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Producer, Think Out Loud

Julie Sabatier

Julie Sabatier is a producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting's daily talk show, "Think Out Loud."

Julie joined the "Think Out Loud" team in 2008. She was also the creator and host of the public radio show and podcast "Rendered" until the show retired in 2015. Julie previously worked as the staff writer for Just Out, reported for Willamette Week, served as podcast producer for Bitch Magazine and produced stories for "The Splendid Table," NPR and "99% Invisible."

Julie graduated from Oberlin College with a bachelor’s degree in English. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Recent Articles

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Sara Gelser | NORCOR Jail

Our news roundtable takes up the week's headlines. We hear from Oregon state Sen. Sara Gelser who was featured in Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" issue. Also, we discuss a new report on conditions at NORCOR. 

Think Out Loud

Talking Business | Kid Governor | Graduate Student Taxes | Christmas Trees

Oregon is the leading producer of Christmas trees in the country. We'll learn more about the business. Also, the state's first kid governor, some regional business news and what the GOP tax bill could mean for Oregon universities.

News | Think Out Loud

Car Thefts In PDX | Gorge Recovery | Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis

How is the Gorge recovering after the fire? Also, we'll hear from Eugene's mayor. And a story about why car thefts are on the rise in Portland.

Politics | local | News

'OPB Politics Now': OHA Audit Shows Millions Misspent

According to the audit, the agency has failed to enact rigorous financial controls and properly determine who is eligible for coverage.

Think Out Loud

OHA Audit | Sisters Newspaper Changeover | Crook County Development

A new audit of the Oregon Health Authority shows millions of misspent taxpayer dollars. Also, the Nugget Newspaper in Sisters is an example of a thriving community paper. And should federal lands be more locally controlled?

Think Out Loud

Rural Cannabis Grows | Jackie Winters | The Story Of OR-4

We learn about a Josephine County proposal to restrict cannabis grows; talk to Jackie Winters, the first African American minority leader in Oregon's Legislature; and hear about state wolf management.

Politics | local | News

'OPB Politics Now': Dennis Richardson's Backstory

Oregon's secretary of state opened up about his faith, his thoughts on race and his experiences in Vietnam.

local | News | Think Out Loud

Transgender Student | Broadway Corridor | True Crime Comic

We hear about a lawsuit involving a transgender high school student, grand plans for the area at the base of Portland's Broadway Bridge, and a true crime comic about family and murder.

Think Out Loud

Climate Change | Sex Trafficking | KKK

A new book looks at the history of the Ku Klux Klan. Also, we'll learn about a new report on the effect of sex trafficking laws. And a letter signed by thousands of scientists warns about climate change.

Politics | local | News

'OPB Politics Now': Kruse And Kitzhaber Back In The Spotlight

We discuss three very different stories of Oregon politicians in the news this week.

Election | Politics | local | News

'OPB Politics Now': Election Wrap-Up

We break down the most important election results in Oregon and Washington.

local | Books | Think Out Loud

Brooke Gladstone On 'The Trouble With Reality'

After Donald Trump was elected president, Brooke Gladstone started to question the way she sees the world.

local | News | Think Out Loud

'The Horse Latitudes' | 'Thank You For Your Service'

We'll discuss a novel about soldiers in the Iraq War. And we'll discuss how soldiers feel about the phrase "Thank you for your service."

local | News | Think Out Loud

DC Politics And The NW | Photographing Rohingya Muslims | 'Alt-America'

A new book chronicles the rise of the radical right in America. Also, a local photographer just returned from Myanmar. And OPB's senior political reporter just returned from Washington, D.C.

Politics | local | News

'OPB Politics Now': Last-Minute November Ballot Cheat Sheet

Haven't voted yet? No problem. We dig into the important issues on Oregon and Washington ballots due Nov. 7. 

History | Arts | News | local | Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Tribal Housing | Holocaust Painting Comes Home

Our news roundtable takes up the week's headlines. The federal government refuses to honor a tribal housing agreement. And a family painting sold to escape the Holocaust has been found.  

Politics | local | News

'OPB Politics Now': Sexual Harassment In Salem

The current nationwide discussion about sexual harassment that started with allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has spread far and wide, including to the Oregon Capital. 

NW Life | local | News | Think Out Loud

On The Road: From St. Johns To Gresham On The Bus

For the latest in our "On The Road" series, we decided to travel on public transportation. We took a city bus in Portland — TriMet's Line 4 — from St. Johns in North Portland all the way to Gresham.

Politics | local | News

'OPB Politics Now': What Is ‘Home Rule’ And Why Should You Care?

Douglas County residents are considering a dramatic change in how the county is governed

Think Out Loud

Eastern Oregon Film Fest | Home Rule Charter | Art Restoration

The Eastern Oregon Film Festival kicks off this weekend. Douglas County is considering dramatic changes to its county government. And a PSU chemistry professor is innovating art restoration.