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Lauren Dake

Lauren Dake is a political reporter and producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Before OPB, Lauren spent nearly a decade working as a print reporter. She’s covered politics and rural issues in Oregon and Washington. She’s spent time in a maximum-security prison in Bogota, Colombia (for a story!) and sat in a sweat lodge on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

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Recent Articles

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'OPB Politics Now': Oregon’s Potential Ballot Fight Over Abortion

Of all the ballot fights Oregonians could expect later this year, abortion may be the most surprising.

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Oregon Governor Calls For Stronger Oversight Of Child Care Facilities

After Oregon failed to alert parents that their children were in imminent danger at a day care in Portland, Gov. Kate Brown called on the state to do a better job managing child care facilities.

Oregon Failed To Tell Parents This Portland Day Care Was Considered A Danger To Children

State regulators suspected trouble at a fancy home day care in Portland and shut it down. But it took days for parents to discover that the state considered their provider a danger to their children.

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To Pass An Unpopular Tax Break, Kate Brown Used Political Heft — And The Telephone

Gov. Kate Brown faced pushback from both sides of the aisle when it came to passing a business tax break, but the bill passed with relative ease and speed.

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Oregon Legislature Approves Gov. Kate Brown's Tax Break For Business

The Oregon Legislature approved expanding a tax break for small businesses on Monday afternoon, despite many lawmakers expressing misgivings. 

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Brown And Buehler Hoping For Nod From Independent Party Of Oregon

The Independent Party of Oregon nomination remains undecided.

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Oregon Governor's Tax Proposal Faces Criticism From All Sides

The governor has called a special session on May 21 in hopes of passing a tax break for roughly 12,000 businesses. 

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More Women Are Running, But In Oregon It's Not Only About Trump

There’s a record number of women running for political posts this election cycle. Some are motivated by the federal political landscape, others by the Me Too movement.

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Shemia Fagan Unseats Incumbent Oregon Senator In Race Dominated By Housing

Shemia Fagan ousted incumbent Sen. Rod Monroe in a competitive state Senate race dominated by housing issues.

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'OPB Politics Now': Oregon Primary Election Crunch Time

Oregon’s primary election is days away, and candidates are making their final frantic pleas to voters.

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Gov. Kate Brown's Proposed Tax Break Causing Tension in Her Own Party

House Democrats voted last year to cut a business tax break. Now they're being asked to expand it in a special session.  

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'OPB Politics Now': Local Races Steal The Spotlight In Oregon Primary

Oregon's primary election is a week and a half away, and some of the state’s most fascinating races are happening in Portland-area local government.

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Lawsuit Alleges Oregon Failed To Care For Foster Kids

The state allegedly placed young children in a mold-ridden home that reeked of cat urine, with foster parents who physically and sexually abused the children.

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As Tax Cut Estimates Shift, Oregon Legislators Consider New Bills For Special Session

Some lawmakers are quietly considering proposals on gun control and wider tax breaks for the special session. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and other leaders have said that's unwelcome. 

Politics | News

'OPB Politics Now:' Previewing Legislative And Labor Commissioner Primaries

Ballots for the May 15th primary are arriving this week, and we’ve got you covered on the latest "OPB Politics Now" podcast.

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East Portland Senate Race Could Change Oregon's Housing Laws

What was once considered a "safe" seat is now in play, and the result could shift the balance in the Oregon Legislature and change state housing laws.

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Leader Of Oregon's Biggest Business Group Resigns After 'Inappropriate Comment'

The former lawmaker tapped to champion the state’s business interests as the head of Oregon Business & Industry resigned Wednesday after being accused of making racially insensitive remarks.

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Roseburg Republican Will Replace Jeff Kruse In State Senate

State Rep. Dallas Heard was selected to replace Sen. Jeff Kruse in the state Senate. Kruse resigned after a pattern of “engaging in unwelcome physical contact toward females in the workplace.”

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Portland Police Release New Details About Deadly Shooting

Security footage from inside the homeless shelter where a man was fatally shot by Portland police over the weekend could reveal more details of what happened moments before the man’s death. 

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Students Join Oregon Effort To Ban Certain Semi-Automatic Weapons

Oregon students are finding inspiration from the teenagers who mobilized after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people.