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Writer/Researcher, Science & Environment

Erin Ross

Erin Ross is a writer and researcher for Oregon Public Broadcasting, specializing in science and environmental coverage. Her work also appears on "Oregon Field Guide."

Erin is a science journalist and communicator who designed and gave live presentations for science museums before transitioning to journalism. Since then, her work has appeared in national and regional publications including Axios, NPR, Nature, Science and Scientific American. Erin has been with OPB since 2018.  

Erin graduated from the Graduate Program in Science Communication at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Recent Articles

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How Internet Outrage Led to A Change In Lincoln County's Face Mask Policy

Lincoln County's mask policy was intended to provide safety for people of color. But national media coverage framed it differently. That led to a backlash over race and a change in policy.

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For 7 Oregon Counties, 7 Takes On Mandatory Masks

Mask mandates are in effect in seven Oregon counties, as concerns surface about harassment directed at people of color and people with disabilities who do not wear masks. 

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OHSU To Re-Design COVID-19 Study After Complaints Of Racial Bias

OHSU is working on a new approach to studying the spread of COVID-19 after health-care experts from Oregon's communities of color raised concerns about racial bias in the project's original design.

Family | Science | Health | local | News

What To Know About COVID-19 — 3 Months After The Pandemic Reached Oregon

COVID-19 remains a threat. That hasn't changed since March, when Oregon started social distancing and things locked down. But the way we understand the coronavirus is evolving.

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Multnomah County Falling Short On Reopening Benchmarks Related to Race

Multnomah County is on its way to reopening, but there are still some benchmarks they've yet to hit. Most of them involve racial disparities in healthcare, exacerbated by COVID-19.

NW Life | local | Science | Health

OHSU's COVID-19 Study Accused Of Racial Bias

Community leaders and say the study's design could overlook people of color — who have been among the hardest-hit by COVID-19.

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What False Negatives Can Tell Us About Oregon's COVID-19 Numbers

With reports of false negatives and high death rates, it's hard to tell how accurate Oregon's COVID-19 data is. We break down all the things that could have wrong — and how they can go right.

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Contact Tracer Hiring Is A Challenge For Portland Metro Leaders

When it comes to reopening during the pandemic, one of the biggest challenges identified by elected leaders in the Portland metro area is hiring contact tracers.

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Here's How Oregon's Reopening Depends On Testing And Tracing Benchmarks

The state has established what it considers an achievable list of requirements that counties must meet to be cleared to enter the first phase of reopening. 

Economy | local | Health | News

Gov. Kate Brown Lays Out COVID-19 Testing And Contact Tracing As Keys To Reopening Oregon

The governor warned reopening Oregon wouldn’t happen all at once and would be slower than what anyone wants. But, she said, certain regions of the state could happen as soon as May 15.

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OSU Survey Plans To Track Spread Of COVID-19 In Corvallis And Beyond

Scientists with experience tracking disease want to help survey for COVID-19. A new project from Oregon State University could serve as a blueprint.

Nation | World | Science | Health | News | local

Antibody Testing Is Coming To Oregon's Coronavirus Front Lines, With Big Caveats

Antibody testing is important, but it probably won't give us an accurate enough picture of who is and who is not immune to the coronavirus because of previous exposure. It all comes down to math.

local | Science | Health | News

Oregon Antibody Study Plans To Answer Big Questions About COVID-19

There are some big  questions about COVID-19: If you get it, can you get it again? How long does immunity last? Will a vaccine work? A new study in Portland hopes to answer those questions.

local | Science | Health | News

Rural Hospitals Face Tough Financial Times Under The Coronavirus Strain

Hospitals across Oregon have seen revenues plummet due to COVID-19. Small, rural hospitals will be hit hardest and hit first.

local | Science | Health | News

For People At Home With COVID-19 Symptoms, Self Care Is More Than 'Call Your Doctor'

If you think you have COVID-19, you're told to stay home and monitor your symptoms. But what does that mean? When do you need to call a doctor? 

Nation | World | Health | News | Family | local

There's Growing Optimism About Oregon’s Readiness For COVID-19 Surge

After two weeks of drastic moves to head off a calamitous surge of coronavirus patients, Oregon health officials now say they're cautiously optimistic about avoiding some of the worst repercussions.

NW Life | local | Health | Arts | News

Mask Crafters In Oregon Team Up To Help Medical Workers

Doctors in Oregon and across the country are facing a pandemic without adequate protection. So people are teaming up to make masks — not medical-grade, but better than the alternative.

local | Science | Health | News

Oregon's COVID-19 Testing Capacity Starts Ramping Up

Oregon’s capacity to test for COVID-19 is ramping up. Providence Health & Services announced they’ve received supplies to begin testing for the disease. And the state announced a new testing contract.

Nation | World | Health | News | NW Life | Family | local

Emergency Hospital Being Set Up In Salem

Gov. Kate Brown is setting up 250 emergency hospital beds at the state fairground in Salem, in the latest measure to prepare for an increase in the number of people stricken with COVID-19.

Nation | World | Health | News | local | Parents

Todo Lo Que Necesita Saber Sobre El Coronavirus Ahora Que Es Una Pandemia

Un FAQ para esta última fase del coronavirus, ahora una pandemia mundial, una emergencia nacional y la razón por la que las escuelas están siendo cerradas y reuniones grandes están siendo canceladas.