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John Notarianni

John Notarianni is the host of “Weekend Edition” and acting host of “All Things Considered” at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Before joining OPB, John worked as a radio producer, reporter and host at WDET in Detroit and WYPR in Baltimore, and had stints at WBEZ in Chicago and WUOM in Ann Arbor.

Along the way he’s worked as the Michigan editorial director for an urban development news startup, served as business development director for several Detroit-based social entrepreneurial companies, founded a brass band that toured Europe and honed his craft cocktail skills.

John graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in English and Global Media Studies.

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The Twisting Saga Of Portland's Fremont Place Apartments

A controversial proposed apartment building in Portland has a new shot at being built. The Fremont Place Apartments have been approved, appealed, rejected, then un-rejected but still not quite approved.

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'Like Licking An Ashtray': Wildfires Lead To Smoky Wines In Oregon

Last summer’s wildfire season is tainting some Oregon wines with the aroma and taste of smoke, even after it’s been fermented and distilled. That’s worrying growers and winemakers here in Oregon.

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New Laws Prevent Restaurant Owners And Managers From Keeping Servers’ Tips

Hidden in the recently signed $1.3 trillion GOP spending bill were a few paragraphs that have huge implications for anyone who works in a bar or restaurant.

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Why The Bundy Family Won Again In Nevada

Once again, the Bundy family has stymied federal prosecutors. 

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Saying Goodbye To Embers, A Landmark For Oregon's LGTBQ Communities

Another landmark of old Portland is closing. The club Embers Avenue opened almost half a century ago when the world was, to say the least, a very different place for gay men and lesbians.

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Q&A: Timbers, Thorns Owner Supports Traffic Congestion Pricing

Oregon lawmakers are considering an $8.2 billion transportation package that would include major infrastructure projects, repairs and projects to ease gridlock.