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Senior Political Reporter

Jeff Mapes

Jeff Mapes is a senior political reporter at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Previously, Jeff covered state and national politics for The Oregonian for nearly 32 years. He has covered numerous presidential, congressional, gubernatorial and ballot measure campaigns, as well as many sessions of the Legislature, stretching back to 1985.

Jeff graduated from San Jose State University with a B.A. in journalism.

An avid bike commuter, Jeff is the author of the 2009 book, "Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities."

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Recent Articles

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Oregon Business Tax Breaks Would Mostly Flow To Top Earners

The top 5 percent of Oregon taxpayers with business income would get 61 percent of the benefits of a controversial tax break, according to state tax experts.

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Oregon Tax Bill Produces Political Dilemma For Gov. Kate Brown

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is weighing whether to sign or veto a bill that would cut off new tax benefits for thousands of small businesses.

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Judge: Multnomah County Limit On Campaign Donations Unconstitutional

Multnomah County Judge Eric Bloch says the voter-approved law placing a $500 limit on donations to candidates for county office violates the state constitution.

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Oregon Attracts Lots Of Political Candidates For May's Primary

The deadline for filing for major political office in Oregon passed Tuesday with no major surprises.

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'OPB Politics Now:' The Legislature Adjourns, The Republicans Meet

On this special Monday edition, we wrap up the highlights and surprises of the 2018 legislative session. And we examine the state of the Oregon Republican Party after the annual Dorchester Conference. 

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Underdog In Oregon Governor's Race Wins GOP Straw Poll

Former naval aviator Greg Wooldridge won the gubernatorial straw poll at the annual Dorchester Conference, defeating Rep. Knute Buehler of Bend.

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Oregon Rep. Greg Walden Says He Is Open To Tighter Gun Laws

Oregon's only Republican congressman says he is interested in a federal version of state laws that allow judges to remove guns from the home of someone who appears at imminent risk of violence.

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‘OPB Politics Now:’ Crunch Time In The Oregon Legislature

Oregon lawmakers are rushing toward adjourning the 2018 session, so the OPB politics team is taking a last-minute look at the prospects for several of the major bills still in the pipeline. 

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Big Retailers Spend $1.3 Million To Stop Grocery Taxes In Oregon

The Northwest Grocery Association says it is now going full speed on a proposed constitution amendment that would prevent new taxes on the sales of groceries.

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Oregon Democrats Push Ahead Business Taxes Over GOP Objections

Democrats pushed two business tax bills through the Oregon House Revenue Committee over the objections of Republicans.

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Oregon May Not Actually Face Budget Hole From Federal Tax Changes

A new Oregon economic forecast is changing the politics of taxation at the state Legislature.

‘OPB Politics Now:’ Examining The Proposal That Would Make Health Care A Right In Oregon

As the resolution heads to the Senate, OPB Politics Now looks at both the policy and the politics of the “health care for all” measure. 

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Potential Corporate Tax Windfall Could Help With Oregon Pension Debt

The Oregon Senate has passed a measure that could produce a one-time $140 million windfall in corporate taxes for the state. 

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Once Again, Congress Fails To Close Deal On Wildfire Legislation

Lawmakers remain hung up over how to manage forests to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires — and  how to pay for fighting these blazes.

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Ray Baum, Former Oregon Legislator And Utility Commissioner, Dies At 62

Ray Baum, a former Oregon legislator and utility commissioner, was serving as a top congressional aide in Washington when he died.

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'OPB Politics Now': Addressing Climate Change In The Northwest

This week on "OPB Politics Now," we’ll discuss the policies both Oregon and Washington are considering to tackle climate change at the state level.

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Oregon Rep. Greg Walden's Committee Chairmanship Gives Him Big Fundraising Boost

The Republican Congressman from Hood River raised $3 million in 2017, almost twice what he had raised the year before.

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Poll Shows Gov. Kate Brown Early Lead Over Republican Knute Buehler

A new poll taken for OPB shows that most Oregonians know very little about GOP gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler.

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Federal Tax Cut Leaves Oregon With Its Own Budget Hole

If state legislators don't act in the next session, Oregon faces a budget hole of around $200 million because of the federal tax cut.

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'OPB Politics Now': Oregon Legislature Short Session

Oregon legislators will be starting a short session, which is held in even years. We talk about what’s on the agenda in the latest episode of "OPB Politics Now."