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Reporter/Producer, Guns & America

Jonathan Levinson

Jonathan Levinson is a multimedia reporter and producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting. He’s the Audion Fellow covering Guns & America.

Previously, Jonathan covered Mexico as a freelancer. His radio work has appeared on NPR and the CBC. His photography has been featured in ESPN, The Washington Post and Bloomberg News.

Jonathan spent five years as an infantry officer in the U.S. Army and has a master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University.

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Recent Articles

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The Gun Debate Is Obsessed With Form, Largely Ignoring Function

The emphasis on the AR-15's appearance has shaped how the U.S. regulates firearms, to the frustration of many gun owners and gun control advocates alike.

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Accused Vancouver Apartment Shooter Held Without Bail

A Vancouver, Washington, man accused of killing one person and injuring two others Thursday at a senior living facility downtown will remain in jail without bail.

Sports | News | local

Trail Blazers And Scope Manufacturer Leupold & Stevens End Partnership

After a year of public pressure, the Portland Trail Blazers partnership with a Beaverton-based scope manufacturer has ended.

News | local

Judge Denies Joey Gibson's Motion To Move Civil Trial To A Different County

A Multnomah County judge ruled Friday that the $1 million civil lawsuit against Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson will stay in Multnomah County.

Health | Education | News | local

Lionel Irving Wants To End The Cycle Of Violence That Claimed His Childhood

In many communities, gangs, drugs and gun violence are all part of a cycle of intergenerational trauma that is made worse by poor education. Lionel Irving has decided the cycle ends with him. 

Politics | Nation | News | local

'OPB Politics Now:' Oregon's Gun Control Debate

Major gun legislation failed in Salem during the 2019 legislative session. Yet, the recent horrific mass shootings have once again prompted the gun control debate to take center stage.

Business | News | local

Washington Company Reverses Course, Declines Internet Services For 8Chan

Washington-based internet services company Epik reversed course Tuesday after the company initially offered to provide services to the controversial online forum 8chan.

Politics | Nation | News | local

What Is A 'Red Flag' Law And Which States Have One?

Among the popular gun policy proposals raised in the aftermath of shootings like those in El Paso and Dayton, the call for “red flag” laws has become a common refrain. But like universal background checks, “red flag” laws aren’t self-explanatory.

Politics | News | local

Safe Firearms Storage Measure Planned For Oregon 2020 Ballot

Gun safety advocates have announced plans to put a safe storage law to the voters. But the group hopes it won’t come to that.

News | local

Study: Segregation A Key Contributor To Racial Disparity In Police Shootings

In cities across the United States, the rate at which police shoot black people varies widely. New research from Boston University suggests why.

Health | Nation | News | Science | local

New Research Suggests Mental Health And Gun Violence Are Not Related

A new study published in the journal Preventive Medicine suggests mental health and gun violence aren’t as closely related as people often think.

Politics | Nation | News | local

In A Break From The Past, Oregon Sheriffs Change Their Approach To Gun Laws

Many sheriffs in Washington and Colorado are saying they won’t enforce new gun laws. But some Oregon sheriffs already tried that and realized it doesn’t work.

Politics | News | local

Oregon Governor Plans To Announce June 7 As Gun Violence Awareness Day

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown will sign a proclamation June 7, declaring it gun violence awareness day.

Politics | News | local

Sen. Wyden Marks Memorial Day In Southern Oregon

Sen. Ron Wyden spent the holiday weekend in Southern Oregon meeting with constituents and holding town hall meetings.

Politics | News | local

Students Urge Action After Oregon Legislators Nix Gun Bill

A group of students from the gun safety group March For Our Lives were in Salem on Thursday to meet with Oregon lawmakers and their staff over a recently nixed piece of firearm legislation. 

Politics | News | Education | local

Oregon Lawmakers Hold Out Hope For Gun Control Legislation

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown sacrificed a package of gun control legislation and a bill tightening vaccination requirements in order to pass an education funding bill this week.

Nation | News | local

The Masculine Ideal Is Killing American Men

Society’s masculine ideal — a financially successful warrior who spends Sundays fixing the leaky faucet — is neither idyllic nor attainable. But failing to meet those standards can result in harmful behavior: toxic masculinity.

News | local

Portland Police Release New Data On Gun Violence Reduction Team

The Portland Police Bureau released data this week touting the Gun Violence Reduction Team's success after a city commissioner suggested cutting its funding.

Communities | News | local

Misplaced And Displaced: Rebuilding Community Through Restorative Justice

Community organizers say restorative justice is one way to rebuild the North Portland community after gentrification and work toward safer neighborhoods.

Politics | News | local

Washington Lawmakers Approve Protections For People Who Sell Back Bump Stocks

The Washington state Legislature passed a bill late Sunday night restricting the release of personal information of people who participated in the state’s buyback program for bump stocks.