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Oregon Ethics Commission: Kitzhaber Used Office For Personal Gain

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission voted unanimously Friday that former Gov. John Kitzhaber violated state ethics law and used his office for personal gain.

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Oregon House Votes To Strip Gun Rights From Stalkers And Abusers

Oregon lawmakers approved a measure Thursday to strengthen the state's gun laws.

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With Kruse Out, Oregon Lawmakers Focus On Culture Change

Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg, resigned this week over allegations of sexual harassment. But lawmakers say there is still work that needs to be done at the Oregon Capitol.

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'OPB Politics Now': Addressing Climate Change In The Northwest

This week on "OPB Politics Now," we’ll discuss the policies both Oregon and Washington are considering to tackle climate change at the state level.

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Oregon Sen. Jeff Kruse Resigns After Investigation Into Harassment Complaints

Oregon state Sen. Jeff Kruse has resigned his post in the Legislature after an investigation revealed a pattern of unwanted touching and harassment at the Capitol.

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Kruse Won't Resign, But Will Stay Out Of Oregon Capitol For Now

Despite increasing pressure to resign after an investigation unveiled a pattern of unwanted touching and harassment, Roseburg Republican Jeff Kruse will keep his job as state senator.

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Oregon Governor Wants 'Boyfriend Loophole' In Gun Law Closed

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown urged lawmakers Wednesday to consider strengthening the state’s gun laws by closing what’s been dubbed the “boyfriend loophole.”

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Report: Oregon State Senator Persisted With Unwanted Touching After Warnings

An investigation into behavior by Oregon Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg, released Tuesday states Kruse has a pattern of "engaging in unwelcome physical contact toward females in the workplace."

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Poll: More Than Half Of Oregon Women Have Been Sexually Harassed

More than half of the women surveyed in a new poll conducted for OPB said they have been sexually harassed.

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Gov. Brown Focuses On Oregon Economy In State Of State Address

Gov. Brown said Oregon is in the midst of an economic recovery, but that too many people are still struggling in the state.

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'OPB Politics Now': Oregon Legislature Short Session

Oregon legislators will be starting a short session, which is held in even years. We talk about what’s on the agenda in the latest episode of "OPB Politics Now."

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Oregon DACA Recipients To Attend State Of The Union Address

When President Donald Trump takes the stage next week for the State of the Union address, several young Oregonians who have a stake in the ongoing immigration debate will be in the audience.

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'OPB Politics Now': Oregon Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Measure 101

Oregon voters have overwhelmingly approved a package of health care taxes to ensure low-income Oregonians will keep their health coverage.  

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Oregon Voters Approve Measure 101

Oregon voters overwhelmingly approved a package of health care taxes Tuesday to ensure low-income Oregonians will keep their health coverage.

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'OPB Politics Now': Oregon's Lone GOP Congressman Sees Power Shift Under Trump

Since Donald Trump’s presidential victory, Oregon’s lone Republican congressman, Greg Walden, has enjoyed a higher profile and more power. But with more influence comes extra scrutiny.

Politics | Health | local | News | Election

Meet Julie Parrish, The Architect Of Oregon Measure 101

Oregonians will vote on health care taxes that raise millions for the state’s neediest citizens. Rep. Julie Parrish, a state lawmaker who was once a Medicaid recipient herself, is the reason why.

Politics | local | News | Election

'OPB Politics Now': Understanding Measure 101

We explain what Measure 101 would do and dig into what opponents and proponents are saying ahead of the Jan. 23 vote.

Politics | local | News

'OPB Politics Now': A Look Ahead At 2018

Who will be Oregon’s next governor? Should any Congressional representatives worry about midterm elections? Will Oregon highways get tolls?

Transportation | local | News

What We Know: Amtrak Safety Culture In Question After Crash

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about why the Amtrak 501 train hit a 30 mile per hour curve at nearly 80 miles per hour. But here’s a snapshot of what we do know.

Politics | local | News

'OPB Politics Now': The Politics Of Train Travel

We discuss the political fallout from Monday's deadly Amtrak crash near Tacoma, Washington, and how the GOP tax bill will affect Oregonians.