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Claudia Meza

Claudia Meza produces and co-hosts the weekly arts radio program "State of Wonder" at OPB.

She spent most of her 20s in vans, touring the country, playing in bands, learning every possible way she could fall asleep in an upright position. She attended The Evergreen State College where she studied lab sciences, music composition and digital media. Right after college, she worked as a lab analyst for the state of Washington and then the city of Portland in Oregon. From then until now she’s worked mainly in advertising and in film and television production.

Her interests include watching baseball, soccer and taking pictures of herself with cute dogs that she finds in her daily travels. This is not her dog.

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A few updates on our creative scene, some of which will get fists pumping in the air, others will leave you feeling like your team left town.

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Tales Of The Side Hustle | Amy Miller | Jodi Darby | Alicia Jo Rabins | Ro Tam | Ben Tyler

The jobs that pay money. The jobs that pay out in other ways. The jobs that make art possible, and the ones threatening to take over everything. We’re checking them all out for this week’s "State of Wonder," as we talk to artists about the work they do for love, for money, or some mix of the two.

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Marisa Anderson | Mohanad Elshieky | Bhi Bhiman

Reverberations: Three artists respond to this moment in America.

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Known for his surreal textures and dreamy vocals, wildly talented songwriter Roberto Carlos Lange joins us in our latest session.

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Helado Negro | Saloli | Malheur Refuge Symphony | Pendleton’s String Education Program

How music moves us. Stories about composers' musical interface with the past, interpretations of our present and instructing players of the future through song.

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Soul’d Out Festival | Shy Girls | Jacqueline Woodson | Raven Chacon | Oregon East Symphony | The 1491s

Sometimes, innovation isn’t about radical concepts, but fresh perspectives. This week — musicians, authors and performers who offer new takes on familiar themes.

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Colson Whitehead | Black Life Experimental Research Group | Mary Kathryn Nagle | Alex Chiu

Go beyond your textbooks. This week — artists and writers whose work is illuminating the histories that have been pushed to the margins. We might not always get it right, but it’s important we try.

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Mohsin Hamid | Terese Marie Mailhot | Mitchell S. Jackson

This week, we’re going home — wherever that is. Three contemporary writers on how their upbringing has shaped their identity and their work.

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Lindy West And 'Shrill' | Dick Dale | Morgan Parker | Tommy Pico | Kathleen Collins and 'Losing Ground'

This week, we’re digging a little deeper, looking past the surface. These are the best stories you’ve never heard.

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From the latest Avengers film to Portland’s only black-run radio station, innovation proliferates. This week, we’re exploring new horizons in the fields of comics, radio, and even public arts policy.

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Michelle Zauner Of Japanese Breakfast | Tender Table | Demian DinéYazhi´ | The Manila Sound

In the age of ephemera, fleeting tastes and snapshots can leave the most indelible experiences. Artists reflect on what endures and what satisfies.

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Y La Bamba At Type Foundry Studio

Luz Elena Mendoza talks with OPB about expressing her Mexican-American identity through songwriting. Watch her band, Y La Bamba, play a percussive and emotional set drawn from the new album, "Mujeres."

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Y La Bamba | Roman Mars | Kill Rock Stars’ Portia Sabin | Jesse Thorn

Luz Mendoza of the band Y La Bamba shares the inspiration for her new album, “Mujeres.” Plus, some of the major players in the podcasting industry on their rapidly expanding medium.

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Walidah Imarisha | Oregon’s Black Pioneers | Pontypool | Arthur Bradford With Matt Sheehy | Big News For Portland’s Art Agency

It’s funny how things change — or, rather, how things stay the same, but our perceptions of them change. This week, we’re taking a look at shifting timelines and the folks who are revising the narratives.

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FisherPoets Best Of 2018 | Kelli Schaefer | Anders Nilsen

Ever found yourself in a room full of people, feeling totally and overwhelmingly alone? Don’t worry — there’s art for that. This week, we take a look at how local artists are exploring the meaning of longing and connection.

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Mary Oliver | Claudia Rankine | The Mayo House | Mia Zara And ‘No Candy’ | Julia Oldham

There’s no one way to persevere. When the going gets tough, we’ve each got to figure out our own ways to endure. This week, stories of survival.

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Door Of The Cosmos: Sun Ra On View At Portland Art Museum

The jazz visionary gets a major exhibition, uniting the many faces of his genius, from jazz to art to philosophy.

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Sun Ra | DUG | The Space Lady | Pepper Pepper | Cherdonna Shinatra | Carla Rossi

What seems like fringe turns out to be fundamental. This week, outsider artists and their relationship to the mainstream.