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Iannarone Wants Fewer Cars In Portland

Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone discusses her vision for a more accessible Portland and hopes for a lower carbon footprint.

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Lents Active Watch: Neighbors Try To Understand Homelessness

Think Out Loud host Dave Miller tours a former wildlife refuge in Lents with neighborhood activists.

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Toxics Test Results | Portland Mayoral Candidate Sarah Iannarone | Washington County Homelessness

We about the latest test results for toxic chemicals in Portland. We meet Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone and discuss Washington county's lack of affordable housing.

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Portland Mayoral Candidate Ted Wheeler Wants To Stop Gentrification

Portland mayoral candidate Ted Wheeler discussed his plans to fix Portland's gentrification of minority communities on Think Out Loud.

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Westminster Dog Show Breeder | Portland's Chinese-American History | Environmental Update

We meet a Westminster prize-winning dog breeder, learn the history of Portland's Chinese-American community, and discuss the latest environmental news.

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News Roundtable: February 26 | New Normal For Harney County | Preventing Sexual Assault

We analyze some of this week's big stories with our news roundtable. OPB reporter Amanda Peacher tells us what she's seen after revisiting Harney County, post-occupation. And we hear about sexual assault prevention at Portland State University.

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Talking Business | Japanese-American Workers Exhibit | Robin Coste Lewis

We'll discuss the latest business news with Erik Siemers, talk about the "Uprooted" exhibit at the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center, and meet poet Robin Coste Lewis.

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Legislative Leaders On Lawmaking | Air Pollution in SE Portland

We talk with lawmakers in Salem about how the short legislation is looking. And we talk with parents, regulators and activists about air pollution hot spots in southeast Portland.

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Legislative Updates | Earthquake-Proofing Portland's Water | Irene Taylor Brodsky | Celebrating Summer Whisman

We get a legislative update from senior political reporter Jeff Mapes, learn about the Portland Water Bureau's efforts to earthquake proof Portland's water distribution system, hear about a new documentary from Irene Taylor Brodsky. We wrap up the hour with a tribute to Summer Whisman — she was featured as part of Think Out Loud's "At Home" series, and passed away earlier this week.

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Aid To Syria & Yemen | Seeking A Zika Vaccine | Laila Lalami

We hear about Mercy Corps's humanitarian efforts in Syria and Yemen, Oregon Health & Science University's search for a Zika virus cure, and novelist Laila Lalami's experience living as a Muslim in America.

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Latest From Harney County Standoff And Community Reactions

We bring you the latest news out of Harney County, where eight militants who were occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have been arrested and LeVoy Finicum was killed. We also get reaction from the community around Burns.

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Governing Chaos: Harney County Judge On The Malheur Occupation

A public administrator weighs in on how the ongoing armed occupation is affecting the community he was elected to serve.

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Portland Real Estate Company Opens Homeless Shelter

A building in downtown Portland owned by Menashe Properties will shelter roughly 100 men per night for the next three to six months.

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Week 3 In Harney County | Rehab | Affordable Housing | 'Moby Dick'

We're talking about: the armed occupation in Harney County, a new drug rehab facility in Sweet Home, a housing developer who donated property for a homeless shelter and the modern day resonance of "Moby Dick."

Environment | Think Out Loud

Parenting & The Law | Talking About Dying | Environmental Update

We talk to a law professor about her idea to create new legal requirements for parents. We hear about a series of conversations put on by Oregon Humanities around death and dying. Then we get an EarthFix update about coal and oil-by-rail.

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USFWS On Malheur | SOTU Preview | Guns At PSU | Talking Business

We talk to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which manages the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge about the occupation there. We hear from a student attending the State of the Union, talk about the appropriate role of guns on campus. And get a regular update on the most important business stories of the region.