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Claudia Meza

Claudia Meza produces and co-hosts the weekly arts radio program "State of Wonder" at OPB.

She spent most of her 20s in vans, touring the country, playing in bands, learning every possible way she could fall asleep in an upright position. She attended The Evergreen State College where she studied lab sciences, music composition and digital media. Right after college, she worked as a lab analyst for the state of Washington and then the city of Portland in Oregon. From then until now she’s worked mainly in advertising and in film and television production.

Her interests include watching baseball, soccer and taking pictures of herself with cute dogs that she finds in her daily travels. This is not her dog.

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Recent Articles

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Florists Rescue Their Spring Blooms For Public Installations During Pandemic

That followed Gov. Kate Brown's recent stay-at-home order due to the spread of COVID-19 that forced many of Oregon's local flower shops to temporarily close. 

News | Entertainment | Business | Arts | local | Nation

Will Alternative Newspapers Survive the Pandemic?

How are the alternative weekly papers weathering the pandemic?

Entertainment | Recreation | NW Life | Business | Arts | local

For The Love Of Motorcycles: Renowned Portland Show Grows From The Ground Up

The One Motorcycle Show in Portland started as an outsider's motorcycle show designed by people who appreciated bikes as art. It's grown into a world-class motorcycle celebration.

Entertainment | Arts | local | Music | NW Life | Sessions

Marisa Anderson - Pure Form

Filmed at rustic Suttle Lodge, the guitar master performs “Lament" and walks us through her evolution as a player and composer.

Entertainment | Arts | local

Portland Tattoo Artist Competing In Reality Show 'Ink Master'

But on Tuesday, Jan. 7, Bob Jones will be one in a team of five, representing the West Side in the world premiere of Paramount Networks, “Ink Master: Turf War."

Entertainment | Arts | local | Music

Batman Returns Returns: Now With Christmas

Austin, Portland and Gotham, three weird sister cities that are all connected by the surprising amount of people who like to wear costumes in public. And now we also share a musical. 

Arts | local | Music

The Life and Music of Portland Musician Lauren K. Newman

Portland musician and recording engineer Lauren K. Newman passed away this week at the age of 41 after many years of health struggles.

Books | Arts | local | Recreation | Entertainment

Nicole Georges' Rumspringa: How A Portland Artist Is Finding Opportunity In LA

Writer, illustrator, podcaster and storyteller Nicole Georges relocated to Los Angeles from Portland to upscale her prolific career. She shows us around in her new city.

Books | Arts | local | State of Wonder

Portland Book Festival | Tommy Orange | Trevino Brings Plenty

A New York Times best-selling author talks about his astounding debut novel that features a constellation of Native American people living a contemporary urban experience.

Arts | local | State of Wonder

Caitlin Weierhauser | Looking Back At OCAC Closure | Preserving Creative Space

Some favorite listens: the curtain call for a 112-year craft institution and the battlefront for affordable arts space in Portland. Also: One comedian interrogates who the laughs are for.

Arts | local | Music | State of Wonder

Rebroadcast: Helado Negro | Saloli | Malheur Refuge Symphony | Pendleton’s String Education Program

How music moves us. Stories about composers' musical interface with the past, interpretations of our present and instructing players of the future through song.

Arts | local | State of Wonder

Margaret Atwood & Ursula K. Le Guin | Nilufer Yanya | OK Theater’s 100th Anniversary

What gets us through those uncertain moments? The speculative story? The daring album concept? The strenuous film shoot? The risky venture? RESOLVE. This week: square-jawed stories from tenacious creators.

Forestry | NW Life | Health | History | Arts | local | Nation | State of Wonder

Ken Burns’ Country Music | Women Who Skate | Grand Ronde’s Global Youth Gathering | Pass The Mic

American experiences. Unexpected appearances. Generational healing. Wonders never cease.

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Ruth E. Carter | THING Music Festival | ASL In The Arts

Innovators and icons do things differently. This week we hear stories from a few people changing the game in their field.

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From The Archives: Guest Curators Kelly Sue DeConnick And Matt Fraction

Smash all comics industry models. A guest-curated episode from September 2014.

Books | Arts | local | State of Wonder

Emilly Prado | Michelle Ruiz Keil | Tehlor Kay Mejia

As much as we may try, we can never leave our younger selves in the dust. This week, three writers mine from their own childhoods to create some powerful storytelling.

Books | Arts | Music | Nation | State of Wonder

Molly Gloss | Holland Andrews | Behind The Bullet

This week: interviews and stories from places of devastation and salvation — and all the spots in between.

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W.E.B. Du Bois’ Data Visualization | Maria Semple | Open Signal | Head Cleaner | The Nude Party

This week we explore hard truths but also talk with artists who keep us hopeful for the future.

Arts | local | State of Wonder

Dom Flemons | Bundyville | Roger Guenveur Smith | Low Bar Chorale | Las Chuntá

A 100% fun and safe episode, all about people in precarious situations.