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April Baer

April Baer hosts the weekly radio arts show, "State of Wonder," at Oregon Public Broadcasting, covering how art is made and consumed. Prior to this assignment, she worked as a reporter and was the local host of "Morning Edition" at OPB

Before coming to OPB in 2004, she worked as a studio engineer, host, reporter and occasional music host at several stations in Ohio.

She earned a degree in communications from Ohio State University.

April grew up in the Midwest and now lives in Portland.

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Esperanza Spalding’s Homecoming Week

The Oregon-born iconoclast Esperanza Spalding talks about maintaining a presence in Portland, and keeping faith while doing good.

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Creative Families | Esperanza Spalding | Kim And Jeff Kovel | Lisa And Lori Lubbesmeyer

It’s not all harmonizing around the dinner table. How creativity gets artists and their families through.

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American Fantasies: Abigail DeVille | Leni Zumas | Typhoon | Omar El Akkad

If you’ve been feeling like the lines are blurring between the America you imagined and the America we all live with, take a listen. We found some incredible artists and writer addressing the magical thinking, fantasies, and illusions that shaped our world.

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Artist Abigail DeVille’s Critique Of The American Paradox

Abigail DeVille’s mammoth installation at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art centers around the lost histories and displaced citizens of the United States.

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Oregon Art Schools PNCA And OCAC Vote To Merge

The union of two storied arts colleges in Portland is the latest sign of consolidation in higher education.

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Guest Curator Fabi Reyna | Women Of Color In Music | Esperanza Spalding | Ear Trumpet Labs | Catalinbread

This week we’re handing over the keys for "State of Wonder" to guitarist and publisher, Fabi Reyna. She's the creator of the guitar magazine She Shreds.

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How Fabi Reyna Re-Tuned The Guitar Industry In 5 Short Years

She's just your basic industry-changing, magazine-publishing CEO of her own burgeoning media empire.

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Paul Allen Remembered For Contributions To the Arts

Audiences in every corner of the Northwest benefited from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's giving. Allen died Oct. 15.

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I Did It My Way: Prentice Onayemi | S1 | Debra Granik And Anne Rosellini | Chanti Darling

How do you get it all done? You’re one person, maybe you have all this desire to do something but none of the knowledge or the connections. This week, we speak with a few artists who got things done their way. 

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How Filmmakers Debra Granik And Anne Rosellini Are Thriving

The director-producer team behind “Leave No Trace” and “Winter’s Bone” talk about their path and process.

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Into The Vault With Chanti Darling

The debut album, “RNB Vol. 1” is all warmth and joy and electro-soul.

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Oregon Animation Icon Will Vinton Dead At 70

Will Vinton's influential work in claymation launched the careers of countless other animators and film professionals.

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Slippery Slide? Smith Accuses Hardesty Of Below-The-Belt Power Play

About halfway through Monday night’s candidate forum for the arts, a seemingly softball question led to an exchange that became the latest flashpoint in the campaign.

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Virtually Unlimited | Kristen Lucas | Darcelle XV | SERA Architects | Crystal Rutland

Virtual reality may not quite be the tech that all the kids are doing these day, but there are entire communities interacting in VR worlds.

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Narrative In Virtual Reality: Oregon Studios Head For Next Level

Several content makers in the region are working on vanguard films and animations made to be experienced in virtual reality. Now, if only the market would catch up.

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Music Critic Jessica Hopper On Life, Death And Gentrification

Jessica Hopper has written about some of the most compelling music of the past two decades. Central to her work: her relationship with Chicago.

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Life, Death And Punk With Jessica Hopper | Comics Artist Anders Nilsen

The firebrand music critic has a new memoir, chronicling the formative time she spent in a gentrifying Chicago in the mid 2000's.

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New Portland Music Advocacy Group To Lobby For Businesses, Artists

An advocacy group called MusicPortland kicks off with an ambitious to-do list intended to unite many music communities.

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Oregon Symphony Dazzles, Startles With Oratorio On Homelessness

Composer Gabriel Kahane's "emergency shelter intake form" moves the ensemble into a new conversation with the community.