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Writer/Researcher, Science & Environment

Erin Ross

Erin Ross is a writer and researcher for Oregon Public Broadcasting, specializing in science and environmental coverage. Her work also appears on "Oregon Field Guide."

Erin is a science journalist and communicator who designed and gave live presentations for science museums before transitioning to journalism. Since then, her work has appeared in national and regional publications including Axios, NPR, Nature, Science and Scientific American. Erin has been with OPB since 2018.  

Erin graduated from the Graduate Program in Science Communication at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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For People At Home With COVID-19 Symptoms, Self Care Is More Than 'Call Your Doctor'

If you think you have COVID-19, you're told to stay home and monitor your symptoms. But what does that mean? When do you need to call a doctor? 

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There's Growing Optimism About Oregon’s Readiness For COVID-19 Surge

After two weeks of drastic moves to head off a calamitous surge of coronavirus patients, Oregon health officials now say they're cautiously optimistic about avoiding some of the worst repercussions.

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Mask Crafters In Oregon Team Up To Help Medical Workers

Doctors in Oregon and across the country are facing a pandemic without adequate protection. So people are teaming up to make masks — not medical-grade, but better than the alternative.

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Oregon's COVID-19 Testing Capacity Starts Ramping Up

Oregon’s capacity to test for COVID-19 is ramping up. Providence Health & Services announced they’ve received supplies to begin testing for the disease. And the state announced a new testing contract.

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Emergency Hospital Being Set Up In Salem

Gov. Kate Brown is setting up 250 emergency hospital beds at the state fairground in Salem, in the latest measure to prepare for an increase in the number of people stricken with COVID-19.

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Todo Lo Que Necesita Saber Sobre El Coronavirus Ahora Que Es Una Pandemia

Un FAQ para esta última fase del coronavirus, ahora una pandemia mundial, una emergencia nacional y la razón por la que las escuelas están siendo cerradas y reuniones grandes están siendo canceladas.

Coronavirus Patient Surge In Oregon Prompts Joint Hospital Efforts, Delayed Medical Treatments

Officials announce a new strategy to create more hospital capacity for a growing number of coronavirus patients. It includes joint operations in the Portland area and delaying other types of care.

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Everything You Need To Know About Coronavirus Now That It’s A Pandemic

An FAQ for this latest phase of coronavirus, now a worldwide pandemic, a national emergency, and the reason schools are being closed and large gatherings are being canceled.

Communities | Health | Nation | News | World

Oregon's Healthcare System Braces For The Coronavirus Surge

Oregon's healthcare system is ill-prepared for the thousands of patients who could need hospital care as the coronavirus gets worse, clinicians and experts warn.

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A Glossary Of Coronavirus Terms, From ARDS To Zoonotic

We've compiled a list of COVID-19 jargon. It covers most of the words you'll encounter in the news and more technical writing. Because honestly, what even is an enzyme and why should we care?

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How Is The Coronavirus Impacting Your Life

Just about everyone in Oregon has a coronavirus story, and we would like to hear yours. We’re working hard to bring you the most up-to-date and reliable information on the current outbreak.

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Testing Limitations May Conceal Coronavirus Spread In Oregon

Testing limitations may hide exactly how the coronavirus is spreading in Oregon.

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Coronavirus Cases In Oregon Double, Clark County Has 1st Case

The number of presumptive positive cases of novel coronavirus in Oregon has more than doubled, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

Health | local | NW Life | News | Science

Todo Lo Que Necesita Saber Del Coronavirus (Y Otras Cosas, También)

Tenemos respuestas a sus preguntas sobre el coronavirus, incluyendo algunas que no sabías que tenías. Desde usar máscaras hasta los orígenes del virus, todo está aquí.

Health | local | News | Science

Everything You Want To Know About Coronavirus (And Other Stuff, Too)

We've got answers to your coronavirus questions, including some you didn't know you had. From wearing masks to the origins of the virus, it's all here.

NW Life | Animals | Fish & Wildlife | local | Flora and Fauna | Environment | Science

Evidence Does Not Support Hunting As A Way To Control Cougars: Study

Legal cougar hunting is held up as a way to keep pets, livestock, humans and prey animals safe. But a new study calls that logic into question.

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Clackamas County Sheriff's Department Defends Search And Rescue Changes

"When the lawsuit comes, it's coming for me," says Sheriff Craig Roberts, defending his proposal to end the county's relationship with Portland Mountain Rescue.

Animals | Flora and Fauna | Climate change | local | Health | Environment | Science | News

The Mosquito And The Northwest Orchid: A Love Story. Sort Of.

Mosquitoes don't just drink blood, they also drink nectar from flowers. Scientists think this Pacific Northwest orchid could help us develop better mosquito traps and better repellents.

Pacific Ocean | Climate change | local | Environment | Politics | Communities | Science | News

Oregon Coastal Towns Confront A Fate Tied To Antarctica's Melting Glaciers

Scientists agree that sea levels are rising. The question is: How much and how fast? That’s an important question for communities along the Oregon Coast.

Fish & Wildlife | Land | Sustainability | local | Flora and Fauna | Environment | Science | News

Oregon Plant May Be Removed From Endangered Species List

For most of the past century, scientists thought Bradshaw's lomatium was extinct. Then, it was endangered. After recovery efforts, it's slated to be removed from the endangered species list.