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Kelsey Wallace

Kelsey Wallace is an editor, writer, and TV lover in Portland, Oregon. Her work at OPB includes promoting and producing content for national and local television productions.

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Environment | NW Life | Recreation | local | Oregon Field Guide

Unlikely Hikers: A Hiking Group For The Rest Of Us

Not everyone feels welcome in the outdoors. Unlikely Hikers wants to change that.

Arts | NW Life | local | Oregon Art Beat

Portland Artist Jessica Jackson Hutchins Makes Meaning From Everyday Life

Jessica Jackson Hutchins is known for making striking, profound art out of unlikely materials.

Arts | NW Life | local | The Vietnam War

The Garden Of Solace Honors Oregon's Vietnam Veterans

Just past the greenery of the Hoyt Arboretum in Washington Park sits a different type of garden, one that honors Oregon's Vietnam veterans.

Entertainment | Arts | NW Life | Music | Oregon Lens

Love Is An Enigma In David Lynch's 'Bird Of Flames'

"Bird of Flames" is an enigmatic music video from Chel White, Chrysta Bell and David Lynch.

Entertainment | Fish & Wildlife | Arts | NW Life | Animals | Oregon Lens

Saving Green Sea Turtles In 'My Haggan Dream'

When a green sea turtle talks to you in a dream, you listen.

Music | Education | Entertainment | NW Life | local | Arts | Oregon Lens

Making Noise, And Friends, At Free Beat Nation Drum Camp

For the parents whose kids attend Portland’s Free Beat Nation Drum Camp each summer, the extra noise is worth it.  

Entertainment | Arts | NW Life | local | Oregon Lens

Jerold Howard Learned To 'See The Truth'

“See The Truth" is the a stop-motion story of a parent who has to question the biased beliefs he has been taught, and what he is teaching his own child.  

Entertainment | NW Life | Sports | Arts | History | Oregon Lens

Before The Blazers, Portland Rooted For Claudia's

Long before Clyde Drexler or Damian Lillard, Portland was home to another team of basketball stars.

Oregon Lens

2017 'Oregon Lens' Series Schedule

"Oregon Lens" showcases the talent and diversity of the Northwest’s independent filmmakers.

Recreation | NW Life | local | Oregon Field Guide Summer Series

Hut-To-Hut Biking On Mount Hood

The Cascade Huts are 256-square foot green, metal structures along the Mount Hood bike loop.

News | Forestry | Environment | NW Life | Nation | Oregon Field Guide Summer Series

How To Hike From Portland To The Oregon Coast

Jim Thayer wanted an accessible trail through the Coastal Range that avoided highways and stayed on public land.

Entertainment | NW Life | Recreation | Land use | local | Oregon Field Guide Summer Series

Pedaling The Rails From Enterprise To Joseph, Oregon

Part bike, part old-fashioned rail car, railriders travel on the tracks between Joseph and Enterprise.

NW Life | Recreation | History | local | Oregon Field Guide Summer Series

Luxury And Hardship At Mount Hood's Cloud Cap Inn

The Cloud Cap Inn is the oldest Alpine lodge in the United States.

Animals | Environment | Recreation | Entertainment | NW Life | local | Land | Oregon Field Guide Summer Series

Skip The Drama, Backpack With A Llama In Oregon

Llama backpacking is popular among Oregonians who don't want to carry a heavy pack on the trail.

Recreation | Oregon Field Guide Summer Series

Ultralight Hikers Do More With Less

Clint “Lint” Bunting is an ultralight backpacker whose entire life on the trail fits into a pack that weighs just 8 pounds.

Environment | NW Life | Water | Oregon Field Guide Summer Series

Chad Brown Helps Kids (And Himself) By Fly-Fishing

Chad Brown loves the feeling of fishing on the river so much, he’s sharing it with kids in Portland and Vancouver who lack access to nature. 

Recreation | NW Life | local | Oregon Field Guide Summer Series

At 87, Buzz Bowman Is Still Patrolling Mount Hood

Buzz Bowman is the longest-serving member of the Mount Hood Ski Patrol.

Arts | NW Life | local | Oregon Field Guide Summer Series

Painter John Simpkins Creates Beauty From Solitude

Painter John Simpkins and his dog Phoebe are the sole residents of Andrews, a ghost town at the base of the Steens Mountain.

Forestry | Animals | Fish & Wildlife | NW Life | Science | local | Oregon Field Guide Summer Series

At 88, 'Raptorman' Jim Anderson Still Lives Up To His Nickname

At 88 years old, Jim Anderson can be found climbing trees, tracking eagles and continuing the conservation work that earned him the nickname “Raptorman.”  

NW Life | local | Oregon Field Guide Summer Series

The Sand Labyrinths Of Bandon, Oregon

Labyrinths appear on every continent on the planet, in every climate imaginable — including the southern Oregon Coast.