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Jes Burns

Jes Burns is the Southern Oregon reporter for OPB's Science & Environment unit.

She previously worked for the NPR affiliate KLCC in Eugene as a reporter and the local "All Things Considered" host. Jes has also worked as an editor and producer for Free Speech Radio News and has produced reports as a freelance producer for NPR, Sirius Radio's "OutQ News" and "The Takeaway."

Jes has a degree in English literature from Duke University and a master's degree from the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communications.

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Recent Articles

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Jordan Cove LNG Plans Not Good Enough For People Or Environment, Oregon Says

Oregon agencies reviewed the economic, environmental, and social impacts of the proposed LNG export terminal and pipeline in southwest Oregon. 

Environment | Fish & Wildlife

6 New Wolf Pups Caught On Trail Cam In Central Oregon

New trail cam footage shows the pups on the Warm Springs Reservation.

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Protecting Cattle From Wolves Becomes A Community Effort In Southern Oregon

A conservation group has launched a crowd-funding campaign to build a fence around a Jackson County ranch that's been hit hard by wolves.

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Oregon Issues Beach Water Warnings Ahead Of Holiday Week

In a series of health advisories issued, beachgoers are advised not to swim, wade or even touch “creeks, pools of water on the beach, or in discolored water, and to stay clear of water runoff flowing into the ocean.

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Southern Oregon Turns Out To Weigh In On Controversial LNG Project

A sense of deja vu permeated a hearing Wednesday in Medford, where opponents and supporters of the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas project gave testimony to federal regulators. 

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Next Round Of Jordan Cove LNG Public Hearings Planned For Southwest Oregon

Federal energy regulators are asking for input on draft environmental impact findings for the proposed Jordan Cove LNG fossil fuel project.

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Change To Oregon Smoke Rules Seeing Early Results For Prescribed Burns

We’re not getting nearly enough prescribed fire on the ground to restore forests and manage the risk of severe wildfire. Oregon's new smoke rules are intended to change that trend.

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Oregon Wave Energy Testing Project Moves Forward

The Oregon State University project is designed to speed up the development of wave energy technology in the United States.

Communities | Environment | Recreation | Forestry | Science

Public Asked To Weigh In On OSU's Plan To Use Elliott State Forest For Research

Oregon State University is developing a report outlining how it could take ownership of the timberland near Coos Bay and turn it into a research forest.

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Not Enough Is Known About Smoke's Effect On Wildland Firefighters' Health

Wildland firefighters endure smoky conditions rarely experienced in communities. It’s an occupational hazard that scientists and fire agencies are just beginning to understand.

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Trump Administration To Close 2 Northwest Forest Service Job Training Centers

The Trump administration announced Friday it will close two U.S. Forest Service job training centers in Oregon and Washington. The centers provide vocational training to low-income youth.

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Oregon Governor Approves Ban On Predator Control 'Cyanide Bombs'

M-44 devices often target coyotes to reduce conflicts with livestock, but people and pets have been harmed in recent years.

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Key State Certification Denied For SW Oregon Natural Gas Export Project

Oregon environmental regulators delivered a blow to the Jordan Cove energy export project on Oregon's south coast, saying the liquefied natural gas project doesn't meet water quality standards.

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Jordan Cove Would Be Oregon's Top Carbon Polluter If Built

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission estimates that Jordan Cove would account for more than 4% of the state’s total allowed greenhouse gas under Oregon's 2020 emission reduction goals.

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Large Grid Storage Project Near Klamath Falls Gets Federal Approval

The $800 million project in southern Oregon gets the greenlight as its developers plan to start a larger, similar project in south-central Washington.

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Coos Bay Fishermen Brace For Impacts From Jordan Cove And Channel-Widening Projects

The Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas terminal and the local port's channel widening projects are both working their way through the permitting process.

Communities | Environment | Pacific Ocean | Fish & Wildlife

Salmon Fisheries Set As Managers Start Process To Protect Endangered Orcas

With fishery limits now set, attention turns to rebuilding "overfished" salmon runs and protecting Southern Resident orcas.

Environment | Forestry | Land | Science

New Technology Will Help Northwest Forest Managers Assess Wildfire Danger

The new system is being adopted by a limited number of fire agencies and national forests in time for fire season.

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Federal Judge Upholds Expansion Of The Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

A federal judge says when Barack Obama was president, he had the authority to pull designated timber production lands into the monument near Ashland.

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Oregon Aerial Pesticide Bills Get Hearings In Salem

One bill would ban aerial pesticide spraying on state lands. The other would improve notification of when sprays would happen.