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Reporter/Producer, Guns & America

Jonathan Levinson

Jonathan Levinson is a multimedia reporter and producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting. He’s the Audion Fellow covering Guns & America.

Previously, Jonathan covered Mexico as a freelancer. His radio work has appeared on NPR and the CBC. His photography has been featured in ESPN, The Washington Post and Bloomberg News.

Jonathan spent five years as an infantry officer in the U.S. Army and has a master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University.

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Recent Articles

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Friends, Experts Say Lack Of Mental Health Care Made Portland 2017 MAX Stabbings More Likely

Jeremy Christian’s time in prison may have worsened his mental health issues, leaving family and experts to question whether two deaths aboard a MAX train in 2017 were preventable.

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Portland Activists Launch Campaign To Stop Shootings

A group of Portland activists have launched a campaign to break a cycle of shootings which have alarmed police and members of the community. 

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Gresham Police Bring On Newest Staffer: A Comfort Dog

A 2-year-old black lab was sworn in as a comfort dog with the Gresham Police Department in December. 

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Portland Police Bureau Responds To Recent Shootings

The Portland Police Bureau says Portlanders have reported an average of one shooting a day in 2019. But a string of shootings in the last few weeks of the year has the bureau allocating more resources in the hopes of preventing retaliation.

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2 Years In, Oregon's Red Flag Law Paints A Picture Of Crisis

Oregonians have petitioned for 166 extreme risk protection orders in the nearly two years since the law took effect. Documents in those cases paint a picture of people in crisis. 

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Oregon Faith Leaders Announce Initiative Petition To Regulate Some Firearms

A group of Oregon faith leaders, filed an initiative petition with the Secretary of State on Monday hoping to get new gun laws on the November ballot.

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Man Was A Known Threat To His Wife In Months Before Murder At Hazel Dell School

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has released more information about the Nov. 26 shooting at the Sarah J. Anderson Elementary School in Hazel Dell, Washington, that left two people dead.

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DOJ Announces Nationwide Initiative To Reduce Gun Violence

The Department of Justice announced Project Guardian on Wednesday, a nationwide initiative aimed at reducing gun violence through more prosecutions of gun crimes.

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Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys Continue Violence Even As Legal Consequences Mount

Even as law enforcement changes to address political violence fueled by fringe groups, it’s not clear they alone can quell the regular clashes.

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Annual Portland Leaf Day Pickup Runs Through Dec. 20

PBOT's annual leaf clean up began Nov. 7 and will run through Dec. 20, covering a few neighborhoods every day. 

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Cómo La Apariencia De Las Armas Domina El Debate Sobre Los Controles

El énfasis en la apariencia del AR-15 ha moldeado la forma en que Estados Unidos regula las armas de fuego, generando frustración tanto en muchos propietarios de armas como entre los defensores del control de armas.

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Proud Boy Member Sentenced To 10 Days In Jail In Multnomah County

A Multnomah County judge sentenced Tusitala “Tiny” Toese to 10 days in jail for a parole violation.

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The Gun Debate Is Obsessed With Form, Largely Ignoring Function

The emphasis on the AR-15's appearance has shaped how the U.S. regulates firearms, to the frustration of many gun owners and gun control advocates alike.

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Accused Vancouver Apartment Shooter Held Without Bail

A Vancouver, Washington, man accused of killing one person and injuring two others Thursday at a senior living facility downtown will remain in jail without bail.

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Trail Blazers And Scope Manufacturer Leupold & Stevens End Partnership

After a year of public pressure, the Portland Trail Blazers partnership with a Beaverton-based scope manufacturer has ended.

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Judge Denies Joey Gibson's Motion To Move Civil Trial To A Different County

A Multnomah County judge ruled Friday that the $1 million civil lawsuit against Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson will stay in Multnomah County.

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Lionel Irving Wants To End The Cycle Of Violence That Claimed His Childhood

In many communities, gangs, drugs and gun violence are all part of a cycle of intergenerational trauma that is made worse by poor education. Lionel Irving has decided the cycle ends with him. 

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'OPB Politics Now:' Oregon's Gun Control Debate

Major gun legislation failed in Salem during the 2019 legislative session. Yet, the recent horrific mass shootings have once again prompted the gun control debate to take center stage.

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Washington Company Reverses Course, Declines Internet Services For 8Chan

Washington-based internet services company Epik reversed course Tuesday after the company initially offered to provide services to the controversial online forum 8chan.

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What Is A 'Red Flag' Law And Which States Have One?

Among the popular gun policy proposals raised in the aftermath of shootings like those in El Paso and Dayton, the call for “red flag” laws has become a common refrain. But like universal background checks, “red flag” laws aren’t self-explanatory.