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Former Video Managing Editor, KCTS9/EarthFix

Katie Campbell

Katie Campbell was the managing editor for video and a producer at KCTS 9, the public television station in Seattle, Washington, as part of EarthFix, an environmental journalism collaboration founded by Oregon Public Broadcasting in partnership with six other public media stations in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.


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More Than A Lark: The Military’s Surprising Role In Protecting Endangered Species

Military bases are some of the most violent places around. Some are also keepers of rare habitat for imperiled species. From our series Battle Ready: The Military’s Environmental Legacy In The Northwest.

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Battle Ready

The secret history of the U.S. military’s environmental legacy in the Northwest.

Oregon Field Guide

Outdoor Preschool

Forest kindergartens are schools without buildings.

Land | Environment | Pacific Ocean | Fish & Wildlife

Scientists Try Trapping To Halt Puget Sound's European Crab Invasion

The detection of Puget Sound's first  invasive green crab prompts scientists to mount a counter attack. Now a second crab has been discovered about 30 miles away in Padilla Bay.

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Outdoor Schools Open Up New, Affordable Adventures In Learning

The nation’s first forest kindergarten opened on an island in Puget Sound. A new program  is testing whether the outdoor school idea could make early childhood education more accessible and affordable.

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Puget Sound Has New Climate Refugees. They’re Pelicans.

Hundreds of American white pelicans have suddenly shown up in Puget Sound after disappearing from more arid places like Eastern Oregon. And that’s set the region’s birders atwitter with questions of what it means.

Environment | The Circuit: Tracking America's Electronic Waste

On The Trail Of America's Dangerous, Dead Electronics

Despite pledges to responsibly recycle old TVs and other unwanted electronics with toxic materials inside, an investigation tracks e-waste from the U.S. to unregulated scrapyards in Hong Kong.

Environment | The Circuit: Tracking America's Electronic Waste

The Hunt For Toxic E-Waste In Hong Kong Scrapyards

A mini-documentary about a Seattle non-profit that deploys hidden GPS trackers to find out if pledges are being kept to process hazardous electronics in the U.S. when American consumers take them to be recycled.

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The Circuit: Tracking America's Electronic Waste

Our international undercover investigation reveals what really happens to America's discarded TVs, phones and computers.

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Fat Bikes Gain Traction As Northwest's Newest Winter Sport

Mountain bikes with fat tires hold promise as a winter recreation option as climate change brings on winters that sometimes lack snow for skiers and snowboarders.

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Warm Waters Linked To Sea Star Wasting

Scientists have suspected that warmer waters played a role in the mass die-offs of West Coast starfish. Now they have evidence that it does.


Explainer Video: How Firefighters Combat Wildfires

More than 43,000 wildfires have burned about 8.2 million acres across the country this year -- and there’s another month of the typical fire season to come.

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Starfish Are Still Disappearing From Northwest Waters

Two years after Puget Sound divers noticed that starfish were disappearing, scientists have isolated the cause. But the creatures continue to die.

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Go Undercover With Northwest Shellfish Detectives

Poachers are illegally harvesting and selling Puget Sound shellfish in back-alley deals. Detectives are on the case, trying to protect natural resources and public health.

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Demand For Super-Sized Clams Keeps Poachers And Cops Busy

Big money and human health are at stake when it comes to Puget Sound's most lucrative clams and the people charged with protecting them.

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What A Waste: A Special Report

Why We Have To Stop Throwing Food Away


Can Northwest Forests Be Protected From Future Mega-Fires?

The Carlton Complex wildfire burned more acres in Okanogan County than any other fire in Washington state history. Ecologists are trying to make forests more resilient now to help prevent these large-scale fires.

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3 Ways Northwest Companies Are Turning Food Waste Into Energy

A pile of food waste can make rich compost for the garden. But some Northwest companies are going beyond composting and turning it into energy to power homes, race cars and city buses. Part three in [our series: What A Waste.]( "")

Flora and Fauna | Environment

Scientists Solve Mystery Of West Coast Starfish Die-Off

After months of research, scientists have identified the pathogen at the heart of the starfish wasting disease that’s been killing starfish by the millions along the Pacific shores of North America.