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Ian McCluskey

Ian McCluskey is a seventh generation Oregonian and avid outdoor enthusiast (despite once having been hit by lightning). He loves skiing, river running, backpacking, and exploring Oregon’s wild and remote places.

Before coming to OPB, Ian founded the arts nonprofit NW Documentary. For more than a decade, he created original documentaries and his work has earned more than a dozen national awards — including several Emmys — and has been toured internationally by the leading outdoor film festivals including: Banff, Mountainfilm in Telluride, and the Wild and Scenic Film Festival.

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Recent Articles

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Last Call: Tracking The Sound Of The Spotted Owl's Extinction

The spotted owl changed the fate of Northwest forests in the summer of 1990. Thirty years later, what hope, if any, do biologists hold for the fate of the spotted owl?

local | History | News

Timberline Lodge's Hand-Forged Legacy

Darryl Nelson carries on tradition as Timberline Lodge’s third-generation blacksmith.  

Miss Dish And The Volcano

When Mount St. Helens reopened to climbers after its historic eruption, a woman in a red chiffon dress and pillbox hat changed the face of Northwest mountaineering forever.

Science | History | News | Nation | NW Life

When Portland Went On Lockdown: How Oregon Reacted To The Pandemic Of 1918

Social distancing. Home quarantines. Schools closed. Public events canceled. It happened in Portland before. What we did right (and wrong) might help us now.

Health | Recreation | News | Environment | local

The Mountains Are Calling, But Should You Go?

Popular hiking trails and campgrounds have closed due to coronavirus, causing a recent surge in outdoor recreationalists heading to more remote backcountry areas. This has rescuers concerned. 

local | Entertainment | Sports | Arts

Mount Bachelor's Adaptive Skiing Offers Access To All

Adaptive skiers and volunteers come together on central Oregon's Mount Bachelor to help remove barriers and make skiing accessible to people with disabilities.

Animals | Recreation | News | NW Life | local

Racing Sled Dogs In Oregon's Eagle Cap Extreme

Morgan Anderson grew up watching Oregon's most-challenging dog sled race. Now she's ready to run her team of huskies in Oregon's rugged Wallowa Mountains for the annual Eagle Cap Extreme.

NW Life | History | Education | Transportation | local | Family

Model T Driving School In Hood River Sends Students Back To The Past

A little-known Oregon museum houses one of America's largest collections of antique planes and automobiles.  And best of all, you can take some of their collection out on a test drive.

NW Life | Flora and Fauna | Fish & Wildlife | History | Environment | local | Water | Recreation

Running Oregon's Wild And Scenic Rogue River In A Classic Way

Wooden drift boats are works of art. So why take one down the rocky Rogue River?

local | History | Environment | NW Life | Recreation

Turns Earned: Saving Mount Hood's Historic Backcountry Ski Cabin

Some remote cabins are for solo retreats – not this one. Staying at Tilly Jane A-Frame is a shared experience. And sharing it has saved it.

NW Life | Flora and Fauna | Fish & Wildlife | Animals | Science | Environment | Land | local

Half Mystery, Half Magic: In Search Of Great Grey Owls

Nicknamed the "ghosts of the forest," great grey owls are elusive. Photographer Ken Shults is on a quest to find and photograph these elegant owls.

NW Life | History | Environment | Land | local | News

Last Visit: A Personal Tour Of Oregon's Iconic Nelson House

A final look at Oregon's most photographed homestead.

NW Life | Science | Flora and Fauna | Fish & Wildlife | Animals | Land use | Environment | Land | local | News

Umatilla's Owl Man Is Bringing Burrowing Owls Back From The Brink

A decommissioned chemical weapons depot and a lone biologist might be the last hope for a population of burrowing owls.

Forestry | NW Life | Flora and Fauna | Environment | local | Recreation

A Couple’s Labor Of Love Keeps Wilderness Trails Open For Others

After wildland fires destroyed the trails of a little-known wilderness, people said they'd never be rebuilt. One young couple refused to accept that answer.

local | Environment | NW Life | Recreation

Backcountry Huts Draw Skiers Into A 3-Day Three Sisters Adventure

Three beginning skiers take on a 22-mile trek through the Three Sisters backcountry. A unique hut system makes this three-day trip attainable, safer and certainly more comfortable.

local | History | Environment | Recreation

Wild Totality: Capturing The Solar Eclipse From A Cascade Peak

On the anniversary of the total solar eclipse, "Oregon Field Guide" looks back at a once-in-a-lifetime assignment.

NW Life | History | Environment | Land | local | Agriculture | News

End Of An Icon: Historic Nelson House Burned In Substation Fire

For years it stood alone, tucked into a hollow on the high plains of Oregon. Now it's gone. Oregon lost the iconic Charles Nelson House to the ongoing Substation Fire.

History | Communities | NW Life | Oregon Field Guide

A Turning Of Seasons At Alpha Farm

A commune from a colorful era hangs on deep in the Coastal Mountains

Land use | History | Sustainability | Environment | Land | local | Oregon Field Guide

Legacy Of A View: The Secret Story Of The Shire

How an architect, an activist and a curious piece of land saved the Columbia River Gorge.

Animals | Food | NW Life | local | Oregon Field Guide

Truffle Dogs Sniff Out Culinary Gold In Oregon Forests

With the help of dogs, the Oregon Truffle Festival is elevating the international reputation of Oregon truffles.