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Producer, Think Out Loud

Julie Sabatier

Julie Sabatier is a producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting's daily talk show, "Think Out Loud."

Julie joined the "Think Out Loud" team in 2008. She was also the creator and host of the public radio show and podcast "Rendered" until the show retired in 2015. Julie previously worked as the staff writer for Just Out, reported for Willamette Week, served as podcast producer for Bitch Magazine and produced stories for "The Splendid Table," NPR and "99% Invisible."

Julie graduated from Oberlin College with a bachelor’s degree in English. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Recent Articles

Think Out Loud

NASA Climate Director | Native American Play | ODOT Director

What can we learn about climate change from space? Also, a new play at Oregon Shakespeare Festival takes up Native American history. And the new director of the Oregon Department of Transportation tells us about the Interstate 5 expansion.

Science | Animals | Communities | local | Environment | Think Out Loud

Exquisite Creatures | Deafness, Identity And Voice

Oregon-based artist Christopher Marley makes art from dead creatures. Filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky's new film explores her son's deafness.

News | Think Out Loud

DOC Workers | Social Studies | Lead Bullets

The Oregon Department of Corrections has built employee wellness centers. The Oregon Zoo has hired a hunter to teach other hunters about lead bullets. And how do social studies teachers teach the current political moment?

Think Out Loud

Earthquake Infrastructure | Salazar Ban | School Librarians

Alberto Salazar has been sanctioned for violating anti-doping rules. Portland water pipes would be nearly destroyed in a big earthquake. How has the role of school librarians changed over the years?

Think Out Loud

Yurok Tribe Legal Strategy | Sage Grouse Science | Police Contract

The Yurok Tribe has declared personhood rights for the Klamath River. A new study found that sage grouse wearing transmitters are more likely to die. National leaders weigh in on the Portland Police contract.

Think Out Loud

Lane County Justice | Police Reform Advocate | Banned Books

State libraries have had a record year of requests to ban books. A police reform advocate in Seattle just got a MacArthur "genius" grant. And a new investigation looks at how Lane County justice system deals with mentally ill defendants.

Think Out Loud

Impeachment History | Klamath Falls Air Base | Zero Waste | E-Books

What does it take to live a waste-free lifestyle? What is the history of impeachment? How do libraries deal with e-books? Also, an Oregon Air National Guard base may be losing money to the border wall.

News | local | Think Out Loud

Transgender Attacks | Shooting Survivor | Weight And Recovery

Several transgender women have been attacked in Oregon recently. A woman who survived a mass shooting has written a handbook to support other survivors. And we discuss the role of unhealthy eating in recovery programs.

Think Out Loud

Funeral Homes | SRO 2.0 | Plastic Recycling

Oregon isn’t inspecting funeral homes as often as it’s supposed to. A new housing complex in Portland's Kenton neighborhood is using the single room occupancy model to house low-income people. And Oregon Metro is partnering with private groups to reduce plastic in landfills. 

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Vaping | Origami

We get the latest on the investigation into a vape-related death in Oregon, get some analysis of the week's news and hear about the beauty and mathematics of origami.

News | Think Out Loud

Oregon Public Records Advocate On Why She's Resigning

Oregon public records advocate Ginger McCall abruptly announced her resignation Monday.

Think Out Loud

Public Records Advocate Resigns | Washington Cannabis | Electric Vehicles

Oregon's public records advocate announced her resignation Monday. Washington state is considering changes to its cannabis system. How is Oregon faring with its electric vehicle goals?

Communities | local | Think Out Loud

North Plains | Oregon Trail | Police Review Director

North Plains is one of the fastest growing cities in Washington County. A video game inspired a South Dakota first-grader to visit the Oregon Trail. A former prosecutor is the new director of Portland's Independent Police Review. 

Think Out Loud

Chinatown Businesses | Interstate 5 Series | 'Mr. Wolf's Class'

New businesses are popping up in Portland's Chinatown. A freeway expansion skeptic shares his thoughts on the Rose Quarter and the Interstate bridge. A Portland elementary school teacher wrote a series of graphic novels for kids. 

Communities | News | Transportation | local | Environment | Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Right To Wilderness | I-5 Moda Center

A new lawsuit argues a constitutional right to wilderness. The Moda Center will be affected by plans to widen Interstate 5. And we get opinions on some of this week's news.

Think Out Loud

Talking Business | ASL In The Arts

We hear about deaf culture and the performing arts. Also, we discuss some regional business news.

local | News | Arts | Think Out Loud

American Sign Language In The Arts

We talk about deaf culture and the arts with an ASL music translator who is deaf, a community educator and music lover who is deaf, and an ASL interpreter who grew up with a deaf parent.

Q&A: PopMob Appeals To 'Everyday Anti-Fascists'

The Portland group PopMob, or Popular Mobilization, was highly visible at a recent counter-demonstration to a Proud Boys’ rally downtown. We talk with PopMob spokesperson Effie Baum.

Think Out Loud

Church Soup Kitchen | Ground Score | Skateboarding

A Portland soup kitchen might be in trouble. A program pays homeless people to pick up trash. Skateboarding can be a tough sport for women.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Pop Mob | Decolonizing Archaeology

The Burns Paiute tribe is teaching Native students how to practice archaeology. We talk to a group that has been a visible part of the Portland protests. And we get opinions and analysis of the week's news.