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Jes Burns

Jes Burns is the Southern Oregon reporter for OPB's Science & Environment unit.

She previously worked for the NPR affiliate KLCC in Eugene as a reporter and the local "All Things Considered" host. Jes has also worked as an editor and producer for Free Speech Radio News and has produced reports as a freelance producer for NPR, Sirius Radio's "OutQ News" and "The Takeaway."

Jes has a degree in English literature from Duke University and a master's degree from the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communications.

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Recent Articles

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Oregon Governor Extends State of Emergency For 60 Days

Oregonians must have masks at the ready throughout the state with the start of July, to wear inside indoor public areas. 

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Tracing The Coronavirus Through Sewer Pipes In Oregon

Stand-alone projects testing wastewater for the coronavirus are starting to catch on nationwide — including in Oregon.

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Oregon's COVID-19 Spike Surprises, Despite Predictions Of Rising Caseloads

The COVID-19 case bump in some Oregon counties has caught some public health officials off guard, despite predictions that the number of people infected would go up as Oregon began to reopen.

Environment | Business | Science

Blue Pigment Discovered In Oregon Cleared For Broad Commercial Use

YInMn Blue was discovered in 2009 by a chemist at Oregon State University and has been licensed to Shepherd Color Company.

Environment | Land | Science

Oregon Scientists Develop A More Accurate Way To Date Past Earthquakes

Researchers offer a solution to a common problem that arises when using radiocarbon dating to determine the past activity of faults.

World | Nation | Health | Science

Oregon Primate Study Gives Hope For Post-Infection Immunity To COVID-19

One question about COVID-19 we still don’t know the answer to is if people who’ve had the disease can be re-infected.

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Oregon Set To Begin Distribution Of Experimental COVID-19 Drug

The antiviral drug remdesivir is being distributed under a federal Emergency Use Authorization to treat COVID-19.

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Here's How Oregon's Reopening Depends On Testing And Tracing Benchmarks

The state has established what it considers an achievable list of requirements that counties must meet to be cleared to enter the first phase of reopening. 

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Oregon Wave Energy Project Enters Critical Permitting Phase

Project managers hope to begin construction on the PacWave testing facility later this year.

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A New Kind Of Blue From An Oregon Research Lab

Mas Subramanian is a scientist versed in serendipity – something that factored into his discovery of the first new blue pigment since Thomas Jefferson was president. 

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FAQ: Finding A Vaccine To Beat COVID-19

When any dangerous infectious disease comes on the scene, there’s an immediate and concerted push to develop a vaccine. Here are the basics about where we are, how it’s done and where we’re going. 

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Medical Experts Urge Caution As Potential COVID-19 Treatments Surface

As more potential treatments for COVID-19 surface, experts fields of medicine and science, including a Portland physician and medical school professor, are urging caution and patience.

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Surge In Oregon's COVID-19 Testing Capacity Expected This Week

A new shipment of COVID-19 test-kit swabs, combined with new testing capacity at Oregon hospitals, will allow thousands of additional tests to be performed across the state in the next few days.

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Cómo Cambiará Su Vida, Bajo La Orden De Estadía Del Gobernadora De Oregón

Lo que necesita saber sobre el pedido de estancia en casa de Oregon. Si tu vida diaria no se había visto perturbada significativamente por la pandemia del coronavirus, ahora no habrá manera de evitarlo.

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FAQ: How Life Will Change More Under Oregon Governor's Stay-Home Order

What you need to know about Oregon's stay home order. If your day-to-day life hadn’t already been significantly disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, there’s going to be no getting around it now.

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Stay Home? Shelter-In-Place? Navigating Oregon’s And Portland’s Evolving Coronavirus Strategies

Oregon and Portland leaders are working on a new directive for Monday. Portland's mayor indicates city residents will be told to stay home. Here's what you need to know.

local | News | Science | Health

Oregon's COVID-19 Testing Capacity Starts Ramping Up

Oregon’s capacity to test for COVID-19 is ramping up. Providence Health & Services announced they’ve received supplies to begin testing for the disease. And the state announced a new testing contract.

local | News | Health

Coronavirus Test Shortages Are Undermining Oregon's Response

Every suspected coronavirus case must be tested, the World Health Organization says. But shortages of tests in Oregon and the rest of the United States are undermining efforts to stop the spread.

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Cuarentena En Oregón: Lo Que Necesita Saber

La cuarentena es ampliamente utilizada por los funcionarios de salud pública para frenar la propagación de nuevas enfermedades transmisibles. El reciente brote de coronavirus no tiene excepción.

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Oregon's Healthcare System Braces For The Coronavirus Surge

Oregon's healthcare system is ill-prepared for the thousands of patients who could need hospital care as the coronavirus gets worse, clinicians and experts warn.