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Senior Political Reporter

Jeff Mapes

Jeff Mapes is a senior political reporter at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Previously, Jeff covered state and national politics for The Oregonian for nearly 32 years. He has covered numerous presidential, congressional, gubernatorial and ballot measure campaigns, as well as many sessions of the Legislature, stretching back to 1985.

Jeff graduated from San Jose State University with a B.A. in journalism.

An avid bike commuter, Jeff is the author of the 2009 book, "Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities."

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Recent Articles

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National Group Looking At Ballot Measure To Decriminalize All Drugs In Oregon

The Drug Policy Alliance, which has long argued that the war on drugs is a failure, has filed a decriminalization measure for the 2020 ballot in Oregon.

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Oregon DMV Shares Alternatives Ahead Of Real ID Licensing Launch

Real ID licenses will be available in Oregon next July, and there could be a lot of demand for them because federal airport screeners will no longer accept non-Real ID licenses from airline passengers starting in October of 2020.  

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Legislative Actions Could Chip Away At Oregon's Landmark Voter Registration System

Oregon officials are scrambling to protect the state's automatic voter registration system in the face of a new law that could reduce the number of people registered using DMV data.

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'OPB Politics Now:' The Start Of Campaign Season

It’s Labor Day weekend, otherwise known as the ceremonial start of the upcoming campaign year.

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Walden Acknowledges Wrongly Describing Gun Bill In Media Interview

The eastern Oregon congressman says he misspoke when discussing the problems with a House-passed bill aimed at expanding background checks for gun purchases.

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'OPB Politics Now': Kate Brown Keeps Raising Cash, But Why?

On this week's show, we look at Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's continuing fundraising and explain why she's still collecting donations. 

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Walden Says Little About Gun Legislation After El Paso, Dayton Shootings

Oregon Rep. Greg Walden will make his first public appearances since the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton when he holds five town halls in his district next week.

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Oregon Governor Reaps $120,000 Fundraising Haul From Business Donors

Despite her differences with many in the business community, Democratic Oregon Gov. Kate Brown managed to raise $120,000 this month from business donors.

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With Micromobility, Tech Sparks Nimble Innovations In Transportation

Micromobility is the idea that new technology – including smartphones and more efficient batteries – is sparking a big jump in small, nimble vehicles suited for increasingly crowded city streets.

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'OPB Politics Now': Fallout From The 2019 Oregon Legislative Session

It feels like the Oregon legislative session just ended, but we are already seeing the fallout from some of the laws that passed. 

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Oregon Public Employee Unions Sue To Overturn New Law Aimed At Reducing Pension Debt

Oregon’s public employee unions filed a lawsuit Friday seeking to overturn the new law that requires state and local government workers to help pay some of the costs of reducing the multi-billion-dollar public pension debt.

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Oregon State Representative Takes Job With Anti-Union Group

Oregon state Rep. Mike Nearman said Wednesday that he will keep his legislative job while working for the Freedom Foundation.

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US Sen. Ted Cruz Escalates Political Battle With Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz wants a federal investigation of Antifa — and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. 

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Blumenauer Partners With Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez On Climate Resolution

The resolution calls for a massive national mobilization to combat climate change.

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Oregon Strikes Exclusive Single-Family Zoning, But Effects May Take Years

The Oregon Legislature made the state the first to move away from single-family zoning. But it could be many years before the law has much impact in the state's urban neighborhoods.

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Campaign Finance Limits On Track To Oregon Ballot

The Oregon Legislature took a big step this weekend toward allowing the state to curb the flow of unlimited money into political campaigns.

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OPB Politics Now: The Wild, Weird 2019 Oregon Legislature

On a special episode of OPB Politics Now, we’ll look at how the 2019 legislature has changed life for Oregonians. 

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'OPB Politics Now:' Republicans Walk Out, Again

Senate Republicans staged another walkout in the Oregon Legislature this week. And things quickly turned tense.

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Landmark Oregon Housing Measure Inches Closer To Passage

The landmark measure sailed through the state House on a bipartisan 43-16 vote and now moves to the Senate, where it could get tangled up by a walkout of Republican senators seeking to derail a major climate change bill.

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Trump Administration Abandons Plans To Close Forest Service Job Corps Centers

Oregon lawmakers were among those pressuring Trump officials to back off plans to close nine centers – including two in Oregon and Washington – and transfer 16 others to private contractors.