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Jenn Chavez

Jenn Chavez is an announcer with Oregon Public Broadcasting.
Jenn has been making radio in Portland for nearly a decade. Most recently, she hosted and produced the local news radio show “The Five Quadrants of Portland” on XRAY-FM, reporting on issues impacting underrepresented communities. Since joining OPB, she has also served as a producer for “Think Out Loud.”
She has a BA in literature and writing from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She spent her younger days as a film-nerdy video store clerk, and remains a source of unsolicited movie recommendations.

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From TikTok To '80s Rock: Teens Walk Us Through What They’re Listening To

Two Oregon teens talk about discovering new bands, shaping their own musical taste, and how the pandemic has or hasn't changed their listening habits. 

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For People Living With HIV, A New Public Health Crisis In COVID-19

Many essential services for people living with HIV have shifted from in-person to virtual. The head of the Cascade AIDS Project tells OPB about supporting people with HIV amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Side Hustle Of A Laid-Off Baker Is Bringing Joy During Pandemic

Like most food service folks in Oregon, Serena Zendejas lost her job when the pandemic started. But she didn't stop baking. Instead, she turned her skills into a side hustle.

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What Does Trump's 60-Day Immigration Ban Mean For Oregon?

How could President Trump's 60-day ban on immigration impact immigrants living in Oregon?

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50 Years Later: Violent Clashes Between Anti-War Students And Portland Police

It's been 50 years since the Ohio National Guard shot dead four demonstrators at Kent State University, setting off a national wave of Vietnam War protests that reached Portland.

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From Concept Albums To Hee Haw, An Education In Country Music

Patterson Hood uses his encyclopedic knowledge of classic country music to help us take a deep dive into the genre. 

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A Miracle Kidney Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Last month, OPB spoke with immunocompromised Portlander Halle Williams about the challenges of navigating the pandemic. Williams joined OPB again for an update: they've received a kidney transplant!

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OSU Master Gardeners Offer Tips As People Plant Pandemic Patches

OSU's Master Gardener Program sees an explosion of interest as the pandemic prompts people to grown their own food. 

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Concerns About Hospitals Prompt Rise In Calls To Midwives

As the COVID-19 pandemic makes expecting parents nervous about hospital care, many are considering midwives for the first time.

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How Are People Dealing With COVID-19 Stress? Likely With A New Pet.

Many animal shelters have seen a surge of public interest in pet fostering and permanent adoption — including the Oregon Humane Society, which operates one of the largest shelters on the West Coast.

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Oregon Zoo Welcomes First California Condor Chick Of The Year

This month, the Oregon Zoo welcomed the first California condor chick of 2020.

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Restaurateur Kurt Huffman On The Impossible Choice Facing Food Industry

ChefStable restaurant group closed up shop over the weekend, even before the Oregon governor banned seated dining. 

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The Life And Legacy Of Portland Music Promoter Mike Thrasher

A look back at the life and impact of Portland music promoter Mike Thrasher. 

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Oregon Health Authority Official On Tracking Coronavirus Spread

The Oregon Health Authority says as of Wednesday, there are three confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Oregon.

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Salem Education Reporter Reflects On Her Own Risk Assessment At Age 13

Rachel Alexander, an education reporter in Salem, talks about being suspended in middle school after an offhand comment triggered a risk assessment. 

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Oregon Senators Support Revoking Wounded Knee Massacre Medals

Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon talks about legislation to revoke medals of honor given to U.S. soldiers after the Wounded Knee massacre. 

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Portland Nonprofit Bomberos Latinos Trains Latin American Firefighters

For 20 years, a Portland-based nonprofit has been donating equipment and providing Spanish-language fire and rescue training to bomberos (firefighters) in Mexcio and throughout Latin America.

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Incarcerated Women Help Recover Rare Northwest Butterfly Species

The lab is inside Oregon's women's prison, Coffee Creek, and is staffed by inmates there.

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W.E.B. Du Bois' Depictions Of Black Life In 1900 On Display In Portland

An exhibit at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris, led by W.E.B. Du Bois, portrayed the first post-slavery generation of black Americans. Today, selected works are on display at the Portland Art Museum.

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'Oregon Lava On The Moon!' How A Bend Man Got It There

In the 1960s, NASA sent Apollo astronauts to train on Central Oregon's lava. One took a piece of Oregon with him to the moon, thanks to Bend resident Floyd Watson.