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Reporter/Producer, Guns & America

Jonathan Levinson

Jonathan Levinson is a multimedia reporter and producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting. He’s the Audion Fellow covering Guns & America.

Previously, Jonathan covered Mexico as a freelancer. His radio work has appeared on NPR and the CBC. His photography has been featured in ESPN, The Washington Post and Bloomberg News.

Jonathan spent five years as an infantry officer in the U.S. Army and has a master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University.

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Recent Articles

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Portland Police Under Scrutiny For Dangerous Crowd Control Munitions

Two months of protests and a court order seem to have done little to change how police disperse crowds in the Portland. So-called less lethal crowd control weapons are under intense scrutiny.

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Portland Police Arrest 3 Journalists During Tuesday Protest

The Portland police arrested three journalists who were covering protests in North Portland on Tuesday night.

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As Some Black Community Leaders Decry Protest, Dueling Tales Of Conflict With Police

Some community members joined the mayor and police chief to decry demonstrations at the Portland Police Bureau's north precinct, as videos and protesters suggested a different version of events. 

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Portland Police To Limit Tear Gas, Other Devices, In Temporary Agreement

The Portland Police Bureau will limit its use of a number of less-lethal crowd control methods under an agreement reached Friday. 

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Portland Protesters Attempted To Build Occupied Area Outside Mayor's Home

Portland protesters on Wednesday night followed in Seattle’s footsteps and attempted to build an autonomous zone in the city. That effort, however, was broken up by police.

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Activists Push Back Against Good Protester-Bad Protester Narrative

Protests in Portland and across the country against racist violence and police brutality are in their third week. Politicians and law enforcement are turning to an old tactic to divide protesters, labeling some good and some bad.

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Protest Profiles: Oregonians Speak Out Against Police Brutality

Since police killed George Floyd in Minneapolis, nightly protests have put police brutality and racial equity in front of the country like never before. Oregonians have taken to the streets in huge numbers, night after night, in Portland, but they've also marched in smaller cities all over the state, demanding big changes. Here are some of the people marching in Oregon, and why they're out there.

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Portland To Redirect Millions In Police Funding, Dissolve Gun Violence Team

Mayor Ted Wheeler, who also serves as police commissioner, outlined the changes amid nearly two weeks of daily protests in the city and a staff shake-up at the Portland Police Bureau.

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Portland Police Clash With Protesters On Eve Of Possible Tear Gas Ban

What started as a peaceful evening of demonstrations ended in the Portland Police Bureau using tear gas and making more than 20 arrests. 

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'Right To Survive In This Country': Massive Protests Gripped Portland Wednesday

Night after night, protesters have rallied in downtown Portland against police violence, along with similar demonstrations across the country. They're on the move Wednesday night again.

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A Night Without Tear Gas: Thousands Of Oregonians Protest Racial Injustice

Massive crowds gathered in Portland on Monday night for a fourth evening of protests over the killing of George Floyd.

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As Protests Continue, Civic Leaders Confront Crowds And Oregon’s Racist History

City and civic leaders grappled with how to allow political protest and support communities of color while also preventing vandalism and violence.  

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Portland Justice Center Broken Into, Set On Fire Following Peaceful Vigil

An evening vigil for George Floyd and other victims of police violence drew a large, peaceful crowd in Portland on Friday, but eventually led to damage to buildings and looting. 

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George Floyd Events In Portland Call On White Oregonians To Do More

Multiple vigils took place Friday in the Portland area, as participants asked people to stand in solidarity with George Floyd and other black people affected by police violence, brutality and killings.  

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Police Sweeps Raise Concerns As Portland Readies To Resume Homeless Cleanups

Portland police conducted a number of homeless camp cleanups in Old Town and Chinatown on Thursday and as Multnomah County starts eyeing reopening downtown business.

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Far-Right Groups Plan Rally To Reopen The Oregon Coast

Right wing demonstrators are planning a rally to reopen the coast in Seaside this weekend.

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Gun Violence Reduction Programs Struggle With Long-Term Success

Portland city leaders have replicated a Bay Area gun violence reduction program. But it’s not clear how effective these programs actually are in the long run. 

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As Some Push To Open Oregon Faster, Public Confidence Is Key To Economic Recovery

As Gov. Kate Brown and other West Coast leaders start planning to lift stay-home orders, some Oregonians are agitating for them to move faster. They say the economic harm is too drastic and the shutdowns are government overreach.

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Weekend Rallies To Reopen Oregon Planned In Salem And Burns

After more than a week of similar rallies across the country, small groups of Oregonians are planning to hold demonstrations to reopen the state on Saturday in Salem and Burns.

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For People Living Outside, Coronavirus Shutdowns Can Exacerbate Mental Health Concerns

Fears of getting sick, of losing a job, of being isolated at home are all factors that can increase anxiety or depression for the housed and unhoused alike.