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Christmas Tree Climate | Wash. Teacher Diversity | Prepping For 'The Big One'

How can Oregon Christmas trees be adapted to a changing climate? How are plans for responding to a major earthquake changing? Also, Washington schools are becoming more diverse, but not its teachers.

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Sugar Shack Demolition | Homeless Vets | Police In Schools

Affordable housing will replace a former Portland strip club. Operation Welcome Home will use state lottery funds for veteran services. Portland Public Schools considers increasing police presence. 

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Oregon Hemp Farmers Will Benefit From 2018 Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill is close to a vote in Congress. If it passes, the bill could have a huge impact on the hemp industry in Oregon. 

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News Roundtable | Education And Trauma | Timbers

The news roundtable gives us opinions and analysis on this week's news. What can schools do to help kids who have experienced trauma at home? And tomorrow the Timbers will try to become league champions.

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Yemen | Religion & Climate Change | Columbia Sportswear

Columbia sportswear says the President's tariffs won't move manufacturing back to the states. Mercy Corps is helping with humanitarian efforts in Yemen. A local evangelical group is sending a policy paper to the UN Climate Change summit.

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Crabber Lawsuit | Independent Party | Mars InSight Mission

Crabbers in California and Oregon are suing fossil fuel companies. An OSU professor offered expertise to NASA's Mars InSight mission. And we talk about the future of the Independent Party of Oregon. 

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Psychiatric Board | Transgender Healthcare | Young Inventors

Some people found criminally insane in Oregon attack again when released from care. Central Oregon hospitals work to improve transgender healthcare. And, we talk to two young people who won national recognition for their scientific inventions.

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Blockchain | A Christmas Tree's Journey | Family Of Criminals

We get a lesson in blockchain and check in with the Oregon Christmas tree that's heading to the U.S. capitol. And, we sit down with journalist Fox Butterfield to learn about an Oregon crime family.

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Border Cannabis | Non-Unanimous Juries | WWI In Oregon

Voters in Ontario, Oregon, have said yes to recreational cannabis, right on the border with Idaho. Oregon is now the only state where someone can be convicted by a non-unanimous jury. And what can WWI teach us about today?

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Kids First Project | Impacts Of Science | Rape Kit Backlog

The founder of a Portland nonprofit is nationally recognized. OSU collaborates on a center to focus on the social impacts of science. Oregon recently cleared its backlog of more than 5,000 rape kits. 

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What The Midterms Could Mean For Oregon’s Delegation

Changes to the balance of power in Washington, D.C., could shift the priorities of Oregon's congressional delegation. 

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Talking Business | Disability Rights Oregon Director | Animal Rescue

A Washougal woman saves troubled animals. How has Oregon changed for people with disabilities in the last two decades? And we catch up on the latest regional business news.

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Synagogue Shooting | Treaty Conference | Portland E-Scooters

We talk about this weekend's deadly synagogue shooting; a conference at the Museum of Warm Springs that honored an 1855 treaty; and Portland's experiment with e-scooters.

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No One Is Running For Mayor In Gates, Oregon

Gates, Oregon, a city with fewer than 500 people, struggles to find residents to run for public office.

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Moral Therapy | Gates Elections | Mental Health | Rugby

Cognitive behavioral therapy comes to the federal justice system. No one is running to fill empty elected seats in Gates, Oregon. And an OHSU nursing student will play on the national rugby team.

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Proposed Protest Ordinance | Endorsement Roundtable | Pizza City

We talk about the constitutionality of "time, place, and manner" restrictions on speech. Also, is Portland a great pizza city? Also, newspaper editors from around the state tell us how they chose to endorse candidates and measures.

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Washington Clean Energy Bill | UO And Nike

A new book explores the relationship between Nike and the University of Oregon. Also, a climate initiative on the ballot in Washington would be the first of its kind in the country.

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News Roundtable | Bend Mayoral Race | Emergency Care Bias

A new study finds racial minorities receive lower quality care from Oregon emergency responders. Also, Bend will elect a mayor for the first time in recent history. And we get opinions and analysis on the week's biggest news.

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Protest Clash | Death Penalty | Clean Energy Initiative

Right-wing and left-wing groups clash in Portland. The Washington state supreme court abolishes the death penalty. And we hear from the campaigns for and against the Portland Clean Energy Initiative.

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Wildfire Reporting | Self-Experimentation | Carolyn Long

We hear about learning to live with the "new normal" when it comes to wildfire and what it's like to conduct psychology experiments on yourself. We also talk with the Democrat running in Washington's third Congressional district.