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Jes Burns

Jes Burns is the Southern Oregon reporter for OPB's Science & Environment unit.

She previously worked for the NPR affiliate KLCC in Eugene as a reporter and the local "All Things Considered" host. Jes has also worked as an editor and producer for Free Speech Radio News and has produced reports as a freelance producer for NPR, Sirius Radio's "OutQ News" and "The Takeaway."

Jes has a degree in English literature from Duke University and a master's degree from the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communications.

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Recent Articles

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Medical Experts Urge Caution As Potential COVID-19 Treatments Surface

As more potential treatments for COVID-19 surface, experts fields of medicine and science, including a Portland physician and medical school professor, are urging caution and patience.

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Surge In Oregon's COVID-19 Testing Capacity Expected This Week

A new shipment of COVID-19 test-kit swabs, combined with new testing capacity at Oregon hospitals, will allow thousands of additional tests to be performed across the state in the next few days.

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Cómo Cambiará Su Vida, Bajo La Orden De Estadía Del Gobernadora De Oregón

Lo que necesita saber sobre el pedido de estancia en casa de Oregon. Si tu vida diaria no se había visto perturbada significativamente por la pandemia del coronavirus, ahora no habrá manera de evitarlo.

Business | Health | local | News

FAQ: How Life Will Change More Under Oregon Governor's Stay-Home Order

What you need to know about Oregon's stay home order. If your day-to-day life hadn’t already been significantly disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, there’s going to be no getting around it now.

Health | local | News | Science | World | Politics

Stay Home? Shelter-In-Place? Navigating Oregon’s And Portland’s Evolving Coronavirus Strategies

Oregon and Portland leaders are working on a new directive for Monday. Portland's mayor indicates city residents will be told to stay home. Here's what you need to know.

Health | Science | local | News

Oregon's COVID-19 Testing Capacity Starts Ramping Up

Oregon’s capacity to test for COVID-19 is ramping up. Providence Health & Services announced they’ve received supplies to begin testing for the disease. And the state announced a new testing contract.

Health | local | News

Coronavirus Test Shortages Are Undermining Oregon's Response

Every suspected coronavirus case must be tested, the World Health Organization says. But shortages of tests in Oregon and the rest of the United States are undermining efforts to stop the spread.

Nation | Health | World | local | News

Cuarentena En Oregón: Lo Que Necesita Saber

La cuarentena es ampliamente utilizada por los funcionarios de salud pública para frenar la propagación de nuevas enfermedades transmisibles. El reciente brote de coronavirus no tiene excepción.

Nation | Health | World | Communities | News

Oregon's Healthcare System Braces For The Coronavirus Surge

Oregon's healthcare system is ill-prepared for the thousands of patients who could need hospital care as the coronavirus gets worse, clinicians and experts warn.

Health | Science | local | Environment | News

Quarantine On The Table In Oregon: What You Need To Know

Quarantine is widely used by public health officials to slow the spread of new communicable diseases. The recent coronavirus outbreak is no exception.

local | Pacific Ocean | Fish & Wildlife | Science | Environment | News

Gray Whale Strandings More Likely During Solar Storms: Study

New research suggests radio frequency noise from the sun creates navigation problems for gray whales.

Water | Land use | local | Business | Environment | Energy | News

Jordan Cove Decision Delayed By Feds After Oregon Denies Key Permit

Another federal regulatory delay on the Jordan Cove energy and pipeline project in southwest Oregon comes after Oregon's Department of Land Conservation and Development denied a key permit.

Agriculture | Science | Environment | Energy | local | News

Research Suggests Solar Energy Production And Agriculture Can Get Along

Analysis shows pollinators are drawn to plants grown between the panels of a southern Oregon commercial solar array.

Science | local | Pacific Ocean | Environment | News

Scientist Hot Take: Pacific Northwest Volcano Forecast To Erupt Within 4 Years

The region's most active volcano, the Axial Seamount, is 300 miles off the coast of Oregon. 

Land | Land use | local | Fish & Wildlife | Communities | Environment | Nation | News

Trump Administration Accused Of Ignoring Public Input Through Its Revamp Of Lands Councils

The changes to the rural advisory councils in Oregon and other western states are part of a shift in public lands philosophy and policy by the Trump administration.

Land | Forestry | local | Fish & Wildlife | Communities | Environment | Politics | News

Expansion Of Cascade-Siskiyou Protections Was Invalid, Judge Rules

A federal judge says public forests designated as "O&C Lands" must be maintained for timber production.

Business | local | Forestry | Environment | News

Oregon Lawyers In $1.4 Billion Timber Lawsuit Make Their Final Case To Jury

Lawyers gave their closing arguments Tuesday in a trial that could influence how Oregon state forests are managed going forward.

Fish & Wildlife | local | Environment | Communities | News

Southern Oregon Rancher Builds Fences And Bridges To Keep The Wolves At Bay

A rancher is trying something new to keep the wolves away — something never before attempted in Oregon. And he’s doing it with the help of some unlikely partners.

local | Fish & Wildlife | Communities | Environment | Air | Energy | News

Regulators Maintain Jordan Cove Environmental Impacts Are 'Less Than Significant'

Federal regulators release final environmental impact document for the Jordan Cove LNG project.

Water | local | Pacific Ocean | Fish & Wildlife | Animals | Environment | News

Feds Propose PNW Habitat Protections For Orcas And Humpback Whales

The designations would require an extra layer of scrutiny for federally permitted projects within the habitat areas.