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Kate Davidson

Kate Davidson is OPB’s business and economics reporter. She was previously OPB’s "All Things Considered" host.

Kate has deep experience reporting and producing for public media. Before moving to Oregon, she was a regular contributor to "Marketplace", a reporter at Michigan Radio focused on economic change in the industrial Midwest and a producer at NPR.

She has master’s degrees from the University of California-Berkeley and Columbia University, where she was a Knight-Bagehot Fellow in Economics and Business Journalism. She won a national Edward R. Murrow award for her NPR documentary, "Saints and Indians", which told the stories of Navajo children sent to live with white Mormon foster families across the West.

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Recent Articles

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Oregon's Beleaguered Employment Department Seeks To Explain Payment Delays

The head of Oregon's Employment Department took media questions for the first time in weeks.

News | Business | Politics | local

Oregon Lawmakers Call Employment Officials Back For Questioning

House lawmakers are recalling the head of Oregon's employment department to answer questions during a Saturday session

News | Business | Politics | local

Oregon Employment Officials Face Lawmakers As Thousands Await Relief

The director of the Oregon Employment Department apologized to thousands of Oregonians still waiting for unemployment relief.

Applying For Unemployment Is Even Harder For Workers With Limited English

In Oregon, the only way to apply for regular unemployment benefits online is in English.

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Many Gig And Contract Workers In Oregon Still Waiting On Financial Assistance

The CARES Act extended unemployment benefits to self-employed, contract and gig workers. In Oregon, many have already been waiting in line for weeks.

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Businesses Push Back Against New Oregon Tax During Coronavirus Crisis

When lawmakers designed Oregon's new business tax, they weren't planning for a pandemic.

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The Zipper: How A Portland Building Endures The Economic Storm

On March 17, Portland landlord and developer Kevin Cavenaugh emailed the 32 restaurants and retailers leasing space from him. It read, in bold, "Rent will not be due in April."

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Northwest Businesses Fight Confusion And The Clock To Get Emergency Loans

The Paycheck Protection Program was designed as a lifeline for small businesses hurt by the coronavirus pandemic. However, the emergency program has had a rocky launch.  

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Nearly 93,000 Oregonians Filed New Unemployment Claims Last Week

Oregonians are among the jaw-dropping 10 million Americans who've already lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Why Insurers Won't Cover Businesses' Coronavirus Losses

Northwest businesses shuttered by coronavirus are bracing for a wave of insurance denials. 

Economy | News | Business | local

Unemployment Claims Soar As Coronavirus Slams Oregon's Economy

More than 76,500 Oregonians filed new unemployment claims last week. That's a 15-fold increase from the week before. 

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Ditch The Doorknobs: A Portland Company's Coronavirus Response

Factory workers can't work from home. Here's how one small Portland manufacturer is trying to keep them safe.

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Coronavirus Puts Financial, Mental Strain On Gig Workers

Not everyone can work from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus Fear Hurts Some Businesses In Portland's Jade District

There are no known coronavirus cases in Oregon. But fear of the virus is still hurting local businesses.

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The Workers, Farmers And Researchers Left In The Wake Of NORPAC's Sale

For almost 100 years, the farmers' cooperative shaped work, lives and the land in the Willamette Valley. Now it's gone. Here's who's left.

News | Agriculture | Business | local

Teamsters Union Drops Objection To NORPAC Sale

That means the big condition attached to the $49 million sale of NORPAC's Oregon plants is resolved.

News | Food | Business | local

Cold Storage Company To Buy NORPAC Plants

A federal bankruptcy judge approved the conditional sale of three former NORPAC plants in the Salem area Tuesday, following months of uncertainty.

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Willamette Valley Farmers Wait To See If NORPAC Will Be Sold

A global cold storage company says it will buy parts of NORPAC, one of the region's largest fruit and vegetable processors. 

Food | Business | NW Life | local

Northwest Cider Battles Hard Seltzer For The Beer Case

There's a turf war in your local beer and cider case. Hard seltzer's gaining ground. 

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HP Inc. Checks Next Box For Major Vancouver Development

HP is expanding in Vancouver. The city plans to contribute up to $10 million to help.