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Reporter And Producer

Lauren Dake

Lauren Dake is a political reporter and producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Before OPB, Lauren spent nearly a decade working as a print reporter. She’s covered politics and rural issues in Oregon and Washington. She’s spent time in a maximum-security prison in Bogota, Colombia (for a story!) and sat in a sweat lodge on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

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Recent Articles

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Where They Stand: Oregon's Gubernatorial Candidates On Education

Where Gov. Kate Brown and her GOP opponent Rep. Knute Buehler differ is how they suggest paying for the ambitious school reforms they are proposing.

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Oregon Republicans Ask For Ethics Investigation Into Brown Campaign

The Oregon Republican Party filed a complaint with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission on Wednesday, asking them to investigate whether Gov. Kate Brown used public funds for campaign purposes. 

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Where They Stand: Oregon's Gubernatorial Candidates On Housing, Homelessness

For years, it was local cities and counties that tackled housing issues. But now, the situation is so severe that for the first time in recent memory, one of the central debates in the gubernatorial race is how to fix the growing housing and homelessness emergency.

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Campaign Cash Reports Show Races For Oregon Governor, Ballot Measures Chugging Along

Gov. Kate Brown and Rep. Knute Buehler have raised more than $20 million combined, and backers of a ballot measure on grocery taxes are spending heavily.

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Oregon Gubernatorial Candidates Field Questions From High School Students

Knute Buehler attempted to make the first gubernatorial debate with Gov. Kate Brown a referendum on her leadership, but the format — fielding questions from high school students — made such a confrontation difficult.

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Can Gov. Kate Brown Sell Oregonians On Her Vision For The State?

In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans and a year in which many strategists expect a blue wave of progressive wins, the race between Brown and her GOP opponent is considered competitive

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Oregon House Candidate Who Made False Claim Quits Key Race

Amanda La Bell, the Working Families Party candidate in the hotly-contested race to represent Bend in the Oregon House, is dropping out.

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'OPB Politics Now': The Politics Of Wildfire

Fires are getting bigger, fire season is lasting longer and it turns out the way we’ve been fighting fires for much of the last century was wrong.

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'OPB Politics Now': The Intersection Of Star Power, Sports And Politics

OPB news director Anna Griffin and political reporters Lauren Dake and Dirk VanderHart explore the tricky intersection of sports, celebrity and politics on this week’s episode of OPB Politics Now.

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International Hero Vies To Add Douglas County Commissioner To Resume

The power of celebrity has been proven in national and even statewide politics: Think former actor Ronald Reagan, comedian Al Franken and, more recently, "Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon. But can a celebrity win local office in Oregon?

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'OPB Politics Now': Teacher Turmoil And Sheriff’s Against Sanctuary Law

Southwest Washington’s teachers are on strike, and almost half of Oregon’s sheriff’s despise one of the country’s oldest sanctuary laws.

Education | Politics | local | News

Oregon Governor Calls For Longer School Years To Boost Graduation Rate

Gov. Kate Brown unveiled pieces of her education proposal to a room full of Madison High School freshman on Monday morning.


'OPB Politics Now': The Political Consequences Of Men Behaving Badly

A U.S. House candidate’s entire campaign staff resigns. A state House candidate ignores calls from his own party to step aside. And the president of the United States berates the mayor of Portland.

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Embattled Democratic Candidate For Oregon House Refuses To Withdraw

Oregon House candidate Nathan Boddie was accused of sexually harassing a woman at a bar and responded to the allegations by attacking the woman’s character.

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Oregon Stores Can't Refuse To Sell Guns Based On Age

Oregon retailers who refuse to sell a gun to a person based on age are violating the state’s nondiscrimination law, the state’s Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries found this week.

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GOP Congressional Candidate From Oregon's Campaign Staff Quits

Perennial GOP candidate Mark Callahan — who is hoping to unseat Democratic U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Ore., this November — was dealt a blow earlier this month when his entire campaign staff quit.

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Oregon Lawmakers Hire Lawyer To Fight Sexual Harassment Complaint

Oregon lawmakers are preparing to defend themselves against accusations that they underplayed reports of sexual harassment at the state Capitol.

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After Bombshell Complaint, Capitol Officials Push Back

House Speaker Tina Kotek and others issued denials in response to a civil rights complaint accusing them of permitting sexual harassment.

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Buehler Lives In Bend, Deschutes County Clerk Says

The Deschutes County Clerk determined on Tuesday that Knute Buehler, the Republican candidate for governor, does live there despite an elections complaint to the contrary.


'OPB Politics Now': The Fight Over Oregon’s Unions

It’s a new world for the powerful public employee unions in Oregon now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled states can’t require public employees to pay dues to unions that represent them in the workplace.