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John Notarianni

John Notarianni is the host of “Weekend Edition” at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Before joining OPB, John worked as a radio producer, reporter and host at WDET in Detroit and WYPR in Baltimore, and had stints at WBEZ in Chicago and WUOM in Ann Arbor.

Along the way he’s worked as the Michigan editorial director for an urban development news startup, served as business development director for several Detroit-based social entrepreneurial companies, founded a brass band that toured Europe and honed his craft cocktail skills.

John graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in English and Global Media Studies.

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Recent Articles

News | local

Multnomah County Library Will No Longer Charge Late Fees

The library system announced Wednesday it will be clearing all existing fines and restoring access to accounts that have been blocked because of overdue fees.

News | local

A View From The Fence: On The Front Lines of Portland’s Downtown Protests

Freelance journalist Sergio Olmos relates what he's witnessed, night after night on the front lines of the protests in downtown Portland.

News | local | Politics | Nation

The Faces Of Protest: The Memorial Portraits Of Artist Ameya Marie Okamoto

Memorial portraits have taken a central role in the iconography of protests and social justice movements across the country in recent years. We talk with artist Ameya Marie Okamoto about her work and why putting a face to a name can be more powerful than a hashtag.

News | local | Environment | Recreation

Black Birding Week And Diversity In Oregon's Conservation Movement

As the inaugural Black Birding Week comes to a close, Black and Indigenous people, and other people of color, are pushing for more visibility in conversations about conservation and the outdoors in Oregon.

News | local | Politics

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden: Trump’s Social Media Order Seeks To ‘Mug The First Amendment’

After Twitter applied fact-checking labels to two of President Trump’s recent tweets, the president issued an executive order seeking to limit protections for social media companies. Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden says Trump is attacking the First Amendment.

News | local | Politics

Khanh Pham Is Going To Salem, And Bringing Her Community With Her

Khanh Pham recently won the Democratic primary for Oregon House District 46, the East Portland district that includes neighborhoods where she’s been building community connections for years.

News | local | Health

Fatigue, And An Eerie Calm Inside The OHSU Emergency Room

Emergency medicine physician Dr. Esther Choo shares what life looks like inside the emergency rooms of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arts | News | NW Life | Food | local | Business

Postcards From The Pandemic: The Pantry Cocktail Hour

When Portland bartender Joshua Madrid's employer closed, he found a way to keep his work alive — mixing drinks from his kitchen counter, for guests online.

local | NW Life

Postcards From The Pandemic: Hardship And Tranquility In Drain, Oregon

Karie Fugett lives with her partner on a farm in Drain, Oregon. The solitude of her home has lent her pandemic experience something that most of us are lacking: a sense of peace, tranquility and appreciation of the beauty of a daily routine.

News | local | Business

Still Waiting For Government Assistance, Portland Barbershop Owner Refuses To Give Up

Shop owner Jamaal Lane knew he would close his Champions Barbershop locations before Oregon's governor issued a stay home order. Now, he faces questions of if, when and how he'll reopen.

News | local | Sports

Could The Pandemic Be An Unlikely Boon For Portland’s Major League Baseball Ambitions?

Sports are shuttered across the country. But what if this fallow time is just what Major League Baseball needs to take Portland's bid for a pro team seriously?

News | local | Flora and Fauna | Environment | Animals

Oregon Wolf Population Up, But Famous OR-7 May Have Died

Oregon’s wolf population had a growth year in 2019 but may have lost its most famous member.

Education | News | Technology | local | Business

Demand For Free Or Low-Cost Computers Spikes 4,000% At Portland Nonprofit

Portland-based nonprofit Free Geek helps to connect people with free or low-cost technology. In recent weeks, the organization has seen the demand for used laptops spike by nearly 4,000%.

Fighting Isolation Anxiety With Portland's Sultan Of Sourdough

A few tips on making homemade bread with Ken Forkish, owner of Ken's Artisan Bakery and author of “Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza.”

Education | News | local | Health

How Can We Manage The Stress Of The Coronavirus Pandemic? OSU Offers A Free Course

Three academics from Oregon State University have created an open-to-the-public course to help people understand and manage daily stress related to the coronavirus pandemic.

News | local | Health

Buy Local, Shop Online? Oregon's Farmers Markets Evolve As Coronavirus Sets In

Oregon's farmers markets are evolving in response to the coronavirus pandemic to protect their fundamental service: getting fresh food into the community.

News | Food | Health

Coronavirus Advice For Older Adults: Get Exercise, Have A Plan And Call Your Grandkids!

Dr. Elizabeth Eckstrom of Oregon Health and Science University discusses how older adults should manage the coronavirus pandemic.


Portland Rabbi Advises Avoiding Loneliness In A Time Of Social Distancing

Rabbi Michael Cahana of Portland’s Congregation Beth Israel adds loneliness to the risks people face from the coronavirus pandemic.

Education | News | local | Health

Washington Requires Schools Have Suicide Prevention Plans, But Doesn't Provide Funding

Washington law requires schools to have suicide prevention plans. But top state officials say there are still major gaps in getting those school plans done.

News | local | Politics

Driving While Undocumented In Oregon: A Family's Hopes For HB 2015

A bill to grant undocumented immigrants the right to an Oregon driver’s license is awaiting the Governor’s signature. For Juan Navarro's family, it represents a bit of freedom from a constant fear.