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Writer/Researcher, Science & Environment

Erin Ross

Erin Ross is a writer and researcher for Oregon Public Broadcasting, specializing in science and environmental coverage. Her work also appears on "Oregon Field Guide."

Erin is a science journalist and communicator who designed and gave live presentations for science museums before transitioning to journalism. Since then, her work has appeared in national and regional publications including Axios, NPR, Nature, Science and Scientific American. Erin has been with OPB since 2018.  

Erin graduated from the Graduate Program in Science Communication at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Recent Articles

Environment | Energy | News | Technology | local | Pacific Ocean

Offshore Wind Energy Looks More Promising for Oregon

Falling costs have green energy advocates once again eyeing the waters of Oregon's South Coast as a site for possible offshore wind projects.

local | History | News | Science

North America's Oldest Human Artifacts Found In Idaho

History books say humans arrived in North America via the Bering Land Bridge. North America's oldest human artifacts indicate that may not be the case.

local | History | Environment | News | Science

Many Of The West's Estuaries Have Vanished: Here's Why That Matters

More than 85% of the West Coast's estuary habitat has vanished since white settlers first arrived. What little remains is under threat from sea level rise.

local | Environment | News | Land

Residents Say Columbia Gorge Mine Violates Scenic Area Act

Residents of Washougal, Washington, say a controversial mine is disrupting their neighborhood’s peace and quiet and violating the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act.

Agriculture | local | Environment | News | Politics

Oregon (And The EPA) Failed To Ban This Toxic Pesticide

Last week, the EPA chose not to ban chlorpyrifos, a pesticide linked to brain damage in children. Oregon tried, too — but fell short.

Environment | NW Life | News | Climate change | Politics | local | Sustainability

Portland Mayor Urges Federal Support For Transit In Congressional Testimony

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler was one of five mayors invited to DC to speak before the Senate Democrats' Special Comittee on the Climate Crisis. 

local | History | Environment | News | Science

Ancient 'Hyena-Pig' Discovered To Have Once Roamed Oregon

What walks like a pig, eats like a hyena, and was the size of a large bear? Meet Oregon's first mesonychid: an ancient 'murder-cow' to haunt your nightmares.

Environment | NW Life | News | Teachers | Science | Education | local

Bones In The Schoolyard Expose Woodburn Students To Hands-On Paleontology

Forget dissecting frogs. These high school students get to excavate ancient bones, some of which are from species that have been extinct for thousands of years.

Environment | NW Life | Economy | Water | Science | local | Recreation

The Headlines That Cried Agent Orange

In a tourist town, businesses can live or die with one bad season. So when rumors of Agent Orange contaminating a lake near Joseph, Oregon started to take off, residents braced for the worst.

local | Water | Environment | News

Lab Results Show Wallowa Lake Free Of Herbicide Barrel Contaminants

Environmental officials say lab tests from northeast Oregon’s Wallowa Lake have found no detection of herbicides.

Environment | Fish & Wildlife | Flora and Fauna | News | Animals | Sustainability | local | Recreation

Are There More Cougars In Our Space Or More Of Us In Theirs?

It’s hard not to notice that cougars are making it into the news these days. Or how they’re getting there: by entering neighborhoods and putting residents on edge.

Environment | local | Water | News | Health | Science | Agriculture

1st Herbicide Barrel Removed From Oregon's Wallowa Lake

Despite initial fears about Agent Orange, the barrels seem to have been full of lake water, though the EPA is waiting for test results to confirm that the water and barrels are indeed clean.

local | Environment | News | Energy

Oregon Utility Announces Wildfire Prevention Policies In Wake Of California Tragedies

As Oregon braces for another hot and dry summer, one of its biggest utility companies has announced a new wildfire policy aimed at reducing wildfire risks across their service area.

Environment | NW Life | Water | Sustainability | local | Politics

Portland City Council Approves Funding For Superfund Cleanup Plans

A hundred years of industry polluted the Portland Harbor. Now, finally, city leaders reached an agreement to fund plans to clean it.

Business | Environment | Water | News | Politics | local

City Council Considers Proposal For Portland Harbor Cleanup Fund

The Portland Harbor Superfund site has been awaiting cleanup for a long time. The City of Portland and the state hope to create a new fund to change that.

Environment | NW Life | Communities | Water | Fish & Wildlife | Flora and Fauna | News | Animals | Sustainability | local | Pacific Ocean

The Willamette River's Struggling Fish Are Raising Environmentalists' Concerns

Steelhead and salmon struggle to survive the Willamette River Basin's high dams and slackwater reservoirs. Saving them is no easy task.

local | Environment | Climate change | News | Land

Protesters Arrested At Zenith Oil Terminal

Police arrest 11 protesters from the environmental group Extinction Rebellion Portland, which built a small garden that blocked Zenith Energy's Portland railroad terminal.

local | Environment | News | Science

Scientists Getting New Tools To Monitor The Northwest's Volcanoes

A new early warning system for the Northwest's volcanoes will equip geoscientists to get an earlier reading on eruptions and other geological activity.

Nation | Environment | Air | Communities | News | History | Climate change | Politics | local | World

Big Crowd Turns Out In Portland For Youth Climate Action Rally

Portland students joined the worldwide demonstration Friday to call on leaders to do something about climate change.

Environment | Energy | NW Life | Nation | Politics | Education | local | Election

Portland Students Prepare for Worldwide Climate Strike

Anywhere from a hundred to a few thousand students could gather outside of Portland's City Hall to protest climate change.