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Conrad Wilson

Conrad Wilson is a reporter and producer covering criminal justice and legal affairs for OPB.

Prior to coming to OPB, he was a reporter at Minnesota Public Radio. Before that he ran the news department at an NPR affiliate in Colorado. His work has aired on "Marketplace" and NPR's "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered." He has also written for Mashable, The Oregonian, Business Week, City Pages and The Christian Science Monitor.

Conrad earned a degree in international political economics and journalism from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

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Recent Articles

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NW AGs Oppose Purdue Pharma Deal, Say Family 'Milked' Billions From Company

"Importantly, Purdue's valuation of the reported settlement does not come close to matching ours," said Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

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Oregon Justice Department Warns Supreme Court About Scrapping Unanimous Juries

Oregon Department of Justice officials said Friday that “convictions in hundreds if not thousands of cases” would be invalidated if the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the state’s unique non-unanimous jury law.

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Portland Archdiocese Settles 8 Sexual Abuse Claims Against Former Oregon Priest

The Archdiocese of Portland has agreed to settle eight claims of sexual abuse involving former North Bend priest Rev. Pius Brazauskas.

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Jefferson County Deputies Sue Clackamas County Prosecutors

Two Jefferson County Sheriff Deputies who were criminally prosecuted and acquitted last year in connection with a death in the county's jail have sued the attorneys who prosecuted them.

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ODOT Says It Doesn't Run Photos For Law Enforcement Through Facial Recognition Software

The Oregon Department of Transportation says it doesn’t run photos through its facial recognition system to help law enforcement agencies identify individuals.

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Lawsuit Claims Josephine County Sheriff's Office Fosters Harassing Culture

A lawsuit filed by a Josephine County Sheriff's Office employee outlines specific examples of sexual harassment she faced, including threats of violence and lewd text messages by a male supervisor.

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Inmate Alleges Oregon DOC Failed To Properly Care For His Amputated Leg

A former inmate filing a federal lawsuit says he badly injured his one good leg in an Oregon prison after the state Department of Corrections failed to supply a proper prosthetic for his amputated leg.

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Court Rules Washington County DA Wrongfully Struck Juror Based On Race

In a blistering ruling Wednesday, the Oregon Court of Appeals overturned the 2015 conviction of a black man because the sole black juror was wrongfully struck from the jury.

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Bill To Put Non-Unanimous Juries Before Voters Fails To Make It Out Of Oregon Legislature

Oregon House Joint Resolution 10 would have asked voters in 2020 whether criminal jury verdicts should be unanimous, as with the federal government and all other 49 states.

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Judge Says He'll Rule On Hammonds Grazing Allotments In July

On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Simon extended a  temporary restraining order until July 17 to allow for more evidence. 

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Federal Judge To Decide Hammonds' Access To Oregon Public Grazing Lands

Environmental groups are trying to block the federal government from allowing the Hammonds access to some grazing allotments near the Steens Mountains in rural southeast Oregon. 

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Judge Declines To Hold Oregon In Contempt, Orders Compliance Hearing For State Hospital

In a ruling issued Wednesday, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Mosman declined to find the state in contempt of a longstanding federal court order that dictates admissions for people with mental illnesses at the Oregon State Hospital.

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Federal Judge Defers Ruling On Oregon State Psychiatric Hospital

A federal judge in Portland said Tuesday he will rule soon in a case against the Oregon State Hospital.

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Federal Judge To Hear Arguments Over Admission Delays At State Hospital

Plaintiffs in the case say defendants with mental illness either need to be transferred from jail to the state hospital or be released from custody entirely.

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Multnomah Public Defenders Walk Out Over Caseloads, Lawmakers' Inaction

A group of public defenders in Multnomah County told OPB they're going to walk off the job starting Monday, though the walkout isn't expected to affect day-to-day courthouse operations.

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Health Authority Outlines Plan To Reduce Delays At Oregon Psychiatric Hospital

The Oregon Health Authority released a proposal Friday for how the agency will deal with the backlog of jail inmates trying to get mental health treatment at the Oregon State Hospital.

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Oregon's Largest Public Defense Group Has Stopped Taking Misdemeanor Cases

The largest public defense nonprofit in Oregon has temporarily stopped taking misdemeanor cases in Multnomah County.

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Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill Won't Seek Reelection

In a note to staff Wednesday, Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill announced he won't seek reelection.

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Oregon Lawmakers Try To Make It Harder To Send Some Inmates To State Hospital

The hope, lawmakers said, is that they can secure funding to treat people charged with low-level crimes through community-based mental health programs.

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Judge Finds Oregon State Hospital 'Willfully Violated' Court Order

A judge said Tuesday the Oregon State Hospital is in contempt of court because defendants ordered to receive treatment there instead languished in jail.