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Isabel Zacharias


Isabel Zacharias is a DJ, writer and musician from Kansas. She obtained a BA in journalism with minors in music and creative writing from the University of Oregon, where she was a host on campus radio station KWVA and edited the Oregon Voice, UO’s arts and culture magazine. Her narrative journalism has appeared in Willamette Week, Oregon Quarterly, About Face and Eugene Weekly; other powers include sitting-thinking, humming-strumming, bad yoga and this double-jointed thing with her knees.

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KMHD's 2018 PDX Jazz Festival Guide

KMHD staff breaks down this year's PDX Jazz Fest schedule day-by-day with our must-sees and top recommendations for any taste.

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Christian Scott's Centennial Trilogy Is A Masterpiece

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah's Centennial Trilogy, a three-album series celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the first recorded jazz, quietly took up space throughout 2017. Just as quietly, though, it foundationally disrupted and re-defined contemporary definitions of "jazz."

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KMHD's Top 10 Jazz Albums Of 2017

Here at KMHD, we listened to an incredible volume of amazing music in 2017. It’s been a year of releases that remind us why this sound is so important — it uplifts, inspires, reflects and makes space for honesty.

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KMHD's Top Singles Of 2017

In jazz, single cuts can contain a dimensionality and completeness that takes pop music a whole album to achieve.  And, as we witness a transition from albums to singles as the primary format for new music releases - a top singles list is essential.

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Christian Scott's 'Stretch Music' Is Unmistakably His

The New Orleans-born artist calls his work "stretch music" rather than jazz, but his ability to draw together disparate musical traditions connects him to one of jazz's greatest players, Miles Davis.

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An Interview with GoGo Penguin

Listen to an interview with GoGo Penguin pianist Chris Illingworth ahead of the band's performance with the Mattson 2 at Portland's Star Theater.

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Sidewalk Chalk: Soundcheck Session

The Chicago band plays a soundcheck session at Portland's newest basement venue, Jack London Revue