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Producer, Oregon Art Beat

Eric Slade

Eric Slade is an award-winning producer for Oregon Art Beat at Oregon Public Broadcasting
Prior to joining OPB, Eric worked as an independent producer for various OPB programs, including History Detectives, Art Beat and Essential Lens. He also has 15 years experience as a filmmaker in San Francisco. He produced two feature-length documentaries that won a combined eight Best Documentary awards, and a Golden Gate Award from the San Francisco International Film Festival.
Eric earned a bachelor of science from Emerson College in Boston.
Eric was born and raised in Portland.

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Street Artists Transform Portland’s Boarded Buildings

Dozens of businesses in Portland have boarded up their storefronts during the pandemic, creating a desolate scene. But local street artists are transforming the slabs of plywood into elaborate murals.

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Oregon Movie Theaters Struggle For Survival

Movie theatres in Oregon are searching for ways to survive during the Covid 19 shutdown.

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Portland Photographer's WWII Photos Resonate Amid Today's COVID-19 Crisis

Portland photographer Victor Jorgensen created intimate portraits of life on board Navy ships during World War II, including a series of photos on the Navy hospital ship Solace. The images resonate today.

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Oregon Art Galleries Struggle Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Oregon art galleries, closed by the pandemic, are seeking creative ways to survive.

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Coronavirus Closures Endanger Oregon's Most Prominent Arts Organizations

Two weeks ago, the Portland Center Stage 2020 season was in full swing, with productions of "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" and "9 Parts of Desire" drawing big crowds. Now those theaters sit empty. 

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Daniel Giron Can Make You Vogue

Daniel Giron is teaching Portland to vogue and creating a more beautiful, inclusive city along the way.

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Portland Painter Jeremy Okai Davis Celebrates the Pixel

Painter Jeremy Okai Davis explodes color in his paintings, highlighting the individual pixels that make up a human face.

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Nataki Garrett Presents 1st Play As Oregon Shakespeare Festival Leader

The new artistic director at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is about to give audiences a first taste of her work with the West Coast premiere of “How to Catch Creation."

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Ana Aguirre Prints Life and Death

Painter and printmaker Ana Aguirre skillfully combines bright, saturated color and intricate knife cuts to create striking celebrations of the female figure and the themes of life and death.

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Corn Husk Baskets Give Kelli Palmer A Piece of Home

Warm Springs weaver Kelli Palmer is a master of the corn husk basket, an intricate form Kelli is helping to keep alive.

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Stephen Hayes: In The Hour Before

In November of 2015 Stephen Hayes was working in his studio when he heard the news on the radio: mass shootings (and a bomb attack) had killed 130 people in Paris. 

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Singer Jimmie Herrod Commands The Stage

Portland singer Jimmie Herrod is Pink Martini's latest singing sensation, and he's commanding spontaneous standing ovations.

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Rothko: Life Beyond The Abstract

Painter Mark Rothko sold newspapers on Portland street corners, worked in his uncle’s downtown Portland clothing store, and eventually enrolled at Lincoln High School, where he excelled. 

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Minor White Captures The Ornate Beauty Of Portland's Past

Images captured by photographer Minor White in the late 1930s are the only remaining connection to the ornately decorated cast-iron buildings that once lined the streets of Portland.

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ShadowMachine Embraces Portland's Animation Talent

Awarding-winning ShadowMachine has set up shop in Northwest Portland. Animator Isaac Sagastume shares his story and experiences working with this Portland-based animation house.

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Portland Animation Artists Share Their Favorite Films

Some of Oregon's top animators talk about the films that inform their creations.

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The Portland DIY Clay Experiment That Changed Animation Forever

In a few short months, two Portland animators' film went from being rejected by the Northwest Film Festival to winning the Oscar for best short animated film, kicking off Oregon's animation scene in the process.

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How To Make 48 Million Facial Expressions For An Oscar-Winning Animation

At LAIKA Animation Studio, in Hillsboro, Oregon, they’ve pioneered a new way to change facial expressions with 3-D printing.

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Comics U

Ben Saunders of the University of Oregon runs the only Comics Studies concentration in the country.

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Three Portland cardistry artists stop by the OPB studio to show off their dazzling flourishes with a deck of playing cards.