in Portland.

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Lindy West And 'Shrill' | Dick Dale | Morgan Parker | Tommy Pico | Kathleen Collins and 'Losing Ground'

This week, we’re digging a little deeper, looking past the surface. These are the best stories you’ve never heard.

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival Hires Nataki Garrett As Artistic Director

Nataki Garrett arrives in August to take the baton from Bill Rauch.

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Nilüfer Yanya At Type Foundry Studio

We met with the 23-year-old London artist on her first national tour in the U.S. She and her band play songs from her album, "Miss Universe," in a session at Type Foundry Studio in Portland.

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Brian Michael Bendis And David F. Walker Team Up for Wonder Comics’ 'Naomi'

A black teen in the fictional Oregon town of Port Oswego, Naomi’s storyline teases big revelations for the DC Universe.

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What Happened (And What Didn’t) With Portland’s Creative Space Plan

It’s been about a year since Portland City Council passed a plan to preserve affordable space for artists and makers. So what has happened since?

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From the latest Avengers film to Portland’s only black-run radio station, innovation proliferates. This week, we’re exploring new horizons in the fields of comics, radio, and even public arts policy.

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Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick On Captain Marvel's Big Screen Debut

The writer who re-made Carol Danvers talks about re-imagining female heroism.

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Bullseye Glass Closing Downtown Portland Gallery

The company, which just settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit, says the closing is a cost-cutting measure.

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Michelle Zauner Of Japanese Breakfast | Tender Table | Demian DinéYazhi´ | The Manila Sound

In the age of ephemera, fleeting tastes and snapshots can leave the most indelible experiences. Artists reflect on what endures and what satisfies.

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Oregon College Of Art And Craft Alumni Form Group To Fight Closure

With the clock ticking on OCAC’s degree program and campus operations, alums and others are trying to convince the board to stop the process. 

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Y La Bamba | Roman Mars | Kill Rock Stars’ Portia Sabin | Jesse Thorn

Luz Mendoza of the band Y La Bamba shares the inspiration for her new album, “Mujeres.” Plus, some of the major players in the podcasting industry on their rapidly expanding medium.

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Walidah Imarisha | Oregon’s Black Pioneers | Pontypool | Arthur Bradford With Matt Sheehy | Big News For Portland’s Art Agency

It’s funny how things change — or, rather, how things stay the same, but our perceptions of them change. This week, we’re taking a look at shifting timelines and the folks who are revising the narratives.

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Oregon College Of Art And Craft To Close In Spring

Spring term will mark the end for the Oregon College of Art and Craft, an institution dating back to 1907.

Change Coming To Public Funding For Portland Arts Groups

The new rules make community impact a bigger part of decisions for who gets funded.

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Meet Portland’s New Arts Chief, Madison Cario

A former Virginian and a Marine, Cario says the issues in Portland's arts ecosystem mirror the problems plaguing the entire city.

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Cartoonist Anders Nilsen’s Parables Of Life And Longing

Anders Nilsen's comics take on incredibly weighty issues with subtle humor and deep-rooted humanity.

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FisherPoets Best Of 2018 | Kelli Schaefer | Anders Nilsen

Ever found yourself in a room full of people, feeling totally and overwhelmingly alone? Don’t worry — there’s art for that. This week, we take a look at how local artists are exploring the meaning of longing and connection.

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La Grande's Granada Theatre Severs Ties To Eastern Oregon Film Fest

Downtown La Grande's main movie venue, the Granada Theatre, has hosted Eastern Oregon Film Festival screenings for nine years.

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Mary Oliver | Claudia Rankine | The Mayo House | Mia Zara And ‘No Candy’ | Julia Oldham

There’s no one way to persevere. When the going gets tough, we’ve each got to figure out our own ways to endure. This week, stories of survival.