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Reporter and Producer

Kristian Foden-Vencil

Kristian Foden-Vencil is a reporter and producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting. He specializes in health care, business, politics, law and public safety. In 2004 he was embedded with the Oregon National Guard in Iraq.

Kristian started as a cub reporter in 1988, working for newspapers in London, England. In 1991 he moved to Oregon and started freelancing. His work has appeared in The Oregonian, the BBC, NPR, the Statesman Journal, Willamette Week, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Voice of America.

Kristian has won a Peabody Award along with awards from the Associated Press, Society of Professional Journalists and the Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors.

He graduated from the University of Westminster in London.

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Recent Articles

Health | News | local

Oregon Considers Hepatitis C Coverage For Medicaid Patients

The committee that recommends medication coverage on the Oregon Health Plan wants the state to start paying for hepatitis C treatments.

Politics | Health | Election | News | local

Oregon Takes 1st Major Step Toward Legalizing Psychedelic Mushrooms

Oregon’s attorney general has approved language for a ballot measure to make psilocybin mushrooms legal.

Health | News | local

More Oregonians Take Control Of Their Deaths With POLST Forms

About 45 percent of Oregonians now fill out a POLST form before they die. The form spells out desired medical interventions you want at the end of life.

Health | News | local

Group Launches Effort To Allow Cannabis Cafes In Oregon

People who want to see public cannabis cafes in Oregon are starting a fundraising effort to change the law.

News | Animals | Fish & Wildlife | local | Environment

Cannon Beach Police Seek Information On Dead Rabbits

Police in Cannon Beach are asking for information about the discovery of a half-dozen dead rabbits.

Animals | News | local

Disability Rights Oregon Calls For Ban On Use Of Dogs In Jails

Advocates for Oregonians with disabilities are calling for a ban on the use of dogs to control jail inmates.

Health | News | local

Multnomah Jails Report Shows Most Inmates Need Treatment Services

A grand jury looking into conditions at Multnomah County’s jails found the majority of inmates have either mental health or substance abuse issues.


A Culture Of Safety Developing In Oregon's Dangerous Fishing Industry

Life in Oregon's fishing and crabbing industries is dangerous, so the U.S. Coast Guard is working to increase awareness and safety. 

Politics | Election | News | local

Lane County Effort To Change Voting System Fails

An effort to change the way people are elected in Lane County, Oregon, failed in Tuesday's election. 

History | NW Life | News | local

Egyptian Dignitary Visits OMSI King Tut Exhibit

Egypt’s former minister of antiquities, Zahi Hawass, visited OMSI Tuesday to promote the museum’s new exhibit, The Discovery of King Tut.

Politics | Health | News | local

Oregon To Reduce Incarceration Of People Who Have Mental Illnesses

The Oregon Health Authority, the courts and the police are starting a new effort to stop sending people who suffer from mental illnesses and substance abuse problems to jail.

Health | Nation | News | local

79 People Who Were Homeless Died In Multnomah County Last Year

Multnomah County said Tuesday that 79 people who were homeless died last year — one fewer than in 2016.

Health | News | local

New Oregon Guidelines Try To Dial Back Opioid Prescriptions

The Oregon Health Authority has published new guidelines for prescribing opioids.

Health | News | World | local

Oregonians Lead Search On New Drug To Solve Malaria

Researchers at Portland State University have teamed up with Oregon investors to develop a new antimalarial drug.

Health | News | local

New Leukemia Research Harnesses The Power Of Big Data

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University have released one of the largest data sets of its kind, aimed at curing leukemia.

Health | News

Oregon Adopts New Policies For Medicaid

Oregon’s Health Policy Board has adopted new plans for the use of Medicaid in the state.

Health | News | local

Low Unemployment, More Older People Increase Cost Of Long-Term Care

The cost of long-term care is increasing at two or three times the rate of inflation — according to a new study.


Oregon Looks To Boost Tourism With 7 Large Murals In 7 Small Towns

To boost tourism during the fall, Travel Oregon unveiled a new campaign Monday featuring seven large murals in seven small towns.

Health | News | local

6 Children From Washington Hit With Rare Disease Similar To Polio

Six children from Washington have been hospitalized so far this year acute flaccid myelitis, a rare disease similar to polio.

News | Environment

Cannon Beach Has A Rabbit Problem

Cannon Beach residents are split between those who love the rabbits and those who want to be rid of them.