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Reporter and Producer

Kristian Foden-Vencil

Kristian Foden-Vencil is a reporter and producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting. He specializes in health care, business, politics, law and public safety. In 2004 he was embedded with the Oregon National Guard in Iraq.

Kristian started as a cub reporter in 1988, working for newspapers in London, England. In 1991 he moved to Oregon and started freelancing. His work has appeared in The Oregonian, the BBC, NPR, the Statesman Journal, Willamette Week, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Voice of America.

Kristian has won a Peabody Award along with awards from the Associated Press, Society of Professional Journalists and the Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors.

He graduated from the University of Westminster in London.

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Recent Articles

History | NW Life | local | News | Environment

Bayocean: The Lost Resort Town That Oregon Forgot

Bayocean, "the town that fell into the sea," stands as a warning to the hubris of our ever-spreading society.

Health | local | News

Oregon Doctor Proposes New Definition For Old Condition

An Oregon doctor is trying to redefine a behavioral problem that’s been around for centuries but gets little attention. 


Oregon Enrollment In Drops

More than 145,000 Oregonians signed up for health insurance through during open enrollment last month - equivalent to the populations of Gresham and Redmond combined.

Health | Nation | local | News

Oregon Says Federal Vape Flavor Ban Falls Short

The Oregon Health Authority said the federal government’s planned flavored vape ban falls short in protecting the public.

Health | local | News

Laboratory Cats And Dogs In Oregon Have To Be Put Up For Adoption

Starting in January, research facilities in Oregon will be required to place the dogs and cats they no longer need into shelters for adoption.

Health | local | News | Food

OLCC Bans CBD-infused Alcohols

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission just banned the sale of alcoholic drinks containing CBD, an ingredient in cannabis that many use for medicinal reasons. 

Health | Nation | local

Enrollment At Gets 2-Day Extension

Technical glitches at the federal website to buy individual health insurance means the deadline to enroll has been extended.

Health | local | News

Health Officials Find Alarming Levels Of Lead In Some Traditional South Asian Products

Oregon health officials are warning people about alarmingly high levels of lead that have been found in small-batch turmeric samples and certain traditional cosmetics.

Health | local | News

Oregon Eye Patient To Testify Need For New Drug To FDA

Retired Portland librarian Judy Bachman intends to testify that a new drug cured her bulging eyes due to thyroid eye disease in a clinical trial. 

Health | local | News | Business

PhRMA Files Suit Against Oregon's New Prescription Drug Pricing Laws

The drug company trade group PhRMA has filed a legal challenge to a pair of Oregon laws designed to curb prescription prices.

Health | local | News

Oregon Reports 3 Additional Vaping-Related Illnesses

The Oregon Health Authority has identified three additional cases of severe lung illness linked to vaping.

Health | local | News

Oregon Calls 'All Clear' Following Rash Of Measles Cases

Oregon health officials are calling ‘all-clear’ after a rash of measles cases this fall.

Health | local | News

Nonprofit Central City Concern Wants Out Of Portland Sobering Center

A Portland center where intoxicated people can safely sober up for a few hours is facing significant changes — and maybe even closure.

local | News | Forestry | Land

Want To Get A Christmas Tree From A NW Forest? Get A Permit First.

Law enforcement units will be watching the woods this holiday season, to stop people from taking Christmas trees and other forest products without a permit.

Health | local | News

Clark County Child With Measles Arrived At PDX, Visited Hospitals

Clark County is investigating another case of measles. An unvaccinated child returned from an international flight last week.

Health | News

Mental Illness Treatment Is Limited And Faces Imminent Risks

Multnomah County’s ability to help people with mental illnesses is limited and faces imminent risks, according to a new audit.

Health | local | News | Business

Oregon Health Authority Sends 8,000 Businesses Kit To Prevent Opioid Overdose Deaths

The Oregon Health Authority is sending out kits to 8,000 businesses across the state to reduce opioid overdoses at work.

local | Fish & Wildlife | News | Science | Environment

NOAA Wants More Cameras On Fishing Vessels And Fewer Biologists

For years NOAA has put observers on fishing boats to track what's caught and what gets thrown back. It plans to start replacing those jobs with cameras and computers to save money.

Politics | Health | local | News | Business

Oregon Court Blocks State's Ban On Flavored Vape Products Containing Cannabis

The Oregon Court of Appeals has blocked the ban on flavored cannabis vaping products.

Health | local

Audit Finds Prescription Drug Monitoring At Oregon's Veterinarian Offices Needs Strengthening

A new audit by the Oregon secretary of state has found the system for monitoring controlled substances in veterinarian offices needs strengthening.