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Geoff Norcross

Geoff Norcross is the "Morning Edition" host at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Before coming to Oregon, he was the program director at the NPR affiliate KNAU in Flagstaff, Arizona. A 25-year radio veteran, Geoff has been on air in New York, Florida, Missouri, Illinois and West Virginia. He joined OPB in 2008.

Geoff has received awards from the Public Radio News Directors Inc. for Best Interview and the Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Feature Reporting as well as the Florida Associated Press Award for the Best Newscast.

Geoff graduated from Bradley University with a degree in communications.

Geoff lives in Portland with his wife. When he’s not on the air, you can find him rowing on the Willamette River, or running and biking around the southwest hills. If you get up early enough, you might catch him hiking the nearby mountains.

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Recent Articles

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Oregon POC Caucus Proposes 3 New Police Accountability Measures

Oregon State Sen. Lew Frederick said, in many ways, recent protests over the deaths of black men and women remind him of when he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. in his youth.  

local | News | Election | Health

Pandemic Hampers Outreach To Voters Who Speak Limited Or No English

The in-person events that were the heart of voter outreach efforts have been put on hold. But Multnomah County election officials are still holding office hours, as they also go virtual.

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Oregon Senators Weigh In On National Coronavirus Response

Oregon Democratic Sens. Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden spoke with OPB “Morning Edition” host Geoff Norcross about what work remains for responding to the coronavirus.

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How Are Oregon Hospitals Handling The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Last month, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown ordered hospitals to stop elective procedures to save space, protective gear and staff for an expected surge of coronavirus patients. How are hospitals adapting?

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Can Oregon's Local Newspapers Survive The Pandemic?

During the coronavirus outbreak, the hunger for news and up-to-date information has never been stronger. But in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime event, local newspapers are struggling in an already fragile industry.

local | News | Parents

Eugene Providing Free Child Care For Essential Workers

In Eugene, the city has joined with Lane County, local school districts and the Eugene Family YMCA to provide a free child care program for essential workers. 

local | Technology | News | Health

How To Check Yourself For Coronavirus Using Oregon’s New Online Tool

Health officials in the Portland metro-region have launched a free online risk-assessment tool that allows people to screen potential symptoms for COVID-19 from home.

local | News | Health

COVID-19 Concerns Dominate Calls To Emotional Support Hotlines

Clinical workers who take calls from people in crisis are facing their own emotional challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

local | News | Politics

Oregon Chief Justice Says Court Proceedings Will Continue With Health At Forefront

Oregon Chief Justice Martha Walters has ordered courthouses statewide to postpone most trials and to limit in-person court service.

Family | local | News | Health

As Senior Homes Ban Visitors, Loved Ones Seek New Ways To Connect

With older people especially vulnerable to COVID-19, many long-term care facilities have stopped allowing visitors. That’s created new challenges for residents, and for their loved ones who want to stay in touch.

local | World | News | Health

Oregon Woman Adopts Chinese Boy Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

A Medford, Oregon, couple traveled to China recently to adopt a child. The outbreak of the coronavirus complicated their quest. 

local | News | Animals | Science

New OSU Research Says Your Cat Loves You Just As Much As Your Dog

There's this idea that cats are aloof, that they rely on their owners for food and snuggles but could basically take us or leave us. Turns out that’s not true.

local | Sports | News | Nation | History

Timbers Fans Meeting With MLS Over Iron Front's Future

Major League Soccer says the Iron Front symbol is inappropriate. Timbers fans say people come to the game for more than just sports. 

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Breaking The Silence: Research Shows We Should Talk About Suicide

Media organizations have avoided talking about the public health crisis of suicide. Now new research says that's the wrong approach. 

local | News | Election

With Midterms Looming, Oregon Eyes Election Security

Since we learned that Russian hackers tried to mess with the 2016 election — including Oregon's system — election security has become a bigger deal. Oregon's elections chief says vote-by-mail helps.

local | News | Politics

1 Of Portland's Most Prominent Protestors Is Moving On

The leader of the advocacy group Portland’s Resistance is leaving his hometown. Gregory McKelvey is moving to Atlanta. But make no mistake, he plans to come back.

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Breaking Down How Oregon State Won The College World Series

The Oregon State Beavers won the College World Series Thursday, beating Arkansas 5–0. OSU won 2 games out of 3 against the Razorbacks.

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'OPB Politics Now': A Look Ahead At 2018

Who will be Oregon’s next governor? Should any Congressional representatives worry about midterm elections? Will Oregon highways get tolls?

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'OPB Politics Now': The Politics Of Train Travel

We discuss the political fallout from Monday's deadly Amtrak crash near Tacoma, Washington, and how the GOP tax bill will affect Oregonians.

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'OPB Politics Now': Vera Katz’s Legacy, Wheeler’s Handling Of Homelessness

Host Julie Sabatier is joined by OPB news director Anna Griffin and senior political reporter Jeff Mapes, and Dirk VanderHart of the Portland Mercury.